Best In-Home Daycares in Albany, CA

24 Results

Flora Child Care (Albany)

Albany, CA

Big, in-home licensed daycare program located in Albany, CA off San Pablo Ave. Features a safe,...

6 mo - 5 yr $1200 - $1500 Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

The Creative Play Center

Albany, CA

Organized, inviting in-home daycare. Provides after-school care for older children.

3 yr - 10 yr 1 mo $276 - $1384

Tanghulu Daycare

717 Buchanan St Albany, CA

Home-based Mandarin language immersion program for infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children....

0 mo - 5 yr $1600 - $2000

Kita on Kains Daycare

Albany, CA

Bright, fun licensed German bilingual daycare located in an intimate home setting with a grass lawn...

12 mo - 3 yr 6 mo Full Time, Part Time

Little Bears Daycare

Albany, CA

Nurturing, home-based daycare on a corner lot in a residential neighborhood. The fully-fenced in...

3 mo - 3 yr Full Time, Part Time, Drop In

Wawasi Children's Center

Albany, CA

In-home bilingual daycare featuring large, fenced in play areas in both the front and back yard....

15 mo - 4 yr 2 mo Full Time

Ya Ya Chinese School

Albany, CA

In home, immersion childcare facility with opportunities for extracurricular activities and classes....

2 yr - 5 yr

La Casita

5.0 Albany, CA

Nurturing, home-based daycare located in a residential neighborhood. Home has a playroom equipped...

12 mo - 5 yr

Vovo's Daycare

Albany, CA

Safe, nurturing childcare facility for infants and toddlers. Children learn through exploration and...

3 mo - 5 yr

Molly Nettles

Albany, CA

Home daycare with large, well-appointed outdoor play area.

Geraldo Santana

Albany, CA

Small home daycare near Ocean View Park.

Maria & Steven Fialkowski

Albany, CA

Home daycare for infants through preschoolers. Children have access to the provider's living room,...

De Zhen Lai

Albany, CA

Small in-home daycare in the West Washington area.