Best Child Care in Oakland, CA

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Cultural Care Au Pair

Oakland, CA Immediate Openings

Hosting an au pair means flexible, personalized childcare in your home. This cultural exchange...

3 mo - 18 yr Full Time, Part Time, Weekend

Open Minds Early School

3.0 Montclair Oakland, CA

Home-based Spanish immersion preschool taking a Reggio Emilia and Waldorf approach to teaching. In...

18 mo - 5 yr $945 - $2195 Full Time, Part Time

Skyline Preschool

Skyline-Hillcrest Estates Oakland, CA

Play-based preschool that utilizes the California Learning Preschool Foundations Curriculum and...

2 yr 9 mo - 5 yr $992 - $1435 After Care, Full Time, Part Time

Saint Vincent's Day Home

Acorn Oakland, CA Upcoming Openings

Care center offering preschool and kindergarten services, as well as before and after-school...

2 yr - 6 yr After Care, Full Time, Part Time

Diamond Little People Academy

Upper Dimond Oakland, CA

Play-based program where children learn through activities ranging from circle time to crafts, music...

2 yr - 5 yr $750 - $1800 Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Inch By Inch School

Temescal Oakland, CA Upcoming Openings

Play-based preschool that stimulates a child's curiosity while encouraging expression and...

2 yr 6 mo - 5 yr 6 mo $140 - $890 After Care, Part Time

Zebra Stripes Child Care and Preschool

Sequoyah Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare provider serving children and families in the Sequoyah neighborhood. Teachers...

2 yr - 5 yr $800 - $1900 Full Time, Part Time

Bella Vista CDC (OUSD)

Bella Vista Oakland, CA

Preschool offering early education services to children residing in the district. A library is...

3 yr - 5 yr $540 - $900 Full Time, Part Time

Academia De Mi Abuela (AMA)

Shepherd Canyon Oakland, CA

Spanish-immersion daycare and preschool near Hwy 13. Students are divided by age into four...

2 yr - 5 yr $800 - $1650 Full Time, Part Time

Escuela Bilingue Internacional Pre-K

Upper Telegraph Oakland, CA

Bilingual, inquiry based pre-K facility. The facility's IB program helps to develop lifelong...

2 yr 11 mo - 5 yr $1933 - $1933 Full Time

A Step Ahead Preschool

5.0 Maxwell Park Oakland, CA

Home-based bilingual preschool located near Mills College. This Montessori inspired program promotes...

2 yr - 5 yr $779 - $1600 After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Evagelia Spathis & Stephanie Anagnost

Woodminster Oakland, CA Immediate Openings

Home-based daycare offering an outdoor play area for children.

6 mo - 4 yr Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Sakura Daycare

Redwood Heights Oakland, CA Immediate Openings

In-home Japanese and Spanish immersion daycare in the Piedmont area. Daily activities include indoor...

3 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

Oakland Garden School

Redwood Heights Oakland, CA

Garden- and nature-based preschool fostering respect for the environment and social and emotional...

2 yr - 4 yr $1320 - $1600 Full Time

Lakeshore Children's Center

Lakeshore Oakland, CA

Children learn through play at this large daycare and preschool center on church property. Although...

2 yr 9 mo - 6 yr $230 - $230 Full Time, Part Time, After Care

Little Hearts United Childcare

Oakland, CA

In-home family childcare located in the Hills Mont area. Children are encouraged to learn, share,...

2 yr - 10 yr After Care, Before Care, Full Time, Part Time

Booth Memorial Child Development Center

Reservoir Hills Oakland, CA

Center assists low-income families prepare children for future success in school. Program helps...

18 mo - 5 yr $42 - $479 Full Time

Emerson CDC (OUSD)

Temescal Oakland, CA

Large preschool located in a quaint residential neighborhood. Extensive grounds offer many fields to...

3 yr - 5 yr $540 - $900 Part Time, Full Time

Bout’choux French Daycare

Crocker Highlands Oakland, CA

Small, warm French-bilingual daycare for children 1 to 4 years old. Offers 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, and...

12 mo - 4 yr $780 - $1460 Full Time, Part Time

Casa de los Ninos

Adams Point Oakland, CA

Home-based bilingual daycare center offering a structured program of hands-on activities and...

6 mo - 3 yr $1400 - $1400 Full Time, Part Time

The Baby Academy

Prescott Oakland, CA

Bright, welcoming infant-care center and preschool that emphasizes individual attention and STEM...

2 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

FAQs About Oakland Child Care

  • How many child care providers are in Oakland?
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    Based on Winnie data collection, there are 372 child care providers in Oakland and 149 of these child care providers offer part time care.

  • How much does child care cost in Oakland, CA?
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    According to provider data, $1450 is the average monthly price for full time child care in Oakland.

  • Do child care providers in Oakland speak multiple languages?
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    Yes, there are approximately 25 child care providers in Oakland that are multilingual, offering care in at least two different languages.

  • What are the most common languages offered by Oakland childcare providers?
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    The 7 most common languages spoken by child care providers in Oakland are: Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), Vietnamese, Arabic, French, Persian, Tagalog.

More About Oakland, CA

The city of Oakland offers many attractions and events for families. Children of all ages will enjoy interacting with animals at Oakland Zoo. The Oakland Aviation Museum and Oakland Museum of California will keep all ages interested through interactive and hands-on exhibits. Children's Fairyland Outdoor Park offers rides and entertainment inspired by children's stories.