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My son hates preschool! Help

He started preschool right after his third birthday(6wks ago). The first day he went right in and didn't even say bye to me. Then he started fighting me, not to go. I didn't think anything about it because he hates leaving the house to go anywhere and he always came home happy. He kept show a little more and more that he didn't want to go to school. This last week he started sobbing... More

  • Ariel
    Dec 12

    Vonda that is because you let him to have a good transition from home to school. That is very important for children

  • Mrs. welsh
    Dec 23

    Your child just turned three. Is there a reason you felt he should attend preschool now instead of waiting until Sept 2020? If you are a stay at home mom, and it is causing him distress you may want to reconsider waiting a few more months. The little guy might not be ready for it just yet. You will be surprised how much he will change in nine months. ❤️❤️

Crying fits at day care

So my step son just started a day care/preschool setting this week. Every morning at drop off and every afternoon at pick up, he has these crying fits that range from controllable to uncontrollable. He will either just cry and say no or he will drop himself on the floor and flail his arms and legs (side note: he only does that fit when his mom drops him off). I’m asking for suggestions on ho... More

  • Nana
    Aug 29, 2019

    Be confident yourself (if you believe in the environment and staff) and the hardest thing is don’t linger. Talk ahead of expectations and the fun things he might do. At the end of the day ask him questions like “what was the best/ hardest thing about today. How did you show kindness. How did you show kindness.” Reward when drop off and pick up are positive. Tell him at pick up that (favorite t... More

  • May-Ling
    Aug 29, 2019

    our preschool suggested we pick up this book to read with our kids to get them used to some kind of dropoff ritual for consistency:

Anonymous posted in Child Care Aug 20, 2019

Refusing naps at daycare

My 2-year old son just started daycare after being home with a nanny. He's refusing to nap there (they do one afternoon nap that aligns with his naptime at home). He's a good napper at home and sleeps a solid 11 hours each night. The napping situation is different of course at school - a cot instead of a crib. Any tips for how to help him adjust to his new napping situation? The prescho... More

  • Sandi
    Aug 22, 2019

    It is not unusual for a child not to nap when they first start preschool. Give it a little time. Some children need to feel safe and comfortable before they will sleep at school. Once he bonds with the teachers and knows he can trust him, he will probably nap at school.

  • Pepper W.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Aug 29, 2019

    Hello, from my experience nap time can be challenging for children coming from home. It could be that he was rocked to sleep, comforted with a pillow, suffed animal or blanket. However, in Child Development Centers the SIDS law does not allow us to put any extras in the crib. Also not being in his or her comfortable environment. We as adults are most comfortable sleeping in our own bed, and may... More

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