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Emergency Child Care for Essential Workers

These are unprecedented times. As daycares and preschools temporarily close across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s critical that essential workers still have access to high quality child care. Starting today, parents who need emergency child care can visit to connect with the child care providers who have immediate availability.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Tuesday

Do you think it is right that daycares are charging Parents full price when the daycare has closed?

My child's daycare closed starting yesterday 3/23 but we have received a letter stating that we are still required to pay for tuition costs because they have utilities and the workers to pay. I know this is a tough time for everyone but why should I keep paying for services that I am actually not receiving. I love his current daycare but once this is all over, I may be switching because it ... More

  • Anonymous

    I’m in the same situation except even worse, not only am I not receiving tuition or partial tuition but I’m also an employee of this facility and only getting partial pay through March ... nevertheless I don’t see top leadership sacrificing their 6 figure salaries to pay their employees and/or help families whose lives have been financially upended. I’m in a weird spot where if I say something ... More

  • Anonymous

    So daycare opens back on Monday but my son won't be able to attend because I am not considered essential personnel but I won't have to pay anything while he isn't there. I am happy that he will be able to stay at his current daycare. I wouldn't had mind a partial fee but full price for no services is asking a lot. His daycare is a small intimate daycare & as a teacher, I oft... More

Should we be sending our toddlers (3yr) to daycare now with COVID-19?

  • Laura
    Mar 20

    It's a tough decision and it's almost better when they make it for you and just close. Ours is pausing tuition and hopes to reopen by April 27th.

  • IV

    My daycare is still open, and I take her there so I can work from home. I am satisfied with the measures they are taking. Parents are no longer allowed inside, we do door drop-off now, etc. I also don't have anybody at-risk at home. So you would have to weigh your circumstances.

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