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How young is too young?

My daughter is starting kinder this year, is it to soon to get her a cell phone? I got my first daughter a cell phone when she was in 2nd grade and she did good but my 4 yr old is so advanced that I think is okay but I still have worries. My husband says its okay but being in the criminal justice field my head is split. Please help? Thank you

  • Xamira

    Wouldn’t do it, simply cause it limits interactions with others, with nature and situations of the daily life that mean a deep learning for their understanding of how the world works. Also it’s a very tiny age that passes so fast! At this age, if you give them attention, they will love it... that won’t happen in their teens and then you’ll dream about having them around you and being playful wi... More

  • Perry
    5h ago

    Why wait until 4? Baby selfie right out of the womb!

Sara posted in Education Aug 11

PSA: Avoid these toxic school supplies

I was pretty shocked to find some crayons in this list of school supplies that have toxic chemicals in them. “This box set, purchased at Dollar Tree, has traces of asbestos, the report found. The chemical can appear in the talc that is used in crayon manufacturing, according to the report.”

  • a
    Aug 11

    Wow! Shocking

Anonymous posted in Grade Schoolers Aug 10

Thoughts on backpacks

Do you buy or allow your child to pick out a new backpack/bookbag every school year? That’s what we did when I was growing up, but then I see how expensive the better brands like LL Bean and PB are, and I am hesitant! My son is going into Kindergarten next month😁

  • Rebosarl

    Skip Hop also has really cute and good quality backpacks.

  • MaryAnn

    I think kids build self confidence when choosing their own backpack it's actually important for them to be confident with fitting in and that helps build a bridge for learning! Take him to 5 below and let him pick it out a cheap lightweight bag. Time to break him in on carrying his own backpack don't get into the habit of carrying it for him. Great opportunity to learn independence!

Anonymous posted in Behavior Aug 08

Not listening

Anyone else struggle with this? My 7-year-old is usually very well-behaved, mature, and responsible. He is also an only child and so probably gets to voice his ideas/opinions more than a kid his age in a large family. He, by no means, gets to run the show, but there are moments when we will give an in-the-moment directive and he will just do what he wants instead of listening. Examples: it’s be... More

  • Jess
    Aug 09

    I am dealing with this with my 5.5 year old, so you are not alone! I think it’s all about showing their independence. My son doesn’t even care when he gets yelled at or punished, and definitely doesn’t remember not to do it the next time. It’s frustrating but I’ve been told all very normal.

  • Jackeline
    Aug 09

    In my psychology class the best practice I guess is to not punish them but leave eye to eye and hope they will understand. This does not work. This is wrong of me to do to my daughter but just like she did not listen and annoy me I returned the favor. So yesterday she did this, so when we got home I sat next to her and talked and talked and she told me to stop. I say no but in her childish voic... More

We are thinking of having our boys share a bedroom. Thoughts/Experiences?

We have 2 boys, a 5 year old and almost 7 month old. Our 5 year old for three most part is fine sleeping in his room. He will climb into bed with us 2-3x a week, which is fine. He will bring up sometimes "I wish someone could sleep with me like you abd Daddy." I had siblings, and my younger brother and I would sleep in the same room until I was 10 or 11, but we loved it and was a huge... More

  • Mia
    Aug 07

    My 2 older girls share a room. They are 3 years apart. I moved little sis in when she graduated to a big girl bed (they have full over full bunk beds). They could have their own room, but I want them to share and bond. Big sister is almost 8 now and when I was pregnant with baby #3 she starting clamoring for her own room - but I plan on having them share until she has out grown playing with the... More

  • Maria
    Aug 07

    I have three boys. If I had a room big enough I would make them sleep altogether lol. Seriously they make company with eachother and they don't feel alone at night. Sometimes they read together and we heard them giggle until they fall asleep. They where sleeping in separate rooms at the beginning but at one point one of them started having nightmares and was afraid of the dark. He has a ve... More

How can I control five year old temper tantrums she’s a girl 🤷‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Lisa
    Aug 06

    Consistent discipline. Stick with it and make her realize you aren’t going to give up and you are the boss! It may take 2 hours but she will learn

  • B
    Aug 06

    Or just let her feel her feels for a few minutes, and let her know you’re ready to talk and give hugs when she’s done.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Aug 05

Depression in a 5YO

My five year old is showing signs of depression. Hes been very sensitive, when he cries he says things like i just want to be sad. I dont deserve to be happy. A few times he said things like hes done with his life. Mind you he lives a very good life. He does not get spankings. When hes in trouble and i move towards him only to talk he freaks out and yells sorry repeatedly. We never gave him the... More

  • Mare
    Aug 07

    When I was 4, my parents took me to a psychologist because I was having night terrors and separation anxiety. I remember loving it. We got to draw pictures and play games and it really helped me (and my parents) learn techniques (I went back to her again in 5th grade and she was great again!). I still have anxiety as an adult but learning those coping mechanisms at a young age really helped.

  • Mikita

    Some times are things that they see on the screen and they repeat

Chelsie posted in Behavior Aug 02

My 6 year old won’t stop lying!! Help!

My 6 year old step-daughter is really struggling with honesty. One of our rules in our house is to always be honest with eachother, good or bad and not to use punitive measures... I have tried EVERYTHING imaginable, I work in psych and behavioral health and still cannot understand why she lies all the time? I have tried many interventions. Positive redirection, 1:1 time with both myself and her... More

  • Brandy
    Aug 07

    I put on the little boy who cried wolf agree it ended each time I would ask my 6 year old so you understand this and explain to him the boy cried wolf and there wasn't 1 then I would ask him what happened when there was 1 he would respond mom be one came.. I would then tell him it's the same with lieing if you tell a certain amount of lies like the boy then no one will believe you and y... More

  • Jackeline
    Aug 09

    Tell her your going to take her shopping and buy her the new phone. When she asks when you are going shopping tell her you lies to her and ask her how does that make you feel? Because that is the same feeling I get when you lie. My 11 year old lied so much I had to use a different approach this worked for me but I hope you can help her just be patience. It takes time.

bathroom accidents

my 7 yr old step daughter will not quit pooping in her panties. we have literally been trying everything and it doesnt seem to matter. even if we make her sit on the toilet until she goes she doesnt care and will sit there for hours just playing and not even trying. so beyond frustrated!

  • Scarlett
    Aug 02

    Yeah i definitely thing it's something emotional over anything physical. Her brother is autistic and they haven't seen there mom who lives in California since she dropped them off with us almost a year ago so lots going on

  • Trisha

    Sounds like she is looking for attention. At 7 she can use the bathroom and clean herself. If there is no medical issue, she needs to talk with a therapist.

Anonymous posted in Grade Schoolers Jul 31


My son is going to be 9 in a couple months and is still wetting the bed. I have tried everything. Bed alarms waking him up during the night no pull ups less drinks at night time . They say not to punish for this but it's really hard because when I talk to him about it he makes it seem like he just doesn't want to try. I think a small percentage is sleeping to hard but the rest he doesn... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    As I feel everyone has been very helpful and has given me some hope. But like you Rosy that's how I feel about him kinda being lazy I have 3 night lights get up at night with him. He has a split home with his dad n stepmom and they are not as on board to change this habit. So i feel he picks up on that. I try talking to his dad and he is like o i did it hell out go it. Ok but when if it'... More

  • Judy

    Buy pull ups and leave it alone. Talking to doctor might help you and him. You could also use waterproof mattress cover. I didn't stop wetting the bed until 7 grade. It sure wasn't because I was lazy. And I couldn't make it stop. But I did out grow it.

Kelsei posted in Education Jul 27


My twins are 3 but I doing some research on curriculum for the future. Every time a start I get overwhelmed and stop. Any suggestions? We are looking for a non denomination curriculum.

  • antigrav_kids
    Jul 29

    tldr; I think knowing what you'd like to get out of homeschooling like you already do is a huge first step. I also think you have all the time in the world to figure out what works best for you and your kids. It sounds like a lot of fun! Your upcoming trip sounds incredible! As for suggestions, I can tell you what's worked for us. We've had great luck with unschooling, a method... More

  • PKS
    Aug 01

    There are many resources available, this is true and especially overwhelming. Options: 1. Your local library, they have so many resources and definitely take advantage of the librarians and their vast knowledge. 2. Check out FB, for a homeschooling group. I know I have and have found valuable information about laws, co-ops, programs, etc.. 2. The world book is an online curriculum that has s... More

Triz posted in Behavior Jul 23

How do I get my kid to stop talking so much?

I have an eight year old boy who is very bright, but he likes to talk, a lot. He loves certain things, like Zelda, dinosaurs and Transformers, and he has great breadth of knowledge on his favorite subjects. The thing is, he always goes on very long tangents, and if we don't stop him he can go forever. What concerns me the most is how to go about telling him to stop without squelching that... More

  • Corrine
    Jul 29

    If it is really too much just say, let’s take a moment of silence or take a “quick” walk around the block to switch their thinking. Lol one day when your kiddo gets older, you’re going to wish he/she talked to you more❤️

  • Trisha

    One of my hubby's cousins has two children, who cousin and wife think are protegees. As very young children, they would sit at the table with grownups, and chime into conversations that did not involve them with comments that were very off topic. The other children were playing together, including my own. I suggested that the two "protegees" go and play with their agemates, and t... More

Is it safe to straighten a african american 5yr olds hair?

  • Jo
    Jul 17

    I am having a hard time finding a hair dresser, and no Deonna not quiet.

  • Deonna
    Jul 17

    I wish I had a recommendation for you there are plenty in Chicago. You can also explore getting braids or locs and just google for someone in your area that works with kids.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jul 09

Child anxiety

Has anyone experienced anxiety in their children? My 7 year old daughter recently started having pretty severe anxiety about sleeping in her room at night. She starts getting upset and just stews on it a while before bedtime. Then she starts talking about how much she loves me and how she’s afraid I’ll die. Most nights we get through it eventually but some nights I can’t get her to stay in her ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 10

    Wow, thank you everyone. I’m overwhelmed with all of the positive responses. I suffer from anxiety as well so I think I’m able to recognize it in her easily. I think what may have caused this particular issue is she used to sleep in our room on her mattress on the floor (transitioning from sleeping in bed with me since she was a baby). About 8 months ago she started sleeping in her own room a... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 11

    my daughter is 4 now and i took her to a therapist last year for her anxiety. anxiety is a real thing even in young children. my daughter sees her therapist from time to time. she doesn’t need to go regularly but her therapist left it open to me where she can see her when i see she is having a hard time with something or if i need new techniques to show my daughter how to comfortably process he... More

Free activities/ideas

Hi everyone! Does anyone have ideas of free or low cost activities or fun suggestions for a 6 and 10 year old? Looking to tighten the budget and any suggestions would be great. Thanks!!

  • Mia
    Jul 10

    @Luci - that is so cool, I wish our library had something like that!

  • Nicole
    Jul 12

    Pinterest is a great tool for cheap activities to do in this age group.

How can I make sure my daughter is protected from the sun at summer camp?

My 6 yo daughter’s daily summer camp won’t apply sunscreen, which are the camp’s rules. I put sunblock on her at the beginning of the day, and also taught her to apply it herself. While she hasn’t ever come home burned, she’s majorly tan. Other than reminding her to apply sunblock often, I feel worried about protecting her skin from the sun (also paranoid because cancer runs in the fam). How do... More

  • Shalise
    Jul 09

    Anonymous, it may be that the camp counselors are not allowed to apply sunscreen due to potential liability issues. The last summer camp I worked at, for example, we could only help apply the spray sunscreen not the one that you have to rub in. Jenni, perhaps you could talk to the camp staff about reminding your daughter to do sunscreen as well. For our camp, we would remind the children ofte... More

  • Jenni
    Jul 09

    Good ideas, thanks! She has a hat (which only stays on for a bit), but like the idea of trying SPF clothing.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Jul 03

Potty training 5 year old

My 5 year old daughter continues to poop her pants. She goes on the toilet to pee but chooses to poop in her pants. When she was younger her older sister told her, "sometimes it hurts when you poop in the potty." And no matter what we do we can't get that idea out of her head. I've tried bribes, and doing what the Dr has recommended by having her go into the bathroom when she ... More

  • Alexis
    Jul 04

    I’m so glad to hear I’m not alone on this. I’m having a very difficult time potty training my toddler. I work 40hrs a week, I have another little one that keeps taking the potty and spilling the pee, his dad is no help. I’ve given up!!! But his getting older and it’s becoming embarrassing. Trying to come out with a plan. Maybe talking a week off work, just to potty train.

  • Tiffanie
    Jul 05

    Im having a very difficult time potty training my 3 year old. She’ll be 4 in September. She sometimes pees in the potty but won’t even try to poop in it. She really wants to start preschool in September but she has to be at least mostly potty trained. I’ve told her that she can’t go unless he’s potty trained and she acts like she’s interested but then continues to poop and sometimes pee in her... More

Should my seven-year-old have an iPhone?

His mother seems to be fine with it, but I’m concerned. He’s very capable and understands the phone very well. Any suggestions or rules I should apply?

  • Quin
    Jul 07

    I think I would just get a smart watch at this age.

  • Dan The Dad

    I agree with waiting because having a phone or other mobile electronics can be addictive. I was in high school when I got my first phone. And it yes even then it was addictive. Even without social media. I would like to also add that as parents we have to learn to put our phones, tablets, computers, etc away when our children are present. As parents we have to lead by example if want our chil... More

Sarah posted in Behavior Jun 28

Dealing with a Tattler

Our oldest is a rule follower and lately has started tattling on his little sister to a ridiculous degree. Has anyone else dealt with this? We love that he tries to keep her safe, but it feels like more often than not it’s so she will get in trouble.

  • Sjolliff
    Jun 29

    This happens alot in my classrooms, and i ask my students what they would like to happen, usually they dont know, because they dont want to admit they want them to get in trouble. So i tell them that i cant help them if they dont know how they want it solved. (Also depending on age i have given choices: would you like them to apologize, or do you want me to give them detention?)

  • Jenni
    Jul 17

    Yeah, both of my overly sensitive girls constantly tattle on each other like it’s a competitive sport. I remind my first grader to “solve the problem herself” and give an example of what she can say to her sister instead of running to me. With my toddler, I assess whether the tattle is legit. If the tattle is attention-seeking behavior from my toddler, I’ll say that it’s not nice to make up... More


My 5 year old son has been having diarrhea for almost 2 days. He’s fine most of the day and only has diarrhea a few times a day. He’s been staying hydrated and happy most of the time. How long should I wait until bringing him to the doctors?

  • Yoli
    Jun 23

    I would call the nurse line now

  • Margaret
    Jun 23

    When my son had diarrhea I wrote to his doctor because I was worried (and hey, doesn’t cost anything extra to email). He told me that it’s normal and that if he showed signs of dehydration, a fever, or bloody stools then we should bring him in. Otherwise wait and see. However, it can take up to 2 weeks for it to clear up (ours took about a week).

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