Best Child Care in Bronx, NY

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Amalgamated Nursery School

5.0 West Bronx Bronx, NY

Established in 1933, the Amalgamated Nursery School is a school in the northwest Bronx in Van...

2 yr - 5 yr

Tender Tots Child Care Center

Mott Haven Bronx, NY

Childcare center offering infant and preschool programs for children in Mott Haven. Infant program...

2 mo - 5 yr $0 - $410 Full Time

Happy Tots, LLC

Mott Haven Bronx, NY

Preschool program providing education and care along with occupational, physical, and speech therapy...

3 mo - 6 yr $600 - $1000 Full Time, Part Time

Daisy B. Babies Group Family Day Care

5.0 Woodstock Bronx, NY

Childcare services for children ages 6 weeks through 12 years old. They offer flexibility,...

0 mo - 12 mo $600 - $1400 After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Cuddly Bundles Childcare

West Bronx Bronx, NY

Their program was designed to provide for the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development...

2 mo - 5 yr After Care, Full Time, Part Time

Arcadia Children's Daycare

Fordham Heights Bronx, NY

Childcare program offering care for toddlers and preschool-age children. Children learn and develop...

2 yr - 6 yr After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

La Escuelita De Sofia Bilingual Preschool

North Riverdale Bronx, NY

Dual language preschool and pre-kindergarten program that offers morning and aftercare for toddlers....

2 yr - 5 yr After Care, Before Care, Full Time, Part Time

Ediannet Day Care Corp.

Norwood Bronx, NY

Home-based child care center for children. Daily activities are presented through books, toys, and...

1 mo - 12 yr After Care, Before Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time, Weekend

Lil Munchkins

Concourse Village Bronx, NY

Warm and caring environment where children can excel by learning social and developmental skills...

4 yr - 12 yr After Care, Part Time

St. Margaret of Cortona School

North Riverdale Bronx, NY

Catholic faith-based curriculum in which students are taught the basic fundamentals of academics...

3 yr - 5 yr $667 - $750 After Care, Full Time, Part Time

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

Norwood Bronx, NY

Catholic faith-based educational program for pre-Kindergarten where your child will learn...

3 yr - 5 yr $530 - $530 After Care, Full Time

Little Munchkins Daycare

Foxhurst Bronx, NY

In-home family daycare specializing care and education of each child in a home-like environment.

2 mo - 12 yr After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

The Kids Room Childcare

Kingsbridge Bronx, NY

Academically based residential childcare with emphasis placed on early literacy skills. Home is...

1 mo - 12 yr After Care, Full Time

Ready Set Learn Childcare Center #4

Woodstock Bronx, NY

Secure and nurturing environment for children to learn through play-based education year-round....

1 mo - 13 yr $580 - $580 After Care, Full Time, Part Time

United Edu Care Preschool

East Bronx Bronx, NY

United Edu Care Preschool provides educational services in the north Bronx, conveniently located...

2 yr - 4 yr Full Time

Loyalty Daycare LLC

West Bronx Bronx, NY

Childcare and education come together in a safe and nurturing environment.

0 mo - 2 yr $0 - $168 Full Time

Round The Clock Nursery

Fordham Heights Bronx, NY

Your child will thrive in an nurturing environment that offers security, while giving them the...

1 mo - 5 yr $1355 - $1738 Full Time, Part Time

Carmen Campos

4.0 Morris Heights Bronx, NY

Children will be in a safe and caring environment where they will receive personalized attention.

2 mo - 12 yr Full Time, Part Time

Wendy's Day Care

Laconia Bronx, NY

Residential daycare located within the Bronx 11 school district, close to Haffen Park.

1 mo - 12 yr Full Time

The School of St. Benedict

East Bronx Bronx, NY

Faith-based curriculum in which students learn the basic fundamentals as well as teaching children...

3 yr - 5 yr $292 - $510 After Care, Full Time, Part Time