HeartPrints Montessori

4.0 Preschool 1735 S College Ave Tempe

HeartPrints Montessori is a preschool offering child care and early education curriculum located at 1735 S College Ave in Tempe, AZ. Contact this provider to inquire about prices and availability.

Licensing & Safety

The licensing status of HeartPrints Montessori is unknown. If you can verify this preschool is currently licensed, please submit that information here.

Parent Reviews

Anonymous Sep 21, 2018


The staff at Heartprints are very caring and provide diverse opportunities for play and exploration. The children and staff are pretty diverse which we love so our child interacts regularly with people different than her. The staff could be a little more organized in what they plan and communicate to parents (e.g. when new teachers are hired, what new material is introduced, areas of strengths/... More

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