Best In-Home Daycares in Lansing, MI

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Mary Turner Family Child Care

Waverly Lansing, MI

In-home daycare for young children. Provider offers a play-based atmosphere. Regular activities...

6 w - 6 yr $540 - $540 Full Time

Studio One

Westside Neighborhood Lansing, MI

Home-based childcare provider for young children. Class offerings include a half-day preschool...

$200 - $500 Drop In, Full Time, Part Time, Weekend

Kristen M. Richards

Waverly Lansing, MI

Residential childcare for children from infancy through school age, offering a preschool class...

6 w - 17 yr

Nora's Daycare

2304 Turner Rd Lansing, MI

Residential daycare for young children. Provider encourages play-based learning within a Christian...

Umbrella House

Waverly Lansing, MI

Play-based childcare offered in a residential setting. Provider encourages open-ended, hands-on...

Smurfs Time

5813 Joshua St Lansing, MI

Home-based preschool and childcare offering a variety of creative-based activities, including arts...

Happy Time Daycare

3709 Fox Pointe S Lansing, MI

In-home childcare for young children. Provider offers a play-based environment for learning,...

Markie Kinney

2836 Mildred St Lansing, MI

Gloria Montano

5810 Monticello Dr Lansing, MI

Shannon Todd

3142 Boston Blvd Lansing, MI

Rose Pasley

1120 S Clemens Ave Lansing, MI

Lotz Of Love

5610 Hughes Rd Lansing, MI