Parents, meet Winnie.

When I brought my baby daughter home from the hospital one year ago, the clock started ticking. I had a 6 week maternity leave before it was time to go back to work. How was I supposed to find child care for my newborn?

As I talked to other parents I realized I wasn’t alone. It turns out it’s not easy to find this kind of information. You have to talk to other parents to learn about in the in-home daycare down the street, or post your nanny job on the internet and hope for the best. It seemed crazy to me that even with all our advancements in technology, parents today don’t have better tools to navigate finding care for their most precious possessions. We founded Winnie because we want to change that.

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Winnie makes it easy to find the right program for your child. Just enter your zip code to see nearby providers on a map, compare prices, view photos, see parent reviews & more.

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