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Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Nov 09

Mom guilt

I’m 30 weeks pregnant with twins, needless to say I’m exhausted and in pain. I also have a 2 year old, and lately we’ve been watching WAY more movies than I ever wanted for a two year old. I feel like we’re just surviving, I feel guilty 😞

  • courtney
    Nov 12

    i’m 34 weeks pregnant with one baby. i can’t imagine being pregnant with twins AND taking care of a 2 year old. in my opinion, what matters at the end of the day, is that your kids are loved, healthy and alive. you’re tired and in pain.. there’s no need for you to stress yourself out more than you need to. you’re doing great ❤️

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Nov 12

    Do not feel guilty. I have 4 kids, 5 and under so I’ve been pregnant with toddlers a lot (no twins). I spent a lot of time feeling guilty about that. But I look back and it was fine. The alternative was often me yelling or them crying because I was exhausted and they were toddlers. Can’t be better than tv. Positive memories is best. Good luck!!

Birthday Party Ideas

Hi so I have a set of twins turning 4 in January. My son is autistic but my daughter isn’t. This is the first year I want to throw them a party but I don’t want to be so concerned about not overwhelming my son that my daughter doesn’t have fun. Any suggestions?

  • Mandy
    Oct 28

    What is your son sensitive to usually? If he is sensitive to sound, you could do noise cancelling headphones. My cousin's child is autistic and is Sensitive to sounds and lights. He would wear sunglasses and noise cancelling headphones in certain situations


I have a budget of $500! What can I do for my boy/girl twins birthday????? They’re turning TWO. Please help. Their birthday is a month away.😩

  • Jasmin
    Sep 18

    Cake and ice cream... Maybe a bounce house. Keep it simple, they won't remember it anyways lol

  • JT
    Sep 25

    Agree. They don’t need much and won’t remember it. Lunch or dinner get together with cake. DONE.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Aug 21

Wanting a third kid?

I’m 34yrs old with boy/girl twins who are 3. I kind of want a third ... but idk if we d be able to handle it. Financially or otherwise + I feel like I’m getting old. Hahaha How did you guys decide to have a second or third or fourth?

  • K
    Aug 22

    I had my FIRST at 34😂, so in my opinion your ahead of the game😁. I am the opposite; had my baby boy first and when we tried fir a second we got 2😳🎀🎀. Finances will always be a worry, no matter what for most of us. If you are not done, you will know it, trust yourself. If you go on to have a singleton and not another set of twins, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is going to feel... More

  • Aya
    Aug 23

    I'm the opposite as well. Singleton + Twins, 4.5 years apart. I had my twins when I was 39 (they were a surprise) - so you still have a lot of time. My best friend just had the twins + singleton combo, and I agree with the above statement, after having twins, having singletons will be a breeze for you. Especially since by the time you have the baby, the twins will be a bit older. Finan... More

Stephanie posted in Flying Aug 04

Any travel hacks/tips for flying with LO's?

I have b/g twins that are 17 months old. We are trying to plan a trip to Colorado (3 hr flight). What should I bring, and what are the teavel fees for bringing baby gear?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 04

    Check airline website for more info on travel fees. But I believe all airlines allow you to check car seats and strollers for free (per baby). With a child that age who can’t consistently follow directions, I would check the stroller at the gate so that you have the stroller up until you board and you can get it when you get off the plane. Are the kids going to be in your laps? We did a fligh... More

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Jul 20

Activities outside with twins

I have twins 18th months old I want to go with them to a Park o do something outside with them, but is difficult for me since they walk, runs in different ways. I don’t have someone who come with me no relatives close. Any advise? Thanks in advance!

  • Aye
    Jul 23

    Fenced in parks and back pack leashes or the ones where it clips to your and baby’s hand. I hated the idea of it but now with a 17 month of my own and a 6 month old makes life easier and let’s her have her independence. Or look into indoor parks. There’s bounce houses, trampoline areas, etc. they all have toddler time and/or zone too.

  • A
    Jul 25

    I never had too big of a problem with my twins at the park ... they did/do tend to run opposite directions,. However, they never got too far. Lol And, honestly I would just chase whoever decided to do the more dangerous activity 🤷‍♀️ Probably terrible advice but ... truth. Also, just activities in the backyard - fill up a baby pool, run through the sprinklers. We did a lot of walks too. When th... More

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Jul 16

Registry must haves for multiples

Working on my registry for my twins! What types of things are a must for multiples??

I have twins toddlers (2) and i just found out I’m pregnant again

Any advice on what i should expect with 3 under 3 how much of a big adjustment would this be?

  • K
    Jun 11

    I have it the opposite way, my son was 2 when my twin girls were born. You are going to think it’s a breeze!😂 I have to say, all my babies were great newborn sleepers and had great temperaments, so I didn’t find it difficult until the girls were on the move and all 3 went in different directions. It’s going to blow your mind how easy it is to just do things once and go into a store without a hu... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 12

    I had three at three, but three separate births. I agree with above. You already have multiple kids down, you will be fine. And they have a built in playmate so they’ll notice a lot less when your focused on the baby because they’re more likely to be occupied.

Anyone used the boppy lounger for twins? Is the boppy lounger worth it?

  • K
    Apr 04

    They are a great gift! One if those things you probably wouldn’t pay for yourself but are super happy someone did!

  • Doreen
    May 02

    Essential! Let’s you shower and eat!

If you think one baby is a lot...

  • Jenn
    Mar 30

    I read that! Didn't she have a single birth and then twins??? So crazy! How did her doctors not see that???

  • B
    Mar 30

    She never had an ultrasound so they had no idea. Such a rare and crazy story. Twins alone are terrifying to me!

Heidi posted in Child Care Mar 21

Twin 3 year olds transitioning from staying at home to preschool/daycare

Please share all of your tips for transitioning from staying at home with mama (or caregivers they know) to full day care outside of the home. Tips for mama and kids welcomed. I believe one twin will transition smoothly and one will have a REALLY rough time.

  • Chelsea
    Mar 22

    That's normally how it goes. If they have classrooms, I recommend letting them stay together the first year. Come second year you would want them to be separated. They will learn independency from one another. My twins are 6 and headed to 1st grade, 3rd year in different classes.

  • Heidi
    Mar 23

    Thanks Chelsea! Do you have any tips for the initial transition?

I’m 18 weeks pregnant w twins and I’ve been struggling with extreme morning sickness

I’m prescribed Diclegis but it’s kinda pricey and I have to take it religiously in order to keep the nausea away. I’m just hoping that it goes away soon.. Does anybody know when this should go away??

  • K
    Mar 21

    I have 17 mth old twin girls ❤️❤️ and the beginning of my pregnancy with them kicked my ass!!! I barely got sick with my son, 1st born. But, I was extremely nauseous and had killer migraines during their first trimester. It cleared up about a week or two into the second trimester. I’m a big fan of Preggy Pops. Make sure you are resting as much as possible and eat as much as you can stand. Ther... More

  • Chelsea
    Mar 22

    My twins gave me bad morning sickness. A piece of dark chocolate before I even got out of bed and fresh ginger root to chew helped me out

Parent guilt over growing twins

My Littles are 6 months on Thursday and they’re rolling over, crawling, teething, pulling up on the rails of their cribs and my Twin A is sitting up unassisted. How? They were just 4 & 5 pound little balls of human just the other day?! I feel so sad that I’m not feeling as present as I would like to be in this whole Twin Life thing. I’m never NOT busy though, and I’ve blinked and suddenly... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 20

    Welcome to parenthood! A lifetime of parental guilt 🙂. It’s completely normal - just remember to focus on quality time over quantity.

  • B
    Mar 20

    You know, this is why I feel frustrated when people always look at me sagely and say, “enjoy it! Take it all in! It goes so fast!” I know they have the best intentions when they say that; but I’ve really come to feel that instead of encouraging me it just makes me feel guilty. Parenthood, ESPECIALLY in the first year, is so hard and emotionally challenging. One minute you’re wildly in love and ... More

Anonymous posted in Flying Mar 14

Going to be traveling with 1.5 year old twins on a short flight. Any tips!?!

We will be take a trip with our 1.5 old twins on a short flight. We are planning on taking our double umbrellas stroller and renting full size cribs/high chairs when we get down there. Anyyy tips are appreciated!!!

  • Melany
    Mar 21

    My family and I travel overseas a lot. Shortest flight over 17 hours. They do great with minor adjustments based on age. Have new cheap toys for them to open (matchbox or hot wheels cars, figurines non choking size for your age group, duplos or legos for older age). Be sure to bring a snack or granola bar they like and can eat. Let them be free in seats, even play on floor in your row, without ... More

How on earth do you survive the 4 month sleep regression?!

  • Jenn
    Feb 27

    Stay strong and stick to your sleep training. My LO didn't sleep as late starting at 4 months, but I would leave her in her crib for a bit after she woke so she got used to being in there awake and entertaining herself.

  • Luis
    Mar 18

    Pump and have your husband or someone feed and change the diapers every other time. It almost works :) it’s not perfect but it will give some 4 hours straight of sleeping time.

Any twin mommas here?

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Feb 12

SAHM of 3 under 3, introvert, needs a break

I’m a SAHM with 5 month old twins and an almost 3 year old. I’m an introvert and need time alone to rejuvenate. I haven’t had time alone for so long yet I feel so alone in life. I used to have a career I worked really hard for, including 2 graduate degrees, and had an office where I worked on paperwork alone much of the day. I remember I used to feel lonely but now I miss that so much. I don’t ... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 12

    Could you hire a sitter to take the kids somewhere out of the house so you could just blah around the house alone? Or have the sitter stay home and you go to a movie? I used to check my toddler into church kids bible club just so I could sit in a pew and not even listen to the pastor! I just wanted to be alone and zone out lol I’m not even pious... Sending strength and support your way... this ... More

  • Elle
    Mar 01

    Could you guys swing an au pair if you resumed a career? (Doesn't have to be thr same one as before) Another option is a nanny/babysitter part of the day, foe a few hours here and there.

Sandra posted in Behavior Jan 23

Separation anxiety help!

I recently got a gym membership with a kids club. I got the gym membership with the daycare so I wouldn’t have to worry about childcare when I work out but every time I take my twins to the daycare they cry and make themselves throw up and I can’t work out because I have to go home because they threw up is there a way that I can fix this or should I just leave them with a family member. I have ... More

  • Sandra
    Jan 23

    Yeah no I go to LA fitness and they don’t allow snacks which suck because I’m pretty sure if they had snack they would be just fine. .. I will keep trying to drop them off and set them up with there fav toys

  • Anonymous
    Jan 30

    We had an LA fitness membership before kids that we had to quit bc the daycare experience was absolutely awful. We tried the ymca bc most of our friends with kids go there and it’s a much more family friendly gym. I think bc they have so many kid programs their staff is just much better equipped to handle the meltdowns.

Anonymous posted in Twins & Multiples Jan 11

Just found out I’m having twins...

Anyone having or have twins before? I have a 16 month old and just found out I’m expecting twins for his birthday. I’m kind of terrified I won’t be able to handle it. Children are a blessing and I’m happy but scared. Any advice or anyone else in the same boat?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 17

    I will have to be home with the babies since the twins will make three under school age for us and we can’t afford to spend 4500 a month on daycare. I’m afraid I’ll lose it. I babysat my nephew while I was on maternity leave with my son and they are a few weeks apart. It was a nightmare and he went home at the end of the day. I’m definitely sad about knowing I won’t be able to give any of the k... More

  • Nicole
    Jan 18

    Anonymous I had a lot of the same concerns you do. I'm a stay at home mom as well, partially due to daycare being so expensive. I feel bad that I don't spend as much time with my older son but he does love to help around the house and has grown to love his brothers. I'm sure once they can play with him he'll be even more excited. Our house has two bedrooms up and two down. My ol... More

Hey. My twin baby girls are loosing their hair.

Is just shedding all over the place. Especially on there beds while sleeping. Any suggestions?

  • Christina
    Dec 28, 2018

    I would just wait it out but if you do put anything on it I would only do natural things, like coconut or olive oil to moisturize their scalps.

  • Elle
    Dec 28, 2018

    Ask your pediatrician and show them how much is falling out (bring some hair with u) if you are concerned

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