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Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding May 12

Illness after weaning off breastfeeding

I breastfed for 10 months, and weaned off of it about 6 weeks ago. Since then, it’s been nonstop colds, fevers, sniffles, even a round of bronchitis and sinus infection. (Babies are in daycare full time.) Did anyone else experience a “rebound” phase like this, of constant illness once the breastfeeding ended? How long will this last?

  • Katia
    May 14

    It’s probably just a coincidence. I honestly don’t know if there is or isn’t a correlation. Either way though it doesn’t matter at this point. Hope you and the kiddos feel healthy soon again.

Help 😩

I really need some advice in regards to potty training my three year old twins. They were premature, born three months early, so they’ve been a bit behind. Which is expected. That being said, I feel like they are ready to learn; they tell me when they’re dirty or sometimes even ask to go potty, they just don’t want to continuously do it. I’ve been trying to potty train them, but it ends with th... More

  • Chaya
    May 13

    Sashi, definitely don’t force them. Just don’t give them an option. Because soon enough they just know it’s time for potty. So the past few days there has been no fussing once we said potty time!!! Phew. I’m hopeful we are at the end of our potty training time! So close!!!!! 😭😭😭

  • Sashi
    May 14

    Oh wow that’s awesome Chaya, good luck! I’m hoping I can have some good results too. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful advice.

Does anyone have twins and/or preemies and when did they start to sit on their own? My girls a 8.5m and they show no real desire to sit. My bigger girl is just over 17lbs and my little one is just over 15lbs. Is it just their size? I mean, we are super active with them.

  • Katelyn
    Apr 30

    My LO wasn't born too prematurely but had a difficult birth with some time in the NICU. She started sitting on her own around 6 months. If they aren't showing any motivation I would see if physical therapy could help. My LO has been going since birth and it really helps. Otherwise my only recommendation would be to encourage it by playing more in sitting positions and teaching them how... More

Hi everyone, I know I asked a similar question a while ago but the closer I get to my trip the more anxious I am getting! This coming Monday we are driving to Florida with my 4.5month old twins. Does anyone have any tips or advice on changing/feeding/entertaining them in such close quarters?? I just don't want to experience an 18+hour nightmare :/ thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 04

    Leave after dinner and drive thru the night! More sleeping. Less eating. Less entertaining

  • Lena
    Apr 05

    Same advice....I learned really quick with my twins the only way to drive quietly was at night. Otherwise they were not happy driving .

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 30

Im 29 weeks pregnant with twin boys. Around 20 weeks they originally found that left kidney to twin b had multiple cyst around it about 2 weeks later for a follow up appointment they then found another cyst in the same baby’s bladder. At the time this was all my high risk was looking until I went to get second opinion from another high risk. Around 26 weeks the new high risk discovered that not... More

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Mar 21

Hi, I need some gift ideas for first birthday for twins (boys). Especially parents with twins and multiples what gifts did you find useful? TIA

  • Anonymous
    Mar 22

    Thank you, EzPz Mat looks really useful .

  • LRon
    May 01

    Books! You can find nice toddler books at Dollar Tree, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

Parents of twins, I need help! I already have a 22 month old and now am 10 weeks pregnant with identical twins. What do I actually need 2 of?! I always planned on just two kids total so this is a big adjustment but a blessing of course. I know I’ll need to get a minivan to fit all the car seats and assume I’ll need 2 cribs and things like that but curious what else, and what advice you’d give s... More

  • Brittany
    Mar 20

    Two cribs not needed if they shared a womb they can share a crib....better bonding 😁 two car seats, two high chairs, if you want them to eat at the same time..if not then one. Other then the small stuff you don’t need double everything......sharing is caring 😊

  • Lena
    Apr 05

    I would have 2 of my girls was up crying half the night and would wake up her twin when we tried co sleeping. Never know how they will be and their personality will shine through

Any ideas for celebrating 1-year old twin girls birthday party?

  • Amber
    Mar 19

    Old MacDonald's Farm in Atascocita! I had my 8yo birthday there when she was 4 and it was so much fun.

  • Felicia
    Mar 27

    Thanks Amanda :)

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Mar 17

My husband is having a really hard time adjusting to my 4month old twins and its putting a strain on my marriage. He gets frustrated at the drop of a dime if they cry or fuss. He'll just yell and put them down and walk away if they don't settle after 2-3minutes of him trying to calm them down. It is making things really hard for me because it's already challenging having two babi... More

  • Lena
    Apr 05

    Talk to your husband about it and air ur concerns. I went through this with my husband thinking he would figure out a way to deal since I didn’t have time to deal with his issues since I had no help around. Caused a lot of strain and he just stopped trying to help and made himself more scarce. Save urself the headache and communicate

  • Teresa
    Apr 18

    Ask your husband if you can stop dealing with the babies too. I said that to my husband and that got him helping right away. They are OUR babies not just My babies.

Jacqui posted in Babies Feb 18

I have 3 month old twins. We are planning on driving down to Florida in April (about an 18hour drive BEFORE kids haha.) They will be almost 5 months old then and I was wondering if anyone has any tips about taking long road trips with infants!

  • Brittney
    Mar 17

    Patients, it’s going to take a long tine. And keep in mind they’re babies and they are bored and uncomfortable and they are restless. I’ve traveled a lot with all my kids at various stages and it just take patience and a cool head. Annnd SNACKS. Lots and lots of snacks, and ALL the bad snacks.

  • Brittney
    Mar 17

    Also, know that when you get home they will be very very very bad for about a week.

Found out we are having twins this summer. What are some must haves for two babies? Already planning to get the weego twin carrier and resigned to having a twin car seat stroller frame (we never kept first born in car seat, she hated it and I couldn’t lug it around).

  • Rose
    Feb 16

    I have two sets of twins that is just 17 months apart. It is totally a crazy world for me, but everything is worth it every time I looked at them. And FYI I have a singleton which is 5yo. I just gave birth with my last set of twins January 1st of this year. I would suggest, keep everything organized. Stay on top of everything, literally the whole house; routine schedule for everyone. Look fo... More

  • Lara
    Apr 28

    I recommend the joovy stroller frame and the z pillow to feed them at the same time. Another stroller once they are older which is super light it the “Zoe”stroller- also buy the jumpers that can hang from a doorway - lifesaver! You can use the Huggapod on amazon as a filler if they are a bit small to fit

Happy Mom moment. One of my twins just slept through the night for the first time! I’d feel well rested except for her partner in crime was up every two hours lol 😂

  • Rochelle
    Jan 10

    How did the other one not wake the other?

  • Ali
    Jan 10

    Well. Long story short. I have a broken arm they fixed with surgery so I currently have my mother here in the evenings. She had the stinker in the other room and I was getting up to help her

Breast feeding question. I broke my arm and needed surgery(6 screws) and pain pills.. so clearly I wasn’t breastfeeding. We had switched to formula for the time being. I have been pumping and dumping but day by day my milk supply has been diminishing. I plan on taking my pain meds anymore and once i hit my 20 hours of not taking them, introducing my breast again. Here is the problem.... I ... More

  • Tara
    Jan 14

    Yes, thanks, drinking plenty!

  • Ali
    Jan 14

    Awe thank you, you as well.

Momming newborn twins with a newly broken arm might be difficult

  • kirby
    Dec 28, 2017

    Goodness! What doesn't kill you and all lololol. You will get through it but what a tuff thing! Can't imagine

  • Emily
    Dec 29, 2017

    Oh my god! I’m can’t even imagine. Im so sorry! Good luck!!

My twins are 4 months and I have been having issues with producing enough breast milk for both since day one but now all of a sudden I'm pretty much spending all day producing just 1 ounce so now I feel defeated and kind of upset. I am drinking crazy amounts of water I upped my calories and drinking mother's milk tea and I am STILL having problems what do u do? Do I just stop with the b... More

  • Lena
    Apr 05

    I tried everything to produce and didn’t work. All you can do is ur best. It’s ok to switch to formula if you need to. Talk to ur pediatrician about choosing the right one

Ali posted in Babies Dec 19, 2017

How can you help a baby learn to self sooth? I have 6 week old twins. And it seems the only thing that can calm them is me... especially my boob. Which I’m trying to break and only use as a last resort. We made the mistake of sleeping in the living room for the first 6 weeks in bouncy chairs. Now that dads back to work we are trying to transition to the bassinets in the master bedroom.... ... More

  • Alyssa
    Dec 23, 2017

    I disagree about not being able to self soothe until 4+ months. Not all babies can but it is possible that young. Our baby girl started self soothing within a couple days of being born! She sucks her fist and pulls her hair. It’s the cutest thing. At first the pediatrician was like nah it’s probably just a reflex. But then as she continued to do it she said it definitely sounds like self soothi... More

  • Christina
    Dec 23, 2017

    I would have them share a sleeping space. Not self sooth at this age. They are going through a major transition with being “on the outside” and a growth spurt happens around this age. Pacifiers are helpful if they will take them. My daughter needed the sucking to help herself go to sleep. In your room or theirs is up to you and if you want to go to them for night feedings.

Anyone here with one year old twins as well?

  • Fan
    Jan 18

    2 year old twins. Challenging but fun ;)

  • Heather
    Apr 05

    My identical twin girls will be one in 16 days. Cannot believe it’s already been a year.

Proud mama moment!! My twins had their one month check up yesterday! Their pediatrician referred to my milk as “super milk” when they were born. My son was 5lbs 14 oz and my daughter was 4lbs 14 oz. As of yesterday my son now weighs 10 lbs 8 oz and my daughter is 8 lbs 15 oz. They have both about doubled their weight in a month!

Lactation recipes? I don’t use social media so having trouble finding advice .... I have twins and I just want to make sure the supply is keeping up with them. 20 days old and they’ve been exclusively breast fed and id like to keep it that way for at least 6 months.

  • Ali
    Nov 24, 2017

    My son is a heavy eater as well. It seems like my daughter doesn’t want to latch on very long so I’ve been feeding her out of a bottle what I pump and that breaks my heart.

  • Danielle
    Nov 24, 2017

    My son wouldn’t latch by himself for quite a few months. I used a nipple shield and t worked wonders, and now he’s still breastfeeding and doesn’t use it anymore. You could always look into trying one for her.

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