Best Daycare Centers in Yuba City, CA

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Creative Kids Preschool & Daycare (Walton)

883 S Walton Ave Yuba City, CA

Daycare providing full time care to children. Curriculum focuses on the individual developmental...

0 mo - 5 yr $350 - $780 Full Time

Kidz Time Preschool (Jones Road)

747 Jones Rd Yuba City, CA

Preschool program for young children preparing to enter kindergarten. Curriculum emphasizes...

2 yr - 5 yr $346 - $666 Full Time, Part Time

E Center (Feather Down Center)

1266 Stabler Ln Yuba City, CA

Facility operated by the Marysville Joint Unified School District at Yuba Feather Elementary...

0 mo - 5 yr Part Time

E Center (Yuba City Fairgrounds Center)

442 Franklin Ave Yuba City, CA

Head Start facility with a curriculum focused on child development in the areas of school readiness,...

3 yr - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

Yuba City Children's Center

445 Bernard Dr Yuba City, CA

Daycare run by Yuba City Unifed School District. Option of morning or afternoon session is offered...

18 mo - 4 yr Full Time, Part Time

Kidz Time School Age Center

369 Harding Rd Yuba City, CA

Facility offers daycare services to school aged children. Indoor and outdoor play areas are...

5 yr - 12 yr Full Time

Kidz Time

1471 Richland Rd Yuba City, CA