Best Daycares in Belmont, CA

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Little Wonders Family Daycare

Belmont, CA

Home daycare in a single-family home near Ralston Middle School. Provides care for infants and...

6 mo - 5 yr $1050 - $1300 Full Time, Part Time, Drop In

San Carlos-Belmont After School (Central Elementary School)

525 Middle Rd Belmont, CA

Large before- and after-school care center on the campus of Central Elementary School. Provides...

5 yr - 11 yr $130 - $670 Part Time, After Care

Footsteps (Nesbit Puma Cubs)

500 Biddulph Way Belmont, CA

Before- and after-school care program on the campus of Nesbit Elementary School. Provides activities...

5 yr - 13 yr $160 - $520 Full Time, Part Time

Footsteps (Rams)

2675 Ralston Ave Belmont, CA

Play based daycare located on the campus of Ralston Middle School. Focusing on age and...

3 yr - 5 yr $620 - $1105 Full Time, Part Time

Suhair N. Bahu

Belmont, CA

Home daycare providing care for infants and preschoolers in a single-family home near Nesbit...

Full Time

Curiosity Corner

3100 St James Rd Belmont, CA

Daycare center located on the Fox Elementary School campus. Outdoor playground features a shaded...

$165 - $665

Armida Isabel Tran

Belmont, CA

Home daycare in a single-family residence near Fox Elementary School; offers well-equipped indoor...

Full Time

Maria T Schoenfeld & John Kendrick

Belmont, CA

Friendly home-based family daycare located in Belmont with a maximum capacity of 14 children. This...

Full Time, Part Time