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Proud mama moment!! My twins had their one month check up yesterday! Their pediatrician referred to my milk as “super milk” when they were born. My son was 5lbs 14 oz and my daughter was 4lbs 14 oz. As of yesterday my son now weighs 10 lbs 8 oz and my daughter is 8 lbs 15 oz. They have both about doubled their weight in a month!

OVERWHELMED! I recently just brought not only one baby, but two, into this world. Twins! Which leads me to raising four children. My other half had two prior to ours. A 12 year old and a 5 year old. We didn’t live together before the pregnancy so I got thrown into this new lifestyle pretty abruptly. I also had never been around babies before. Life has changed tremendously and I find myself feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin. Also dealing with a lot I don’t know how to process quite yet. Please don’t criticize me, I’m only looking for advice on how to improve. Does anyone have any tips, suggestions, advice.

  • Sabrina

    I have twins too! 7 months old. And I have a 7 year old and 4 year old boy. My advice is to sloow down wherever and whenever possible. Breathe. Go hide in a closet for a minute and cry if you need to, then get composure and come back to tackle the rest of the day! You are so blessed but yes, raising children has been the toughest challenge of my life! Laundry hardly ever gets done these days, and I normally love cooking, but instead we've done plenty of crock pot or frozen dinner meals lately and that's totally okay! It's just a season and it will get much better. Message me if you ever wanna hang out with the kids or just vent! We all need that!

  • Sabrina

    Are the twins on the same schedule?

Lactation recipes? I don’t use social media so having trouble finding advice .... I have twins and I just want to make sure the supply is keeping up with them. 20 days old and they’ve been exclusively breast fed and id like to keep it that way for at least 6 months.

  • Alisha
    Nov 24

    My son is a heavy eater as well. It seems like my daughter doesn’t want to latch on very long so I’ve been feeding her out of a bottle what I pump and that breaks my heart.

  • Danielle
    Nov 24

    My son wouldn’t latch by himself for quite a few months. I used a nipple shield and t worked wonders, and now he’s still breastfeeding and doesn’t use it anymore. You could always look into trying one for her.

Any twin parents on here? I have boy/girl twins that are 19 days old today! Any tips, suggestions, fun facts? Everyone said get them on the same feeding schedule it will make life easier. But so far it seems harder. Especially at night. I don’t make dad stay up with us because they’re exclusively breast fed. No sense in us both being dead tired. I guess I was cocky when I was pregnant saying I wasn’t scared for the infant stage... I was scared for when they were toddlers and into everything. lol welllll boy was I wrong. This is a whole new level...

  • Keshana
    Nov 22

    Every once in a while let your husband feed then so your not too burnt out. I made the mistake of always doing the feedings and it was bad I got to the point of crying because I was so tired. He just took over at that point and made me stay in bed.

  • Vanessa
    Dec 06

    I have 11 month twins, and a recently turned 4 year old as well. I’ve been able to breastfed all of the kids, but was on a strict feeding schedule from my lactation consultant to build up a big supply. For the first 2 months I would pump every three hours around the clock, essentially tricking my body that I had three babies. I would bottle feed both while pumping by propping up bottles and babies with pillows in front of me on the couch, and then put them to sleep by nursing them after I’d pumped and they had finished their bottle. VERY little sleep, but you get used to it after awhile... we just sleep trained them too, which I’d suggest doing earlier like 6 months. This is also slightly staggered, just enough to get one fully asleep before putting the next one down. GOOD LUCK!!

My best friend just found out she is expecting QUADRUPLETS!!!! Anybody know how I can get companies to sponsor her or send her free products?? Even if it's for the first year; anything helps! Her & her husband are an amazing couple who have been trying for 7 years. They've been blessed x4!! :)

  • Christina
    Oct 24

    MOM here as well (twins) 4 kids 3 under 3. 😳. So this is what we did. There are so many useless items that are given with good intention at baby showers and luckily I was already an experienced mom by the time I had twins so I would have several baby showers (or one giant one). I had one by Family, one by friends, one at work etc. stress to everyone the need for GIFT CARDS!!! Buying bulk diapers/formula wipes etc is great, but sometimes babies have allergies etc to things and they get wasted. The first 3-6 months all is needed are clothes/stroller/car seats/ baby chair and or swings/ and cribs. One of the most valuable things one can gift a MOM isn’t even items. It’s your time. They need help with everything. Laundry, cleaning, holding babies. There are services if you are near a big city and baby nurses are available in most areas, but again this is where the gift cards (think visa) come in. Paying for those services can get pricy. We cloth diaper which saves a ton of money, but it does create quite a bit of laundry (but it’s very easy to do) so I always tell MOM to consider it for financial reasons as it has saved us thousands (with 3 in diapers). Also look on local mom groups. Tons of people are ready to give away used or brand new items when they hear you have more than one baby. I think there’s this general fear of “OMG you poor thing here just take it.” 😂 also my doctors office let’s me donate so that items I can’t use can be given to other moms. We are lucky to be in a position to be able to afford baby items so I try to pass on anything I get that I know we don’t need (and boy will she be given a lot). Also I stress as her friend take the time (and get some friends together to help) to write companies on her behalf. We did this for a couple in our church and they were sent a lot from different companies. The church (if you’re involved) is also are great resource. Think about it. In a congregation of 300 if everyone just spared $5- that would be $1,500!!!). Asking for little donations on her behalf is a great resource. I’ve also seen smaller communities post public “baby showers.” Hear me out on this.....3 babies is amazing BUT 4!!! That’s a miracle! People will want to come out and be part of the spectacle and yes her life from here on out will be as such. Take advantage of people wanting to help be apart of such a rare thing. Ask on the post if people are willing to donate anything at all! You can do raffle (have a local business donate a service or large ticket item). All money goes to the family. Even local dealerships might be willing to step in. All it takes is some footwork, but with some amazing friends and a great community I think it can all be done! Good luck to the mommy and daddy! And what a great friend she has in you!

  • Casey
    Oct 24

    Wow.. congrats?? I think. Lol

Are there any remedies to increase chances of having twins?

  • Sara
    Oct 12

    Not really besides fertility treatments (e.g. IVF and implanting 2 embryos). Some fertility drugs also cause you to ovulate more than 1 egg.

  • Rachael
    Oct 16

    I have 7 month old twins. You sure about that? Lol. Whoa is this hard.

I recently have birth to twin girls, premature at 33 weeks. I'm having difficulty increasing milk supply. Any suggestions?

  • Eurika
    Oct 14

    Moringa powder is one of the greatest superfoods and research says it increases the milk supply!

  • Viri Del Bosque
    Nov 06

    Update: my milk seems to be starting to come in now. When I posted this I was getting anywhere from 1-2oz combined per pump session. I have been eating lots of oatmeal, drinking water and Gatorade, and mother's milk tea, and now I'm getting between 2-3oz per session combined. It's not a big gain but I do feel more confident that I'm doing everything I can to BF my little ones! Thank you everyone for your comments! You Rock Mommas!

I know everyone has their ideas about siblings vs only children and what that means for parents and kids, but I often think it's strange we only have one offspring at a time... doesn't it make more sense to have twins, or small litters? And wouldn't it make a lot more sense if our babies matured quicker during gestation and on the outside?

  • Danielle
    Jul 08

    Because our children are more dependent on us, evolutionarily, it was more efficient to only have one baby at a time because that's what is easiest to care for. We're very similar to orangutans in that respect. They care for their young even longer than humans do (in terms of how long the baby is truly wholly dependent on their mother).

  • Anne
    Jul 08

    Yeah, I've read that if our babies were like those of other mammals they would be more like toddlers when they were born. Imagine that! Would be sooo much easier (maybe?)

New to the community!

  • Emily
    Jul 07

    Thank you! Yes triple blessings ❤️ full hands and a fuller heart ☺️

  • Teetee
    Jul 09

    Maybe you have some coping tips for me. I have a 2.5 and just had twins. They are a month old now. I hear everyone say it will get easier and I'm sure it will. But man it is sooo hard right now. Granted I have a little help right now, but all that help will all be going home soon. I will be alone with all 3 on certain days (still have my MIL on some days).

My twins are sleeping great during the day and horrible at night. I know they don't have the concept of night and day down yet. Is there something I can do to fix that or does that just adjusts itself as time goes by?

  • Jonnie
    Jul 01

    We created a nighttime routine that works for us. He gets a bath with J&J nighttime wash, a new diaper and swaddle, a bottle, and bed! He's 2 months old and he sleeps from 8/8:30 until 5/6:30!

  • Nikola
    Jul 01

    I agree with the above. Hearing the following from my pediatrician at Johns Hopkins was a great support to get through the early, busy nights: Young babies up to 5 months or so are not supposed to starve/go without food for long stretches (6+ hours), since the extreme change in blood sugar might trigger the activation of a gene associated with diabetes. That knowledge helped me during long night feedings.

Parents of twins What steps did you take until you were tandem feeding? Right now I'm pumping, bottle feeding and latching one twin on. Working on the other but very little progress. The twin latching on takes a bottle too but I'm thinking of just offering my boob. She's getting flustered bc the bottle is so easy. Thoughts? Feeding them separately is taking 2 hours and just killing me and my husband. I need to get them both on the breast!

  • Susannah Rivera
    Jul 01

    It took us about two hours in the beginning as well and it's rough! Especially since they eat every three hours. I would breastfeed one baby and then pass him to my husband to bottle-feed (supplement with formula and pumped breastmilk) and then breastfeed the second one and then supplement with formula and pumped milk . We would change them, swaddle them, and put them down and then I would pump. By the time the whole thing was done, it was nearly time for them to eat again! It is hard and exhausting, but we got better at it and it started going a lot faster. Eventually, I stopped breastfeeding and only pumped, and I became an expert at tandem bottlefeeding. Whatever you end up doing, you will get better and faster at. Hang in there! It truly does get easier!

  • Katie
    Jul 01

    ☝️same. In the beginning it took so long to feed them. If you're having problems with latching, make sure you are working with a lactation consultant. It does get easier as they become older and become better at eating.

Please feel free to comment on any or all. I would love to hear personal stories Put twin daughters in Moby wrap for the first time. They hated it. One has, I think, grunting syndrome. Grunts alllllllll night. Only the bigger twin is latching but gets frustrated bc is also bottle fed. The smaller twin has latched before but barley does. I stop practicing with the smaller one bc I was told that I can intro the boob later. Goal is tandem feeding and still hopeful...but also feeling s little discouraged. My twins are currently one month old and are ok sleepers. Does that mean I need to give up the idea that they can become good sleepers. My first was bad from the get go and stayed bad. I know that it doesn't get easier, but have you guys noticed the 6 week point becoming easie... More

  • Mandy
    Jun 30

    Sleeping wise there us no way to know how babies will sleep in the future. There is so many growth spurts and sleep regressions. Good luck

  • Tracy Tilghman
    Jun 30

    It gets easier!!! Definitely try going for walk and stimulating your twins to keep them up, which should also help wear them out and help them sleep longer. We tandem feed via bottles of breastmilk while the girls are in their rock and play rockers. I actually like the grunting:-)

I haven't been on in a while. Found out I'm pregnant. It wasn't planned but I'm over the moon (just praying it's not twins again 😂) I'm about 6 weeks.

Mommy and Daddies with twins... Tips on breastfeeding

  • Teetee
    Jun 15

    @kellee and @katie so they are being bottle fed and gulp down their amounts in like 5 minutes. Did you have trouble with keeping up with demand once they were just breastfed?

  • Elizabeth
    Jun 15

    Hi! I have twins as well and just got through all of this as well. I wouldn't worry about the nipple confusion. Both of mine actually latched well, but Kate was a voracious breast feeder and Alex was just slow. So I fed/fed/pumped for the first few months and really built up a supply. We used the casual weigh/feed/weigh method (in clothes so it isn't a hassle) and this told us how much they each got. Kate could get a full feed in 15 mins, but Alex couldn't so we just used a bottle of breast milk for the rest. Also, I'm a morning runner, so I gave myself the mid-morning feed "off" after a few months. So I'd feed them at 7am, for example, pump at 10am, and be back for the 1pm feed. This meant they got used to eating out of both a bottle and from the breast. Anyway, it is all tough, but with our first, he was in the NICU for 3 months and we never had the option for him to eat breast milk. So....Get those babies fed any way possible and they will thrive! Calories are calories at the end of the day, so don't beat yourself up. :) Hang in there! As my mom would say: "This too shall pass!" :)

Hello all. We have a 14 month old boy and will be adopting newborn boy and girl twins in August. Any advice for dealing with multiples? Thanks!

  • Amy
    Jun 02

    I second joining a group! Mine are 14 months.

  • Jodie
    Jun 02

    Mine are 4yo. Get a support system now! NEVER turn down help! Get them on the same schedule- it helps if they had a NICU stay. Write things down- you get horrible mommy brain! Take time for yourself every day. Take a shower every day no matter what! Keep calm and know that no matter what, you are doing your best! You are only one person so you can't (usually) please both of them. Don't feel guilty when you have to make one child wait. Despite what the baby thinks, no one has died waiting 15 minutes to eat!

Talkative babies today. I think they have their own twin language because Adalynn made a angry face at Everly for something she said 😂

  • Sara
    May 20

    My mom is a twin and I swear at 57 she still has her own twin language with my aunt 😂

  • Kelsey
    May 20

    They make the weirdest sound. Sounds you would think would come out of tiny babies

Any personal stories would be great. Whether yourself or someone you know. I'm 32 weeks with twins and am considered high risk bc of my age and bc I am having twins that resulted from fertility treatments. I have been feeling a lot of pressure in my um...area. So the Dr checked and I am 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. She gave me a steroid shot to ensure, if babies come early, that their lungs are as developed as possible. My first daughter was to term so the Dr said that was a good indicator that I can carry the twins to term. Well she wants them out at 38 weeks, which 37 is full term for twins. I'm afraid though that with all these precautions she is taking bc I'm 2cm dilated, that they will come early. Anyways, any babies still stayed to term?

  • Alexis
    May 14

    My daughter was a 32 weeker, and I was given steriod shots to help excelerate her lung devlopment. It was effective immediately; she was born screaming. Only stayed in Nicu for two weeks (no oxygen or complications) just to gain weight. She is now 20 months and tall for her age 33 3/4 inches. Her dad (an identical twin) and I are both preemie graduates! Your twins will be perfectly fine if born prematurely 😊

  • Alisha
    Nov 12

    I just had twins 9 days ago! I delivered at 37 weeks 1 day! The plan was to be induced at 38 weeks. But baby b didn’t do so well on her biophysical ultrasound that day.

30 weeks pregnant with twins and taking a 4 hr test today. Tips on how to provide comfort for sitting that long? I was going to bring a pillow but it states not to bring personal items. Anyone know, if any, provisions that I am entitled to? I believe there's a 10 minute break after two hours. I'm gonna die 😭.

Potty training thoughts: my daughter is 2.5 yrs old and I'm about to have twins. I thought about potty training her before the twins come but haven't seen any signs of interest. I have read that kids bodies are not ready until after 3. An idea that no one seems to even take into consideration as I hear tons of people doing it at around 2. Even as early as 1. I know that's not then norm but I don't ever hear of anyone waiting longer than 3, especially with daycares and preschools requiring it. I don't plan to put her into preschool at 3 (a whole other issue I'm curious about). Anyone else read about waiting until after 3? I was bombarded with mothers telling what I should do bc the twins are coming. I tend to do my own thing so I don't feel press... More

  • Christina
    Apr 18

    I just found at potty on the go solution per your recommendation on Amazon for boys! Thanks for the tip!!! Only works for pee, but my child has his BMs on schedule everyday so this works for me! Thanks for the help when out and about! Portable Baby Child Potty Urinal Boy Toddler Potty Training for Camping Car Travel Girl Travel Potty Urinal Training Toilet (Yellow for boy)

  • LB
    Apr 20

    I don't remember where I read it which I know isn't helpful. Sorry for the delay in response, I didn't have any notifications in the app until today.

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