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Anonymous posted in Twins & Multiples Jan 11

Just found out I’m having twins...

Anyone having or have twins before? I have a 16 month old and just found out I’m expecting twins for his birthday. I’m kind of terrified I won’t be able to handle it. Children are a blessing and I’m happy but scared. Any advice or anyone else in the same boat?

  • Anonymous

    I will have to be home with the babies since the twins will make three under school age for us and we can’t afford to spend 4500 a month on daycare. I’m afraid I’ll lose it. I babysat my nephew while I was on maternity leave with my son and they are a few weeks apart. It was a nightmare and he went home at the end of the day. I’m definitely sad about knowing I won’t be able to give any of the k... More

  • Nicole

    Anonymous I had a lot of the same concerns you do. I'm a stay at home mom as well, partially due to daycare being so expensive. I feel bad that I don't spend as much time with my older son but he does love to help around the house and has grown to love his brothers. I'm sure once they can play with him he'll be even more excited. Our house has two bedrooms up and two down. My ol... More

Hey. My twin baby girls are loosing their hair.

Is just shedding all over the place. Especially on there beds while sleeping. Any suggestions?

  • Christina
    Dec 28

    I would just wait it out but if you do put anything on it I would only do natural things, like coconut or olive oil to moisturize their scalps.

  • Elle
    Dec 28

    Ask your pediatrician and show them how much is falling out (bring some hair with u) if you are concerned

Multiple kiddos all under 5

So does anyone have some tips on how to manage discipline when there r multiples (a set of twins) along w three other kiddos? All at different stages and I need help managing the constant need for attention from all seems qhen I need to discuss discipline w one is exactly qhen the others want to act up oj know it's all normal but any tips would be greatly appreciated! I take the one out of ... More

  • Susan
    Dec 23

    I second Jessica above, you are my hero, I’m struggling keeping my sanity with a 2.5 & 1 yo... bravo, lady! I wish I had better insight to give, but when my toddler starts to mirror the baby’s behavior when I am disciplining her I just ignore it and she stops quick... I’m sure it’s a bit more challenging in your case though... good luck!

  • MommyDear
    Dec 24

    Oh lord! And I thought handling a 2yr and a 5mo was challenging... you my dear seem to have things under control for the most part which remember that if we don’t go insane and do a few mess-ups from time to time then we’re not doing parenting right 😂 The kiddos are pretty young and still developing, therefore, there’s only so much they’ll understand at this age but I would say patience, persev... More

What is the best nursing advice for twin girls???

So this is my first baby. Well I actually should say babieS. I am a new mother with identical twin girls. They are almost 5 months and the feedings are becoming a little more complicated than it already was, especially considering how much more milk they are requiring to have a full night’s sleep. My older twin seems to not mind taking both formula and breast milk, which is fantastic. But my yo... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Dec 04

Seeking advice to avoid babies get sick at Daycare

Hi everyone: My twins are about to start daycare and I am looking advice to help them to build their inmune system. I have tried 2 times already but they ended up getting sick after 2 days in day care now they have 1 year and I believe they have better defenses. Thanks in advance,

  • T
    Dec 07

    Elderberry syrup Lots of hand washing

  • Lindsay
    Dec 08

    They build immunity by getting sick occasionally. It stinks and I try to avoid it too but it’ll be good for the twins when they get to kindergarten and isn’t sick every other day. But we do the vitamins and load up on fruits and veggies to keep my son healthy. He has a great defense so far but he still gets sick.

Dresean posted in Behavior Nov 20

Unbearable Spitting!

How do I curb my girls urge to spit and raspberry during meal times? I’m doing so much laundry at this point because I’m wearing more food than they’re eating!

  • Birdie
    Nov 20

    Give them the spoon and let them get messy. The only way they learn is if they practice. Then when they get messy you can show them how to clean themselves. My daughter is 2 now, her father hated it when I let her get messy. Now when her face & hands are dirty she asks for a napkin to clean herself. If you out then give her the spoon but guide their hand.

  • Adrian
    Nov 24

    I use these for my twins and it has helped so much. Bumkins Sleeved Bib / Baby Bib / Toddler Bib / Smock, Waterproof, Washable, Stain and Odor Resistant, 6-24 Months - Gray Chevron


I always feel like I'm slacking on giving my kids good lunches. I always think I don't have enough or it's just not healthy enough (which most of the time is probably not healthy at all 🤦‍♀️) my 3 year old is extremely picky which makes it so hard and my twins who are 19 months are usually good eaters but can love something one day and then hate it for a week. Does anyone have easy ... More

  • Amy
    Nov 25

    My daughter is 20 months old and I'll pack her a lunch for school that consists of at least one kind of fruit and vegetable each, one "main" dish like tuna sandwich, ham and cheese roll ups, hot dogs, soup, mac and cheese, cheese and crackers, sometimes even dinner from the night before. And then i will add a thing of yogurt, apple sauce, or one of those food pouches and a snack.... More

  • JoJo
    Nov 27

    Smoothies and omelettes help me with my toddler a lot!! Also burritos, you can add a bunch of things in there mixed in with beans and cheese, they love it!

Hyperactive during night feeding

Anyone experience their baby acting hyper active during or after an early (1 am-5am) feeding? My partner & I just had twins (3 months old) and the only way to calm one of them is breast feeding her after her feed. SN: I do offer extra breast milk in her bottle but she doesn’t take and cries for her moms teet (milk boob). Since I am back at work, Early mornings is my only shift to help my p... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 13

    Agree with pacifier! If she doesn’t like the one she has, try a different type!

  • Xris
    Nov 13

    Yes we have 4 different kinds and they don’t care for any.

What do you buy 18 month old twins for Christmas 👀🧐???? HELP!!!

  • Linda
    Nov 10

    I would buy educational toys

  • Christine
    Nov 12

    I have twin boys that are 8 years old now. My advice? Whatever you get... get two! They’re too young at that age to understand sharing. They just want what the other has. If they’re good walkers, I would recommend play shopping carts with some play food.

Twin moms

Hey! So here’s my situation first off, first time mom of 7 month old twins. I feel stressed all the time! Husband was deployed the first four months, girls were in the nicu only 9 days but had problems eating the first 3-4 months. I was a huge ball of stress those first four months and thought when my husband got home it would go away but here we are at 7 months and I still feel stressed all th... More

  • Katy
    Nov 07

    Thankyou everyone for the advice! ❤️

  • Yobana
    Nov 13

    I can understand your situation i have 20 months old twins still struggling in the feeding area plus the normal sicknesses due to the season

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 03

Having a disabled child

I have a set of twins and one of them is severally disabled . She has a rare brain malformation called lissencephaly, she has epilepsy, she’s blind, and her corpus callosum is non existent and has a g tube . She’s never gonna be able to walk or talk and most children with this malformation don’t live past the age of ten. I feel sooo alone with this she’s 17 month now . And the beginning of her ... More

  • Melanie
    Nov 17

    Wow. That is so much for you. You must be so strong. Sending you love. Her life has meaning. I’ll pray that you find it.

  • Jaime Santos-Prowse
    Nov 19

    You made a decision that a mother shouldn't have to make, and you are doing the best you can. I know you are because of how much you hurt seeing your daughter suffer. And I'm so sorry for your pain, for her pain, and for the fact that this probably makes it difficult for you to be present with your other daughter. You've already reached out, which is the first step. You can do this,... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Oct 27

Any ideas for meals for 13 months olds? Realistic ones! We both work.

My twins are 13 months old. I still find myself cutting up thejr food very tiny and often times I see kids their same age taking bites out of food. Maybe I need some variety for them? Any ideas for meals for 13 months olds? Realistic ones! We both work. I am tired of giving them finger foods but don’t know where to begin! Thanks!

  • Joanne
    Oct 29

    My 9 month old eats dinner with us. What ever we are having just cut small.

  • Joanne
    Oct 29

    Porogies are easy, meatballs, frozen veggies usually come fairly small

Anonymous posted in Behavior Oct 26


I have 2 year old twins. I am a special needs teacher as well. Recently, I was hospitalized for dehydration and exhaustion after passing out at work. Lately, I’ve been dealing with my son being overly obsessed with me. He cries when I’m not in the room. He holds on to me. He constantly needs to be near me. If I’m sitting, he’s on top of me. If I’m standing up he’s hanging on my legs and begging... More

  • Michele
    Oct 27

    My 21 month old is the same way and I emphasize with you so much!!! Exactly as you said, if I walk away or gets so much worse. I have started to put her in her room for “quiet time” when she gets out of hand... I hate doing it, it makes me feel like the worst mom ever, but it seems to be working. I calmly tell her she needs to calm down and leave her there... she throws a fit, bit in ten minute... More

  • Yobana
    Nov 13

    Im with you that is my situation just no yet in the point to passing out

Booster Chairs

Best inexpensive Booster seats for 2.5 yr olds? We have the Graaco space saver high chairs, we we have just been pulling up to the table. But, I think our kids are ready for something less bulky and maybe less tempting to climb on.

  • Rebecca
    Oct 26

    I purchased a Prince Lionheart Booster seat off Amazon, it attaches to the chair and my daughter loves it. I was tired of the highchair and so was she!

  • Erik
    Oct 30

    We just bought one from Walmart for about $15

Boy in Toddler Class

I have 2.5 year old twins, who I just signed up for a Mommy and me class at the rec center. My girl adores the class, follows direction etc. My boy on the other hand is a whiny maniac ... Is this just a boy thing? Or should I be worried. All the other kids in the class are pretty well behaved but he is the only boy.

  • April
    Oct 25

    Anonymous- I feel like it’s so hard sometimes because my twins are just totally different. And they never want to do the same things. Unfortunately, the majority the time there is only 1 adult with them. Which is hard. My girl actually tends to be the whiny one usually but she is definitely more focused and my boys just wants to run around. Also, seems like unpopular opinion but I do thing ... More

  • Lily
    Oct 25

    I used to teach little ones classes, some kids just have a harder time with it. He might just not be ready for it yet. Ask him if he wants to go, if he says he doesn’t, let him just watch. He will probably want to join in in a couple weeks!

Potty Training

Any tricks up the sleeve for little boys? I've tried food coloring game. Cheerios game. Candy rewards. Stickers. NOTHING is working 😭

  • Natalie
    Oct 24, 2018

    No diapers or pull ups once you make the decision. My son felt comfortable in underwear too and would go in them as if they were diapers. So, I would take off his bottoms for a little bit at a time and keep his potty in sight. Make it a comfortable place for them to “sit”. Put it near him, close to where he plays. Most importantly, patience! It’s a difficult process, but once they get it, it’s ... More

  • Krista
    Oct 25

    I’ve found that my child’s personality and drive had LOADS to do with it. And a method that worked for 1 child may or may not work for the next. Which makes it doubly frustrating! I have 3 boys. 2 of them are pretty motivated externally. My oldest by charts and treats. My 3rd by praise. My 2nd child, though, his motivation is nearly fully internal. He does things when he wants - and he’s a pe... More

Brushing teeth

When should I start brushing my twins teeth? They are 11 months old and eating finger foods.

  • Alexis
    Oct 22, 2018

    Now. We use a finger brush with our 8 month old who has two teeth. We don't use toothpaste yet though. Our 22 month old uses Toms toddler toothpaste which is fluoride free and a regular toddler extra soft toothbrush.

  • Debbie
    Oct 24, 2018

    Our 16 mth old twin granddaughters love to brush their teeth they have small brushes n we keep routines am and before bed

Anonymous posted in Behavior Oct 20, 2018

14 mo old terrors!

My 14 mo old twins have been an absolute handful lately. I’m talking, tantruming, refusing to nap, not sleeping through the night, unable to sit in a stroller or a shopping cart successfully for more than 10 minutes. It’s like I can’t do anything with them successfully anymore. Changing diapers and their clothes have become a constant fight. Please tell me this is a stage?! Any advice on how to... More

  • Misa
    Oct 21, 2018

    Same here with my 15 month year old. I changed to a Montessori approach. Instead of having her sit in a high chair I taught her to use a step stool and stand at the table and grab fruits or snacks she wants to eat. Its a transition in the works but she enjoys the freedom of express herself. When she doesnt want to be in the shopping cart I let her out and we walk together hand in hand. Giving h... More

  • Cathy
    Oct 21, 2018

    It’s all normal. Frustrating, but normal. Hang in there Mama and buy lots of wine.

My 14 month old is hitting and tantrums.....

My 14 month old girl twin hits or swats at her twin brother if he reaches for something she has....and sometimes she hits or swats at him for no apparent reason. Also, she’ll snatch an interesting toy from him if she wants it and he’ll cry then move on to something else. He may try to grab it back but she’s stronger and more aggressive so he’s unsuccessful. She’s weighs two pounds more than he ... More

  • Kimbra
    Oct 12, 2018

    Thank you so much!

  • Ernesto
    Oct 12, 2018

    We have a 2 year old(almost three) and a 11 month old. Both boys. The older one hits and bites the little one. It’s starting to get out of control. We are looking for alternatives to just giving him a time out. I read this and I though, wow it’s pretty similar.

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