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When you disagree on discipline tactics

This morning my husband came down and was trying to get the kids to clean up their toys and they weren’t listening. I disagreed with the way he was handling the situation so I just sat there quietly. Then he got on me for not backing him up and supporting him. I didn’t want to start a disagreement in front of the kids and didn’t want to seem like we weren’t on the same page so I was planning on... More

  • PK

    We talk about it later. But in the moment we are supportive of each other even if one of us disagrees with the disciplinary action.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Friday

Feeling Bad about Giving Gifts

I don’t know what to do anymore about my fiancé and giving gifts. We’re currently expecting our second any day now and we have an 11m old as well. I haven’t worked in over a year, so I try not to spend a lot of money on unnecessary items/gifts. Like I don’t even buy lunch food for me I just eat leftovers and cereal 🤦🏽‍♀️ but anyways, I made him a very special gift for Valentine’s Day and he has... More

  • Olivia

    He's your fiancé. You'll be married. The money is not 100% his anymore. Go buy yourself stuff every once in a while. Get him a gift. Get a joint bank account. If he doesn't like it he can stay home while you go to work.

  • Elle

    Goigle "love languages quiz" Both of you take it Discuss results w one another

I love my family

I love my wife of almost 7yrs, who’s also my baby momma of a Beautiful healthy 2yr old. But she told me she needs time apart for a while. It’s been two months, something like that apart. And I still can’t forget her. I feel like she doesn’t loves me anymore. But Idk. She says she does but i don’t see it in her eyes. So... Any Ideas ?

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Wednesday

Changed his mind???!!!!!

My very soon to be fiancé and father to our 10mo son told me last night that he doesn’t want more kids. For years he has been trying to convince me to have five kids, when I only want two or three. Two months ago he told me he wanted to start trying after we get married. And then out of the blue last night, he says he doesn’t want anymore kids. I have no idea what to do. I know for a fact that ... More

  • Megan

    What is more important to you? If the amount of kids can change your mind to not wanting to be with that person than I’d say don’t get married. That’s just asking for a messy divorce that your poor kid(s) would have to go through. If it’s how you are when your pregnant only, than maybe explore the idea of adoption. I had hard pregnancies and didn’t even want to be pregnant the second time cause... More

  • Triny

    When we married, we were both on the same page of not wanting kids, he already had two, and i didnt think i wanted one... eventually we changed our minds together and now we have this beautiful daughter that we love so much, like they were saying, you married ur spouse regardless of what comes after. Things never goes like planned. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Wednesday

I've had enough

I've been waiting for my boyfriend to propose...he said when I lost weight when we move into a bigger home and when he gets a better job...each time we achieve he comes up with another excuse...I poured my heart out countless times and I put so much love and attention into my family. Today I really laid it all on the table. I'm disgusted with myself for giving my all before we were even... More

  • T

    Weight should not of been a requirement. Men KNOW who they want to marry... know your worth & NEVER SETTLE. A few months of instability could bring a lifetime of happiness. You never know how strong you are until it’s your only option.

  • Karla

    Those sound like excuses and it also sound like you know wha t to do next. Someone once said to me " fear of the unknown " and I keep that in mind every single time I'm feeling that certain way. Is there any family maybe that can help while you get back on your feet?

Am I being crazy?

So I don’t know if this should be a big thing or not or it might just be my hormones. But I am almost 5 months pregnant and have yet to announce my pregnancy to my whole family & friends. That being said, the only people that do know are just immediate family members on my side and my boyfriend’s side. I haven’t broadcast my pregnancy to my uncles or aunts yet, let alone any friends or any... More

  • Meaghan

    I would be upset. I told a handful of close family and friends about mine but I waited to announce until i knew gender. It was important for me in case something went wrong early on, plus I didnt want the 1001 questions from extended family. If someone else had jumped the gun and started telling people i would have been very upset and felt that they broke my trust. Its YOURS to tell. Possibly o... More

  • Taylor

    you have every right momma congrats on the pregnancy!

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Feb 08

Spark in marriage..

I miss the spark in my marriage. I don’t want to mess around with other people but I sometimes catch myself fantasizing about it or about past relationship sparks.. Am I normal? How do I rekindle it? Will I ever? I guess I feel like my spouse isn’t interested in being physical or showing he appreciates my body/sexiness.

  • Anonymous

    I guess it’s normal, because I feel the same way. I have been missing my ex a lot, and wonder what it would be like to see him again. My husband and I have no spark whatsoever. He wasn’t interested in being physical with me all throughout my pregnancy and even a year afterwards. Now he is trying again, but I’ve realized I’m not interested now; but we don’t have date nights, and we don’t get to ... More

  • Anonymous

    I think this is totally normal! I know I feel this way sometimes. I’m hoping it’s just a phase while the kids are little and we don’t have very much time for each other. We are also in therapy so I feel like that has helped us a little bit. Hang in there!

Anonymous posted in Holidays Feb 08

Valentines gift ideas for hubby

Hi! I know Valentines Day is a “holiday” that many roll their eyes at, but my hubby and I like to do something small and special for each other. Other than the obvious - chocolate, go out for dinner, sex, cards - what else do y’all give your hubs? If there is anything else? 😂😂

  • Kieli
    Feb 09

    My husband had a special coffee cup that broke a while back, so I ordered a new one for him from amazon and of course the day I ordered it he went onto my email and found it! Lol so he was really happy, but not so much a surprise. I like to get him something he’s been really wanting so that way it doesn’t just end up getting thrown out or left sitting around

  • Benjamin
    Feb 09

    My wife scheduled us a couples massage.

How often do you have sex

Hi mommas, very personal question but how often do you all have sex? My husband has a high sex drive and wants it ALL the time. We have it at least 3-4 times a week and that’s not enough for him. I work full time nannying 3 kids( ages 3, 2 & 9 months) and I bring my own 2( ages 2 and 9 months) with me so total I have 5 kids under age 4 that I watch. I’m sooo tired during the week so it’s ha... More

  • Gina

    Why are so many of you having sex even though you don't want to?!?!?!?! If you are being forced or pressured--directly or indirectly--to have sex out of fear of an unhappy partner, please know that this is not okay.

Jessica posted in In-Laws Feb 06

Family social media posts

So my husbands family likes to posts pictures of our daughter on social media, which I actually have a huge problem with (that’s 700+ strangers per family member) but I let it go. But they constantly post pictures portraying our daughter as my husbands sisters child, caption and all, implying she belongs to my sister-in-law, and they DO NOT correct people when they comment. They actively crop m... More

  • Sarah
    Feb 07

    Have you talked to your sister in law about it? It doesn’t sound she’s taking part of all this drama, so I’m curious how she feels about all of it. Would imagine she might be hurt that her family is trying to project a different life for her, showing the world what they wish her life was. If she’s upset about it too, she might be better able to stop the behavior than you. And if not, at least ... More

  • Julieann

    This is exactly how my in-laws are. My sister in law goes around telling people that my son is her son and no matter how many times I talk to my in-laws and bf they don’t listen to me at all. And now I am almost 5 months pregnant and my in-laws are already claiming that my baby is there’s. My sister in law claims that as well due to all of their sibling looking alike. My son came out looking li... More

Mom Friend Problems

How do new moms make friends. Stay at home mom and i’m having difficulty meeting people

  • Dakota
    Feb 05

    It’s so difficult, especially in the cold

  • PK
    Feb 05

    There’s this app called peanut which is like a tinder for moms.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Feb 05

Feeding issues - picky eater

Long story short, our daughter has some weight gain issues at 15 months and my mother in law moved in for the next month. We’ve been told to try not to make meals “about the baby” and stare at her and clap when she eats etc... While it’s cute and clapping make she smile and she claps as well this could also being causing more issues since she is like on display or performing. I know it’s amaz... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 05

    @ Julie... thanks! Yes, our daughter is home with us but we are hoping to do meal play dates since she liked to watch other babies. She really enjoys it! I think I’ll be looser with the idea of cheering with meals as I know she gets happy and loves to clap and be playful with us all. I just need to adjust to having a MIL living with us for a month... small house, limited time alone with me ... More

  • A
    Feb 05

    Ultimately you are the parent and have the right to raise your child as you please. Maybe gently (or if need be add some firmness) talk with MIL and express that you want to teach your daughter that meal time is for family to interact and not just fun and games

Anonymous posted in Family Life Feb 05

I abhor my mil

I can never escape a conversation unscathed. She talks about a lot to seem polite but I always anticipate the insult because 9/10 times it is layered in there... I've tried to avoid talking to her or even having to see her but it seems I can't get away from this Petty manipulative woman. I've allowed my son to go over for one weekend each month. And even then I try to limit my... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 05

    You can always just send your son with his father to grandma’s house. That way u r not depriving them and you don’t have to see her. If she or your boyfriend can’t handle your son themselves then no reason to see grandma tat much.

Baby #3

Im not pregnant. But we are thinking about baby number three. I do want more kids but now that my youngest is 4 and going to start school this year, it has me thinking do i want to start over after both boys are in school and i will finally get a break or will i regret not having another. What is everyone else's thoughts and opinions?

  • Toni
    Feb 04

    Five kids total, 23, 10, 8, 4,3 sometimes there are things that the kids can’t do together because of the age gap. We want to go to Disney & I wonder “do we take the 23y old?” Then when the oldest goes paint balling with dad, I’m with the small kids at home because they can’t go paint balling... or the preteens want to go to Six Flags and I have to find a sitter for the toddlers... Might a... More

  • Joanna
    Feb 05

    Just go for it. You can always find ways to “survive”. 😀

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Feb 02

Potty training

  • Anonymous
    Feb 02

    It's not his fault he has depression and is not being selfish. Finding a good therapist is hard and actually took me years to find anyone that was worth it. You can start suggesting lifestyle changes that may impact his health whether it be nutritional or environmental. Little things like that show you are willing to support him and if they make a positive impact, can give him hope that the... More

  • Kate
    Feb 03

    I’m sorry you’re both going through this. As someone who lives with depression and anxiety, I know just how miserable it can be to be around me when I’m going through one of these phases. 🙂 A couple of suggestions based on what’s worked for me (so take this with a grain of salt, of course): - Have an honest, calm and compassionate chat with him. Tell him you’re noticing it’s different this ... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Feb 01

Only child regrets?

We currently only have one son (3.5 years old). My husband and I are also both only children, but I REALLY want a second kid before it's too late (we are both 36). My husband doesn't feel that need and said he was perfectly fine as an only child, whereas I remember desperately wanting a sibling. But then I wonder if it's worth a shot because of our age, and increase risk of having a... More

  • Lily
    Feb 06

    I loved having a sister growing up, I always wanted my mom to have three but she only wanted two. My husband and I want a bunch of kids, we are having number two in july. I say have another one! Your kid will love the friend, and you will have having a little time to yourself while they are happy playing

  • Anonymous

    The age gap between the kids will mean they have little in common. I don’t think that the summer camp worry is unrealistic. You’ll be working like a dog to pay for $4000 summer care for 2 kids. If you want to go on vacation that’s 4 airline tickets. The financial side of another kid is nothing to ignore. Also, if you’re older and god forbid you have a child with special-needs, that’s potentiall... More

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Feb 01

Great father, bad husband.

Anyone else?? My husband is an amazing daddy to our little girl. I’m also an amazing mom. We just don’t get along with one another. Daughter is a year and a half. We pretty much go through a week or two every month where we aren’t nice to one another. He blames it on me. Example, just this morning he was leaving for work (we both work but he leaves earlier and I drop dd at daycare). He was k... More

  • Ann
    Feb 09

    I would say to put up a large sign in the house or on the bathroom mirror for a while that reads ‘pick ur battles’ then I would change the schedules around so u spend less time together for a month or two such as take some city recreational classes in the evening or something so To give each other a break from the war and miss each other a bit too... irritability is contagious and only ends whe... More

  • Anonymous

    Dealing with the same thing and it’s been over four years now. We will go weeks without the arguing but then all hell breaks loose for about a week, and this cycle repeats. He’s a wonderful dad and provider, but we have both acknowledged we would rather be apart and happy than bring up our daughter seeing us constantly fight. We love each other and know that we don’t want that, we just continue... More

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Jan 31

Sex after a 2 years break

I know it sounds crazy but we went through a very difficult phase since our LO is born and never had sex since his birth (will be 2 next month). How to have sex again? My husband is not asking for it...

  • Alexza
    Jan 31

    I think you should have a conversation with your husband since you had a difficult phase since your son was born. And if there you and him can figure out the next steps to having intimacy again. Hope this helps!

Anonymous posted in Family Life Jan 31

When is the first time you left your little ones for a couples getaway?

I have a 2, 4, and 6-year-old. My husband and I spend lots of alone time together after they go to bed and because we work together (co-owners of a business). We have not yet gone away (without kids) on holiday. My parents live on the other side of the globe. So, I’d have to leave them with a regular caregiver who I trust... But, I still hesitate given our 2 -year-old doesn’t really understand ... More

  • Amanda
    Feb 01

    My husband and I went away to Asia (from CA) for two weeks while his parents (who flew in from Toronto) watched our 2 year old at our home. I made a booklet for the grandparents about everything they could possibly need to know (probably overdid it), put together a document giving permission for them to care for our child and had it notarized. For our son, I recorded myself reading a few of his... More

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Jan 31

SAHM’s and Money

How do other SAHM’s have their money set up? We currently have all joint accounts, but it’s just not working. My husband is the only one that makes money and he is very critical where his money goes. For example: When I get groceries or household items he will see the transaction on the bank account, then ask me, “What did you buy at Walmart? What did you buy at Target? What did you buy at Dol... More

  • PK
    Jan 31

    My husband and I each have our own personal checking account and then we have a joint savings. My husband’s pay check goes directly into his personal checking and he keeps the amount that he needs to pay certain bills and transfers the remaining to savings. He pays for utilities, cell phone, and mortgage out of his checking account. I pay for everything else - expenses on food, supplies or se... More

  • Lily
    Jan 31

    I found an awesome plan from someone on YouTube that has a great system for this! Because it is hard not making any of your own money. Look up Fun Cheap or free on YouTube!! But what she does is she and her husband agree on how much needs to spent on food and other things each week and she has that much to do whatever with. No questions asked after they agree on the amount.

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