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Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Thursday

Phrases to tell your child to listen and not hit or kick.

Hi Everyone! So at school today my 3 year old told her teachers no when re-directing her. At home and school she sometimes hits and/or kicks when she's feeling angry or frustrated. I've used the phrases like "use your listening ears" "hands are not for hitting".."we dont kick people". "I don't like it when you (name action) please don't do that... More

  • T

    Hands are for loving is what I say.

  • Rachel

    Daniel Tiger has a song take a deep breath and ask for help. I try to address the emotion that causes the behavior that way you are being proactive. With that said it doesn’t always work but my 3 year old tells my almost 2 year old to take a deep breath when he starts getting angry

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Wednesday

Toddler Stage

I am at my wits end with the toddler stage and I'm afraid this is just the beginning with a 14 month old. Please offer guidance, tips, and advice. I find myself wanting to curl up in a ball and hide from the world every single day and I can't help but count down to bedtime. Trying not to wish away this phase because it isn't entirely all bad, but this is the hardest age for me so far.

  • Stacy

    I honestly have nothing to add. The parents above said everything I would have. Just wanted to say, "Hang in there!" As long as you are calm and consistent, this stage will pass! ✊💙

  • Anonymous

    My son is 15 months old and he still walk supports as he can only take a total of 10 steps before he gives up. So sometimes we get bored we go to Walmart amd we will start at the end of the store and he will “help” push the cart as in a 1 hour trip be a 2 hour trip of how slow we are going but it’s cute and it tires him out. He loves pushing the cart.

Anonymous posted in Holidays Wednesday

Gifts under the Christmas tree

How do you handle that? If Santa only delivers the gifts on Christmas Eve, then do you leave the tree bare until then? I have friends and family buying gifts and wondering if I should let them put the gifts under the tree now. And if so, how do we explain that to kids?

  • Austin

    growing up, i had three siblings so we put our gifts to each other and our parents under the tree as soon as they were ready to go, which made for a decent amount of gifts. we were one of those families that opened one each on christmas eve. then christmas morning all the gifts from our parents and santa were set out, which made for a big exciting moment. as a father now, i still don't know... More

  • Jessica

    I make a big emphasis of wrapping gifts we buy for others and setting them under our tree. Then, as I have time, I’ll wrap gifts for my kid and sneak them under the tree. Sometimes she notices and sometimes she doesn’t (she’s 6). By Christmas Eve, all but Santa’s gifts are under the tree. It’s fun to look at a tree full of gifts, but I know my daughter isn’t going too rip them open.

At what age did you put a blanket on your baby at night?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 04

    Around 11 months

  • Makayla
    Dec 04

    I gave my son a blankie at about 9-10 months by then he was able to kick it off him if he didn't want it

Day care drop offs?

I’m just starting to take my son (20 months) to a daycare center twice a week to get him socialized. Any tips on when I drop him off? I’ve been having my husband do it... but my son will cry for 45 minutes before he settles down.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05

    I find that the faster I leave the better. A hug and kiss and mommy will be back soon and I’m gone. Teachers are ready with a distraction. She usually stops crying as soon as I’m out of sight. And now that she’s used to it the crying has stopped.

  • Lindsay

    Be quick but don’t just vanish. Give a hug and kiss and tell him you love him and you’ll see him soon. He may get upset but keep your smile so he knows everything is ok. And you may have to turn and leave while he’s sad but it’ll be ok, just stay strong in front of him. Or he may be like my son and forget to give you a kiss when you’re leaving hahaha.

Piercing for toddlers

Disclaimer piercing a toddlers ears . Please no mean comments its just a question. How to boy moms feel about piercing one ear? In the 90's when I was in elementary school ther where boys with one ear pierced. Do boys still pierce ears and if my child askes what should I do?

  • Elena
    Dec 04

    As a tattooed and pierced family I'm ok with him making his own decision as long as he knows that anything he does has its consequences like tattoos it's something that stays on so. But thank you all for your opinions and for the opend mind it's a defecalt somgect when the age is young

  • Anonymous
    Dec 04

    AdamAnt, that’s not really true anymore.

What age did you give your son/daughter their first haircut & what should a 1st time parent expect?

  • Christa
    Dec 03

    We have decided not to cut our sons hair. It will get light trims to keep the ends healthy, but since he is part Native American we are going to keep his hair long and braided.

  • Brittany
    Dec 04

    My daughter is almost 16 months and she has had her bangs cut 4 times and hair trimmed once. I just set her on my lap and she does fine. She was born with lots of hair.

Horrible 2 year old

My 2.5 year old does not listen to anything she smiles when you yell at her or put her in time out she thinks she is funny. Iv tried different ways of putting her in time out.

  • Valerie
    Dec 02

    Don’t make the reward for good behavior too far away. Eg: don’t say at 3pm, if you’re good you can have dessert after dinner. That goal is HOURS away. It is incredibly difficult for a 2 year old to grasp that concept. The goal is unrealistic and unreachable. Saying DURING dinner. If you try everything on your plate you can have a treat after, is more realistic. During the day, reward him for go... More

  • Sandy

    She is probably very uncomfortable and that is her way of dealing with her feelings. Also the yelling is probably hurting her and not helping. It is important for the adult to stay calm otherwise you cannot expect a child to stay calm. They take their cues from you. 2.5 years old is not old enough to be manipulative or intentionally mean as some people may think. She just needs clear boundari... More

Weaning my two year old

My daughter will be two in a few days. She is my fourth baby. My older three were weaned successfully at 16 months each(they're all boys if that matters) . I am still nursing her around the clock, in addition to regular three meals a day, snacks, dairy milk. She will throw the BIGGEST tantrums until I nurse her. I admit , I am very weak with this one. It really has become the only time my l... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 30

    I feel the same way... idk how to get mine off. He is 16 months old and breastfeeding has just became very unhappy for me so I want to stop for my emotional stage but my son won’t either. Wakeing up 3 or 2 times to nurse don’t want daddy if I’m there. Have a practicals shove apple juice to him Bc I feel so empty so I can refill but that makes him angry. So i feel for you. It’s very angry and th... More

  • Sb
    Dec 01

    Firstly ask yourself why your weaning her, if shes not ready is your efforts worthe the while? And also if you really want her to stop rub soemthing she doesnt like on your nipple before nursing like onion garlic or somehting potent in taste but not at all harmful to the child. I'm also breast feeding my 2 and a half year old and she needs it only at nap time and bed time. I wanted to nurse... More

Anonymous posted in Babies Nov 29

Curious: Soon to be 8 months just started throwing weird crying fits

I know that this could be normal but this soon? Is this something that he possibly picked up from (rare) arguments with dad and I? Or is this just a boy thing learning how to get his way? He looks at me in the eyes and cries almost growls in a pissed off way. Not a hurt cry or a normal cry of his. Any tips or comments? Advice?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 30

    When my son started the whine and fake cry for things he wanted is when we started introducing sign language! It helped SO much cut back on the whine

  • Katie
    Nov 30

    Download the Wonder Weeks app!! Explained so much for me. It's incredibly accurate and will give you strength to get through these times, I promise!!

How to encourage baby signs

Ok so I’m like 95% sure my son has picked up the sign for milk. HOWEVER, should I be feeding him every time he signs it? To encourage his understanding? Because sometimes he does it after a feeding or when I don’t think he’s actually hungry. I don’t want to confuse him though by leaving the sign unassociated

  • Caitlin
    Nov 29


  • Nessa
    Nov 29

    I used to just say yes... you just had milk (and signed it) and we will have milk again in a little while ...

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Nov 27

Bent head/neck in car seat

Any moms (or dads) sit in the back and hold their baby’s head up while they sleep in the car seat? Someone make me feel better about letting his head just dangle 😩

  • Emily
    Nov 27

    I bought one of those too mare my daughter would woke up as if it was more uncomfortable than just dangling

  • Joanna
    Nov 28

    My older son is forward facing. I let him dangle. I don't want him napping in the car anyway. My younger son is rearfacing so he doesn't have that problem. You can check the recline options of your car seat.

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Nov 26

Independence and Hygiene

Hello! First time mom here with some silly questions. I’m wondering at what age do you have your kids independently do things like bathe themselves in the shower and other hygiene things (like trust they can thoroughly wipe after a poop)? Thanks!

  • Emi

    I don’t know about others, but my oldest will be 4 next week and I still help him with nearly everything. At preschool he toilets himself but comes home sometimes with underwear stains so if he’s home I help him wipe after pooping. He brushes his teeth and flosses on his own but we always check at the end. We’ve also been encouraging him to wash his body and hair in the bath, but have to always... More

Baby names!!

My boyfriend likes ‘normal’ names... pretty much traditional or common names. Which I am fine with. We have decided on Oliver for a boy, but are undecided on a girl name. So.... 1. What is a good middle name for Oliver. We like Ryan or Nicholas, but are also open to any suggestions. 2. We like Amelia, Emily, Charlotte, and Claire for girls. Need opinions! Or any other suggestions :)

  • Nikki

    Waverly Autumn was my #1 for a girls name. I ended up having a boy... My top two names where Camden and Cole, and we went with Camden. Martin is his middle name after my father.

  • Emi

    My son is Oliver Charles. Both were family names for us. Can’t go wrong with any name you like!

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Nov 22

At what age do you start brushing a baby's gums? This is my first child so I’m clueless.

  • Christa
    Nov 22

    We started at birth, by wiping his gums and then gave him this little Nubby Banana 🍌 teether toy that’s got the nuns on it to massage their gums but also teaches them how to brush, or get used to what it feels like- he’s now 9 months old, still chews on that thing, and has his own tooth brush and training tooth paste!

  • Anonymous
    Nov 22

    That’s awesome thank you now I know what to go buy for my son 😊❤️

Finished breastfeeding

My son is 17 months old and he is breastfeeding once in the morning and once at night but my milk is starting to taper off at night. When the milk officially goes away, do I give him some milk before bed or just no drinks before bed at that point? We do dinner at 5-5:30, then bath, then bed by 6:15 so I liked that he was getting a little milk in right before sleeping. Would love to hear what so... More

  • Jessica
    Nov 20

    We give our son a sippy cup after dinner, bath and lotion. This way he gets “filled up”, and it is a comfort to him. Then it is teeth brushed and book then bed time. If milk is a comfort for your little guy, you can still have that special time where he sits with you and drinks it out of a cup and you read a book or give cuddles ❤️

  • Megan
    Nov 21

    We do milk for meals and water the rest of the day for our 19 mo old. Works for us.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Nov 20

Help! I’ve got a hothead

Hi parents! My 3yo daughter has quite the temper on her. If she’s upset she stomps, yells, and can be destructive (which she in turn gets timeout for destructive behavior. I am in need of advice on how to help her channel her anger and control it. I don’t want to tell her to not be mad because I think it’s important for kids to learn their feelings and know how to respond instead of them learni... More

  • Genie
    Nov 22

    Read "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" IT WORKS, and I can say this from experience. It's not a long read and worth its weight in gold.

  • Elizabeth
    Nov 23

    Find out why she might be mad, hungry, over tired, bored, cranky, wants some interaction?

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Nov 18

Discipline for 2 1/2 year old

What are some age appropriate ways to discipline a young toddler (2 1/2)? I understand ignoring bad behavior, but what if we say no and he continues to do something, like if it’s dangerous or destructive ? I’ve tried time out, raising my voice, ‘sending’ to his room, distracting with something else (FYI he cannot be distracted) - nothing is proving to be effective (a lot of the times he thinks ... More

  • Melody
    Nov 18

    Oh for sure. Just remember, although he's not as dependant on you as he was (and times it feels like he'll be driving a car tomorrow 😋) he is still veryyy limited in self control and that is absolutely normal! Honestly, I could have swore my first and only child (son) was going to be an axe murderer until he hit 5 years old 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️. Now, at almost 6, he is just the most kind and helpful ... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 18

    Thank you so much! 😊

Anonymous posted in Family Life Nov 18

One child

Those of you that decided to have only one child— what made you come to that decision? Was there anything that made you more comfortable with it? It is mine and my husbands thought to have just one, but are receiving harsh family criticism.

  • Christy
    Nov 18

    Our is based on a combination of things... 1) My husband and I are older, so the risk factors are too high for us to want to go through again. 2) The sleep deprivation is killing us now, I can't imagine how tired we would be with two kids. 3) We like the idea of giving our daughter undivided attention and resources. 4) We feel like our family is complete as is, nothing is missing.

  • Emily
    Nov 18

    Getting pregnant again was hard and I miscarried when we I did. So we decided to just not have anymore. We will probably adopt or foster way in the future. I accepted it for that reason. I may not now they may not be biological but I can help other kids in the future. And I will love them. My family has come down hard on wanting me to keep trying but it kinda just made me feel better knowing th... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Nov 16

Toddler In Public Places

Anybody have any tips for handling tantrums in public places? I am starting to really dislike and avoid taking our toddler out. Even a quick outing turns me into a frustrated and flustered mess!

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