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Anonymous posted in Behavior Saturday

9 year old attitude

I have and 9 year old daughter and a 14 month old son. Lately they have both been going through changes but I am struggling to figure out what to do. My daughter has been having more and more attitude issues. I feel like I have tried everything from sitting down and talking, giving more alone time with me, waiting for it to pass and taking things and privileges away. I feel like nothing is work... More


    You’re certainly not alone. Take a look at this article...

  • Cassi

    This probably sounds like more than what you would like to do because I’m sure that you’re doing an amazing job, but have you tried therapy? Some kids communicate better with someone who isn’t mom or dad. I’ve got my kids in therapy and it’s really made a huge difference, not only in their behaviors but in how I’m learning to communicate with them. We all learn differently so I have to handle s... More

7yo lying, breaking rules no punishment helps

My son has been lying in school for no reason, making things up like hes been to Vietnam. And breaking rules. He traded his GPS watch for pokemon cards and said he didn't know where it was. I try to punish him but he doesn't care. I have nothing to take away. I will NOT spank him, but even threats to do it have no reaction. I have no recourse and can't afford therapy.

  • A

    When my 7 yo acts out we take stuff away whether it’s extracurriculars or even sleepovers. Sometimes it’s effective others it isn’t. Be consistent. I always try to explain if the shady behavior continues it’s only going to lead to trouble and explain to her what the outcome can be as an adult

  • Londy

    I’m having this problem with my 8 year old/3rd grader. He also has nothing left to take away and spanking doesn’t help so I’ve stopped. He didn’t have a Birthday party this year or last and he’s now seeing a therapist. We started last week. I’m at my wits end. He’s an all A honor roll student too.

Book recommendations

Chapter book recommendations for an almost 8 yr old first grader?

  • Christina
    Oct 07

    Amelia Bedelia books are great. My son loved them plus it gives you a chance to talk to them about the funny things adults say. Kids are very literal so they get confused when we say things like Hit the Road

  • Sara

    Captain Underpants. My son loved the Jim Kay illustrated Harry Potter. Roald Dahl

Elementary Chapter Books

I need recommendations for 3rd-5th grade reading level chapter books! Thank you in advance 💛

  • Cathy
    Oct 04

    Hi, any recommendations for 5th-8th grade reading levels??

  • Warriormom
    Oct 07

    The unfortunate events is great!!

Should I teach my daughter to fight back?

My lovely, smart, polite, friendly and well-liked girl is eight and in NYC 4th grade public school. I always taught her to obey the rules and the law but in this age of #metoo and with certain politicians violating the rights of women, how do I tell her to punch when she needs to? I've explained to her that certain things are never right, that boys (and men) should never touch her when she ... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 28

    I have boys, so I can't really answer this from the daughter perspective. But I have taught them two things from day one: 1. They are always allowed to choose who touches their body. They do not have to hug Grandma, or their friend, or even me, if they don't want to. 2. They are to be VERY careful about putting hands on other people. If they want a hug, they must ask. If they grab my c... More

  • Tiff
    Oct 02

    You should explain to her that nobody (not just men or boys., but other females too) has the right to touch her in any manner that she does not want to be touched. Teach her boundaries and respect of other people's bodies and tell her it's ok to fight against anyone who tries to persist in violating her boundaries afyer she has clearly said no. There should be no need to bring up Stor... More

Allowance for a 6 year old??

Our six year old does chores on a regular basis. I dont want to do money allowance but she is super into her baby alive. So what I'm thinking of doing teaching her that hard work will get her what she needs in a way. Instead of cash allowance I am thinking of doing baby alive things like diapers and food. This is coming from a little girl who tells me to babysit her baby while... More

  • Alexis
    Sep 15

    I'm curious what makes you opposed to giving a cash allowance? Not that you have to, just wondering what your reasoning is. But aside from they, yes I think it's important to teach your kids about money from an early age. Teaching them to save and spend wisely by giving them the opportunity to do so is the best way! Whether you use play money or say that a certain amount of work will ea... More

  • Kelly
    Sep 15

    Highly agree with’s never too early to teach kids about finance and’s important for them to see how much stuff actually costs and to not just assume everything and anything can be had because mommy or daddy has a “magic” plastic card (my nephew actually calls it that 🤯). You could definitely even do “pretend” money and when she has enough for the actual baby alive it... More

What are good story books to read to a 4 and 5 year old?

I’m looking for recommendations for chapter or story books that are concise enough to read out loud but still have a good engaging plot they will enjoy hearing over several reading sessions. We’ve read through the Magic Treehouse series a couple of times and they loved those, so if you know of anything similar I’d love to hear it. TIA!

  • Kevin
    Sep 21

    I've read Winnie the Pooh in Latin off and on since my 3 year old was an infant. We've recently started Christmasaurus.

  • Morgan
    Sep 28

    The Chronicles of Narnia are a great series! The stories are very engaging and also integrate good morals. There are also some old school ones mystery series that I loved growing up: Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Boxcar Children, Encyclopedia Brown. These are all great for teaching problem-solving skills... you can make a game out of trying to "solve the mystery" before the main cha... More

How do you get your kids to eat vegetables

I have a 6 year old and a 8 year old that refused to eat vegetables. I have tried all kinds of vegetables and have cooked them different ways and still nothing. They get a different vegetable everyday for dinner. I've even gone so far as to try and blend them up to disguise vegetables. cauliflower mashed potatoes broccoli cheese soup. How do you get your kids to eat vegetable?

  • Christina
    Sep 12

    They should be involved. Have them cook with you. I’ve also seen online how some people will have pre dinner snacks out for the very hungry kids but it’s a veg tray.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 19

    Ever tried veggie quesadillas?

Son not making friends

Hi everyone it's my first time posting here, I want to talk about my almost 6 year old son's school issues. He has a very sweet, calm and kind nature and has basically never gone to any school before kindergarten ( where he is now). Due to him being born after August , we had to wait another year. Tk (transitional kindergarten) was an option but there were no available spots around me t... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 11

    Talk to him about how it takes time to transition to school. Play act about how to ask people to play with you, and what to do if they say no. Sounds like he’s also struggling with the change of having to sit still and pay attention for so long. I’d get more details from the teacher about what she means by that, what triggers his lack of attention, and what ideas she has.

  • Alla
    Sep 11

    Thanks...sounds like a good idea

Nandi posted in Education Sep 10

How much homework does your grade schooler do? My 1st grader does 2 hours of homework a night!!

I think it’s too long for a 6 year old who is in school for 8 hours!

  • Maltipoos mama
    Sep 14

    Last year our kindergartner had at least 2 hrs of hw nightly! The teacher was crazy. Anyone that complained, their child felt the consequences. Our boy was a happy enthusiastic kid until he attended her class. Kindergarten is supposed to be when kids learn to love school, not hate it.

  • Nandi
    Sep 14

    Savvi, no charter schools are able to make their own rules

What are some good educational YouTube channels for a first grader? Thanks!

  • Jessica
    Sep 08

    BlueworldTV and Brave Wilderness are channels about animals that are not MADE for kids but my 4yo loves them

  • Mrs. Suggs
    Oct 07

    Science with Sophie is a good channel

Bullied on the bus

My first grade daughter has been getting bullied on the bus by bigger kids. I am already in contact with the principal about it. I'm trying to find the right way of telling my kid how to defend herself without getting herself into trouble. Any ideas?

  • Sunshine❤️
    Sep 04

    I was bullied really bad in elementary and jr high. The only thing i wish my mother would have instilled in me was you are who you are. And that i should love myself. I feel like parents tend to forget those little things. Once i realize how awesome i really was those comments from other kids wouldn’t get to me as much as they did. I have other friends whose parents would teach them self confid... More

  • Celina
    Sep 05

    Boxing. I put my son in boxing not only so he can put his energy into use but also so he can defend himself. Coaches usually teach them about self defense too and when it's okay to use it. Hope this helps 😁

How to talk to your 6 year old about moving to a new city.

We're considering a move in the middle of the school year. Looking for advice on how to frame the conversation about moving and starting a new school.

  • Zobeida
    Sep 04

    We moved in the middle of the school year when I was in second grade. I actually liked where we moved to better so I adjusted pretty quickly. On the other hand, we did it again 4 years later when I was in sixth grade, it didn’t go so well. I think it really depends on where you’re moving from and where you’re moving to and how well your child is settled into where they are and how well they adj... More

  • Household6
    Sep 30

    Coming from the POV of a military family: 1. It’s all about how you present it. “How would you feel about moving to a different city?” leaves the door open for resentment if they say they don’t want to move and you do anyway. It will go over much better if you present as “We have exciting news! We are moving! It’s a great town I’ve heard SO many great things about!” The best part is we get ... More

Anonymous posted in Grade Schoolers Aug 22

When did birthday goodie bags at school become a thing?

It seems that when a child has a birthday they bring goodie bags for all their classmates at school. When did this become a thing? Does everyone do this and why? I didn’t have this growing up so I just don’t understand.

  • Rocio
    Aug 31

    At my daughter birthday celebration at school I took free nut cupcakes and a little goodie bags just with nut free candy for everyone but we did like that's because not everyone from her classroom were invited to her birthday party

  • Ankita
    Sep 06

    You don’t have to do what everyone is doing my first grader told me it wasn’t necessary to bring cupcakes to his class since we were having a party anyway all the other kids do it

Anonymous posted in Grade Schoolers Aug 22

What does your family do in the house.

Every where I go in my house I have my kids following me . I go to talk to my husband thier around . I go to the same room my husband is in thier around . We never have time to just talk for 2 seconds without the kids being around . My kids have thier own rooms and tons of toys tons of books movies you name it and still choose to be around . My 8 Year old is the main one!!!!!!!!! HELP

  • Nicole
    Aug 22

    Omg my 8 year old too! She’s getting better at it because I tell her hold on I need to talk about some stuff so I’ll be back and she gets mad at times but oh well she will be fine lol

  • Caitlin
    Aug 22

    We go to our bedroom and crack the door. The kids know that they have to knock and ask permission to enter. This allows us time to talk when they knock we tell them we will be with them once we are done.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Aug 19

Emotional 6 year old

I have an extremely emotional 6 year old (he will be 7 on Thursday) and I don't know how to handle it any longer, especially the anger. He doesn't get aggressive, just angry very easily. When he gets mad he makes what I call "angry noises" and stomps his feet and just won't drop it. If it's something I said no to, I try to hold my ground and tell him that acting like t... More

  • Kim
    Sep 01

    My 7 year old nephew has very big emotions as well. It started several years ago. He screams and just freaks out over the smallest thing. It's exhausting. I understand. We regularly talk about these big emotions. I will try to find an article I recently read that may be helpful. I know it can be hard when you don't know where the behavior is coming from. Hang in there. Taking him to a s... More

  • Jessica
    Sep 20

    I would recommend vitamins my 8 year old went through that and it was mostly her hormones coming in just growing and such vitamins helped regulate her and make her less all over the place but def consult ur PCP

How young is too young?

My daughter is starting kinder this year, is it to soon to get her a cell phone? I got my first daughter a cell phone when she was in 2nd grade and she did good but my 4 yr old is so advanced that I think is okay but I still have worries. My husband says its okay but being in the criminal justice field my head is split. Please help? Thank you

  • Perry
    Aug 18

    Why wait until 4? Baby selfie right out of the womb!

  • Brittani
    Aug 29

    Seems kinda young to me. I got my first phone at the age of 9

Sara posted in Education Aug 11

PSA: Avoid these toxic school supplies

I was pretty shocked to find some crayons in this list of school supplies that have toxic chemicals in them. “This box set, purchased at Dollar Tree, has traces of asbestos, the report found. The chemical can appear in the talc that is used in crayon manufacturing, according to the report.”

  • a
    Aug 11

    Wow! Shocking

Anonymous posted in Grade Schoolers Aug 10

Thoughts on backpacks

Do you buy or allow your child to pick out a new backpack/bookbag every school year? That’s what we did when I was growing up, but then I see how expensive the better brands like LL Bean and PB are, and I am hesitant! My son is going into Kindergarten next month😁

  • Krystal
    Sep 14

    If it's a cheap bag yes. Usually because cheap ones tend to look terrivle by the years end.Last year though they got expensive bags that still look good. So they took them again.

  • Jessica
    Sep 20

    My daughter gets a new backpack every 2 years unless she wares it THAT much during the school year.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Aug 08

Not listening

Anyone else struggle with this? My 7-year-old is usually very well-behaved, mature, and responsible. He is also an only child and so probably gets to voice his ideas/opinions more than a kid his age in a large family. He, by no means, gets to run the show, but there are moments when we will give an in-the-moment directive and he will just do what he wants instead of listening. Examples: it’s be... More

  • Jess
    Aug 09

    I am dealing with this with my 5.5 year old, so you are not alone! I think it’s all about showing their independence. My son doesn’t even care when he gets yelled at or punished, and definitely doesn’t remember not to do it the next time. It’s frustrating but I’ve been told all very normal.

  • Jackeline
    Aug 09

    In my psychology class the best practice I guess is to not punish them but leave eye to eye and hope they will understand. This does not work. This is wrong of me to do to my daughter but just like she did not listen and annoy me I returned the favor. So yesterday she did this, so when we got home I sat next to her and talked and talked and she told me to stop. I say no but in her childish voic... More

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