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The best convertible car seat for reasonable price for 13 month old twins....

My husband is buying us a huge SUV so size of car seat is no longer an issue. What is your recommendation for a great convertible car seat?

  • Kelly

    We have the Graco Extend2Fit and really like it. Just remember all car seats pass the exact same safety it’s really just a matter of preference for things like extra features, ease of use, level of cushioning/softness of fabric. etc. One thing to look at is each brands maximum heights/weights for both rear and forward facing, as those do vary.

  • Rose

    I did a lot of research & it was down to Britax, Nuna & Clek, we went with Clek. We love it, our little dude loves it. Best purchase yet. Best features that really make you feel at ease.

Anonymous posted in Twins & Multiples Thursday

Getting out with 4 toddlers without a car.

Any advice on how to get out with my 4 toddlers using public transportation? My boys are bored out of their skulls once they get out of school and I haven’t a clue on how to safely manage all them solo using public transportation. I have terrible social anxiety especially when I go out with my kids. Seems like all eyes are on me and I dare not make a mistake with anything while out with my boys... More

  • Laura

    If you live in a place with good bike facilities, I've seen 3 kids on the back of a cargo bike, and you could put a 4th on a kid seat up at the handlebars. Electric assist makes carrying that load doable.

  • antigrav_kids

    I only take public transit with the gang here since San Francisco has such a nice system. We've been riding since the youngest, (No. 3, now 3 years-old) was five months old. When she was smaller I put No. 3 in a wrap. The other two climbed on by themselves. As soon as 3 could climb onto a kneeling bus, she started getting on and off herself also. It took the kids a couple of weeks, (da... More

Streamlined sleek car seats for twins in small SUV..........

Please help!!!! We have 13 month old twins and it is time to convert them from the infant car seat to one that can be rear and forward facing. Our SUV is not huge. Are there great car seats that are sleeker and more streamlined? Also, can these car seats be installed without the base but with the seatbelt? Thank you so much!!!!!

  • Ramey

    I have a diono and they are great! They safety ratings are also very good because the frame is made of steel. It has a high back which allows a child to sit rear facing longer. It fits great in our Mazda CX5 middle seat. One disclaimer- My husband I are pretty tall and we haven’t put the car seat on the side seat (even though my son loves to look out the window) because the diono would cause u... More

  • April

    Agree with Ramey. We chose the Diono Radian based on size and safety ratings. We have a small SUV as well. It is very heavy but as mentioned above, it isn’t intended to be frequently moved around.

Anonymous posted in Siblings Sep 06

2 Year Olds Can’t put Themselves to Sleep

Ok, so I admit we have completely failed at getting our twins do the “self soothe” thing. At almost 2.5 years bedtime still involves rocking, cuddling and reading 100 books. In reality, because of my work and our daycare situation it’s always been difficult to keep routine consistent. Anyway, I’m over it taking hours to put them down ... has anyone dealt with this with toddlers??? Any advice? P... More

  • Jade
    Sep 06

    When my son was in the crib, I did this: -5 min warning, 4 min, 3, 2,1 min warning -nightlight, story, prayers, a few min of cuddles, diaper change -in the crib *10 min timer. No matter how much he cried, I didn’t go in his room. Sometimes I verbally comforted him from my room. -at the end of the 10 if he was still crying, I’d go rub his back, cuddle, and comfort him and pray for him to be brav... More

  • Melissa
    Sep 12

    So i used the book “The Sleepeasy Solution: the exhausted parents guide to getting your child to sleep from birth to age five” and it’s great. Granted I used it for a baby not a toddler but the book has entire chapters on toddlers and older kids and how to do the method.

Twins always sick

I have 2 1/2 year old twin boys. They are my first. Has anyone experienced their twins being sick every two weeks? It’s becoming very stressful as I am always either missing work or having to find last minute babysitter. They are in daycare (for about 10 months now) and everyone tells me it’ll get better I just would like to when? Not only is stressful for me but I am sure it has to be miserabl... More

  • Yo
    Sep 04

    My kids only get sick on the weekend 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Hope
    Sep 10

    Exposure to other children outside the home can cause more illness occurrences. Maybe go to an allergist and have them checked for allergies. Some kids have year around allergies.

Fun places to take 9 month old twins?

We are a bit limited on places to go because I cannot hold them at the same time myself. I've thought about going places like the pool but they are just mobile enough to be dangerous without another adult with me. Looking for fun places to get them out of the house while their dad is at work! So far they love having lunch in the park and going to the store. We plan on story time at the libr... More

How can I get my EBF twin boys to drink out of a sippy cup

So I have twin boys that are 11 months old. I have one that drinks out of sippy cups fine. He does well with both the straw and 360 cups. My other one just chews on everything. He can drink out of a straw when we are at a restaurant but chews on the straws of sippy cups. Any suggestion of a cup he might like. I have been trying since they are 6 months old and he still just wants to chew or blow... More

  • Natalie
    Aug 29

    My boys had the best luck with those plain Tupperware sippy cups. You could probably find them online easily. They will leak into your babies mouth even if they don't suck. Helped my baby B figure it out

  • Nathan
    Sep 16

    Probably teething. We used Tommy Tippee cups and both of our kids loved to chew on them when they weren't actually drinking especially when those first few teeth were popping up

Hi im 21 weeks pregnant with twins im first time mom any words of wisdom to help me prepare ?

  • Natalie
    Aug 29

    TWINS ARE THE BEST! Give yourself 12 weeks to recover after birth if you can. That's how long I needed. Be lazy if you need to! I was lazy and tired, went in to be induced at 38 weeks and I was already in labor without knowing and dialated to a 4! It was so cramped in there I'd lost feeling. I hope you have lots of family to help you especially the first month :) you'll probably want help

  • BW
    Sep 01

    Look into a Parents of Multiples Group in your area. I wish I would have joined earlier. It has been a great resource. We have 13mo old B/G twins. Congrats MOM!

Jem posted in Flying Jul 18

Recs on flying with twins

Going to a family reunion in Hawaii first week of August. Any recommendations/tips on flying with 18mth old b/g twins. Also what kind of sunblock/swimwear should they use? Staying at hilton and aulani for a week. Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous
    Jul 19

    I love thinkbaby sunscreen. Smells yummy and works beautifully and safe for baby skin. For swimwear, I’d think about getting rash guard shirts for some extra sun protection. They make for both genders, but really you could get a few and mix and match. We tend to do shirts and shorts for my little girl. Less area to sunscreen and keeps some sand away.

  • Kelsei
    Jul 19

    I have two girls and I put them in rash guards and swim bottoms. Sometimes even boys swim trucks. If the trunks are black then do a pink rash guard. I buy the sunscreen sticks for their face. (They look super pasty but better then burnt). We use the honest sunscreen for any area of skin that shows. Also floaties!!!! I’ll attach a picture. For the plane ride packed snacks, books, bought their fa... More

We have twin girls that turned 3 in May -- they are NOT taking to potty training - HELP!

We have tried everything from timers, going with nothing on, go straight underwear, pull-ups --- pretty much everything. And nothing is working. They don't seem to care that they sit in their own mess - so that hasn't worked like I thought either. Any suggestions? We are at our wits end!

  • Jordyn
    Aug 01

    The only thing I've heard to have worked 90% of the time and fast. Is to let them go naked. But if they aren't ready, they aren't ready. You cannot make your body control your bladder before the muscle to brain connection is there!

  • Jordyn
    Aug 01

    Just give them time, diapers aren't fun, but they're showing you they aren't ready.

Constipated 2 year old twins!

I have battled constipation with my 2 year old identical boys for months. I have tried so many things and nothing is helping keep them regular. They drink plenty of water (and milk), are active throughout the day, eat a (mostly) balanced diet. I've tried all different kinds of fruits and fruit juice, probiotics, raisins/prunes, homeopathic constipation drops, yogurt with probiotics, and j... More

  • Jennifer
    Jun 14

    My daughter had this same problem. She would be constipated for 2-3 hours in misery. Her poops are gigantic. (TMI) my babysitter said it might be the cause of drinking too much milk so they change her diet and limit the intake of milk and made her eat more vegetables. Because before she would drink 5 bottles a day (8 oz each) After this diet change to only about 1-2 bottles/day, she now h... More

  • Meghan
    Jun 24

    I buy frozen spinach and cut into table spoons and add to a lot of his food (scrambled eggs, pasta sauce). And a fig newton a day.

Kandice posted in Behavior May 23

What to do about 16 month old twins fighting?

My identical twin daughters are fighting like crazy these days. They are fighting over the same toys (even if there are multiple books, they always want the one the other has - it isn't one particular book) They also seem to be very jealous of one another for mine or my husbands attention. They are biting, hitting, and standing on top of each other!!! I have been trying the technique of say... More

  • Simone
    May 23

    I want to say that this is a phase, but that doesn’t really provide a solution to the problem. Twins are hard because they’re so used to being together, they don’t understand the concept of separation. I have boy/girl twins who will be 4 in a few days but I’ve never seen this. Hope everything resolves.

  • JT
    May 24

    First of, I FEEL YOU! I have 2.5 yo girl twins. They still fight over the same darn thing occasionally. But it does get better.... At that age, 1 gave in more easily so we’d distract her with another toy. Now that they’re a bit older, I’ll emphasize “sharing” or “taking turns”. But honestly, on days when I just don’t have the energy, I just let them fight it out 🤷‍♀️

Hello! Question

I have two twin girls almost 11 months. They usually fall asleep with a bottle then I put them in their crib. Any suggestions on how to have them fall asleep without the bottle and in their crib🙈 I know I probably should have done this months ago but it was difficult and now I’m wondering if it’s too late! Thanks mommies and daddies for your help

  • Elle
    May 21

    Can you up their milk intake for their last feeding before bedtime? To get them to food-coma-pass-out.

  • Jennifer
    May 21

    Thank you everyone ! Elle I’m gonna try that again my husband and I did that about 3 months ago and it didn’t work 😩😭 I just don’t want them to rely on a bottle always

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding May 12

Illness after weaning off breastfeeding

I breastfed for 10 months, and weaned off of it about 6 weeks ago. Since then, it’s been nonstop colds, fevers, sniffles, even a round of bronchitis and sinus infection. (Babies are in daycare full time.) Did anyone else experience a “rebound” phase like this, of constant illness once the breastfeeding ended? How long will this last?

  • Katia
    May 14

    It’s probably just a coincidence. I honestly don’t know if there is or isn’t a correlation. Either way though it doesn’t matter at this point. Hope you and the kiddos feel healthy soon again.

Help 😩

I really need some advice in regards to potty training my three year old twins. They were premature, born three months early, so they’ve been a bit behind. Which is expected. That being said, I feel like they are ready to learn; they tell me when they’re dirty or sometimes even ask to go potty, they just don’t want to continuously do it. I’ve been trying to potty train them, but it ends with th... More

  • Chaya
    May 13

    Sashi, definitely don’t force them. Just don’t give them an option. Because soon enough they just know it’s time for potty. So the past few days there has been no fussing once we said potty time!!! Phew. I’m hopeful we are at the end of our potty training time! So close!!!!! 😭😭😭

  • Sashi
    May 14

    Oh wow that’s awesome Chaya, good luck! I’m hoping I can have some good results too. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful advice.

Does anyone have twins and/or preemies and when did they start to sit on their own? My girls a 8.5m and they show no real desire to sit. My bigger girl is just over 17lbs and my little one is just over 15lbs. Is it just their size? I mean, we are super active with them.

  • Katelyn
    Apr 30

    My LO wasn't born too prematurely but had a difficult birth with some time in the NICU. She started sitting on her own around 6 months. If they aren't showing any motivation I would see if physical therapy could help. My LO has been going since birth and it really helps. Otherwise my only recommendation would be to encourage it by playing more in sitting positions and teaching them how... More

  • Ashley
    May 30

    I have twins born at 32 weeks. They started sitting for more than 1 min at a time around 7 months, 5 months adjusted. My daughter was better at it quicker than my son. They rarely go from laying to sitting on their own

Hi everyone, I know I asked a similar question a while ago but the closer I get to my trip the more anxious I am getting! This coming Monday we are driving to Florida with my 4.5month old twins. Does anyone have any tips or advice on changing/feeding/entertaining them in such close quarters?? I just don't want to experience an 18+hour nightmare :/ thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 04

    Leave after dinner and drive thru the night! More sleeping. Less eating. Less entertaining

  • Lena
    Apr 05

    Same advice....I learned really quick with my twins the only way to drive quietly was at night. Otherwise they were not happy driving .

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 30

Im 29 weeks pregnant with twin boys. Around 20 weeks they originally found that left kidney to twin b had multiple cyst around it about 2 weeks later for a follow up appointment they then found another cyst in the same baby’s bladder. At the time this was all my high risk was looking until I went to get second opinion from another high risk. Around 26 weeks the new high risk discovered that not... More

Anonymous posted in Toys & Gifts Mar 21

Hi, I need some gift ideas for first birthday for twins (boys). Especially parents with twins and multiples what gifts did you find useful? TIA

  • Anonymous
    Mar 22

    Thank you, EzPz Mat looks really useful .

  • LRon
    May 01

    Books! You can find nice toddler books at Dollar Tree, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

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