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Anonymous posted in Behavior Sunday

Sleep Regression During Quarantine

Are any of you dealing with sleep regressions? How are you handling it? Mid January my daughter was struggling with sleep. She would have frequent night terrors and wake up constantly. She threw tantrums a lot and would claw at herself all the time. We figured out she was going stir crazy and needed to get out more. We made changes to our schedules and began going to the library, playground, an... More

  • Anonymous

    She dances a lot. She spends a lot of time reading books with me, so much she has some memorized. We also do puzzles a lot.

  • PK

    My son is 3... he’s been sort of going through a sleep regression during this pandemic. Used to consistently nap 1.5 hrs and sleep at night for 11 hours straight with no issues. But now we are skipping naps (no matter how much activity and physical movement I get him to do) and trouble falling asleep and staying asleep through the night. We do busytoddler activities and more... obstacle courses... More

Children, Coronavirus & Emergency Preparedness/Planning

Has anyone thought about how your family will handle emergency preparedness? In the case of the current pandemic, what will you do if one person in your household contracts COVID-19? Will you quarantine them to a specific room? I am trying to figure out how to handle childcare and how to keep as many family members healthy if someone in my household tests positive.

  • Ivana

    Just to add, my husband got a flu back in January and had identical symptoms to covid, we didn’t suspect much back in January, but even thinking he had the regular flu we locked him up in our bedroom until he was fully recovered. He may have had it, or not, hard to say, but always good to isolate when you can in that case

  • Kristina

    In case you need to quarantine one person in your family remember they need a separate bathroom that only that person can use. Covid 19 can spread to other person very quickly so you need to have only one person as caregiver who comes by the door and drops food, medication, all the other necessary items. You don’t want more caregivers because its more likely that that person can get covid as we... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Thursday

Daycare Tuition During Coronavirus - Why Isn't 50% Enough?

This is a question about home-based childcare centers. The one my toddler goes to (in CA) serves 8 kids and remains open. The state has said that that's for parents who are "essential" workers to use; I am not an essential workers so I cannot use the daycare. However the provider insists on charging us 100% tuition while we keep our kid at home. What's strange to me is that al... More

  • Mrs. HHH

    Can you just not pay at all since you’re not using their services? I mean who knows how long we’ll al be sheltered in place.

  • Anonymous

    Well they basically said either pay tuition to hold your child's space in the program, or unenroll (which requires giving and paying for 30-days notice). Kind of crappy either way because as a parent, I don't want to lose my child's spot. But yes, I'm leaning towards not paying anything at all and unenrolling. If I have to pay for a 30d notice, so be it. I might still save ... More

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