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Help please

What r some things u do with ur special needs kids when they r still nappers and how do u get them on a routine my daughter is 3 and I can’t seem to get her to do anything haha I’m a stay at home mom and have all the time in the world but feel like I’m getting no where anyone else feel that way

Reintroducing food

My son ate apples (at 5.5 months) one time and broke out in a rash on his upper body and really red cheeks. I told the pediatrician and he told me to reintroduce apples to him again soon. Has anyone done this with a food baby was allergic to? How long should I wait? He will be 7 months old tomorrow.

  • Julie

    My sister had the same reaction 37 years ago when my mom gave her applesauce for the first time! I grew up on a farm and we had an apple orchard there that’s never seen a pesticide so in her case it was the apples themselves. At the time the pediatrician told my mom to try again in a month. She did and still saw the same reaction. She waited 6 more weeks and my sister was fine:).

  • Amanda

    The same thing happened to my son when we first introduced him to apples. After a while it stopped happening. I think it's because of the acid in the apples. It seems common to me so don't worry. 😊


So, I have a 2 year old girl that has been diagnosed with a form of hyperactive disorder / hyperactive autism. We were told she won’t be able to speak, but she is very smart and has already started to learn sign language for the past 3 weeks. I work a full time job. And the wife is a stay at home mom. Reason, is because we can’t afford day care and if she starts working insurance and daycare se... More

  • Erika

    My 19 year old son was diagnosed with very mild autism on wednesday but we knew he was becauze of the common signs. My pediatritian referred me to Early childhood intervention ECI. Is the best because they come to your house and evaluate your kid and give them therapy. I dont know what kind of insurance you have. If you cant afford it look an youtube for activities and toys to help her develo... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Nov 30

2.7 month old boy, delayed in speech

my toddler had surgery in August and today his speech teacher informed me that he is not progressing fast enough. They are recommending for him to go to a pediatrician neurologist and getting ABA services. at home he is a handful he screams when he wants things hits alot. I have a 6 month old and he hits her alot. he says minimum words. i don't know what to do this makes me scared and ... More

  • Vanessa
    Dec 02

    If ABA services are recommended, it may be your son is autistic. My son was diagnosed with autism December 2016 at 3 years old. ABA has helped him with his behavior issues (hitting and biting), but it was has also been really helpful with his speech. He goes to speech therapy weekly, but he spends each day working with an ABA therapist. I hope you are able to figure out how to help your son, ... More

  • Elissa

    I see that you’re getting him tested ASAP. My boyfriend’s ex wouldn’t get help for their son (bf was in the military) and now he’s 5.5 and still extremely hard to understand. So when his dad finally took him to a speech therapist, he was 3.5 and not saying anything at all. It wasn’t fair to him at all... he gets so frustrated when we don’t understand him and is very shy when meeting people beca... More

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Nov 27

I think my 3 month old has bad allergies

My 3 month old daughter has slept through the night since she was 2 months. But now she’s waking up almost every 2 hours and she cries out and rubs her nose on my chest like it itches, plus I can hear that she’s stuffy when she breathes. Plus her eyes look red, I’ve cleared her nose out multiple times and I have put baby vix on her feet, it helps a little. But I hate seeing her miserable. What ... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 27

    She may have an ear infection. My 7 month baby did all of those things but was also grabbing at his one ear some, mind he is 4 months older. It is very common for babies to get ear infections during season changes and colder months. Humidifier helped me and I did bath time with my babe for 20-30 minutes with the shower curtain pulled closed so it would steam up and he could get moisture in hi... More

  • Christa
    Nov 28

    Very possible she’s starting to teeth, but it could be an ear or sinus infection. But I second the humidifier, I run mine all night long and all day long. I keep the air really moist- and out in our living room I have a tea pot on low most of the day too- to keep the air moist too. But we live in a super dry climate too!

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 27

Question regarding ultrasound pic posted within post

So I have 4 children (2 of each)and one on the way. My boys both have disabilities and they are very difficult to handle at times. My youngest son is 3.5 yrs old and has ADHD, sensory issues and has a violent temper. He’s very aggressive at times and he receives a lot of services and help (he’s doing better than prior to services). Anyways I saw my ob and he is about to retire he’s about 84 yea... More

  • Kieli
    Nov 27

    I can’t tell by looking, with my daughter they could have told me she was an alien and I would have believed them 😂 if you don’t want to wait, there are special ultrasound places that look for just the gender. I’m not sure where you are located, but one I am thinking about visiting is called the Baby Connection and for the basic gender package it costs $40. Just an option, and I wish you the be... More

  • Lily
    Nov 27

    You can get blood tests done at 9 weeks and up that tell you the gender, it also tests for other things as well. I would get another Obgyn.....there are so many new tests and things...

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 26

Therapy for my Developmentally Delayed Child

Hi Familes! So my child got assessed through Public School System. She is 3. They say she's developmentally delayed and can get free therapies through the Public School sector. Anyone have any experience with private services. I am aware that it would cost money but I wanna weigh all my options for her..Which one is better private therapy or therapy through public school system. Anyone know??

  • Heidi
    Nov 26

    My son went through early intervention and they were phenomenal! His therapist worked for a private company that works with the county for services. The care is just as good as private! I would with early intervention at my job at a learning center and they are all great therapists!

  • Jennifer
    Nov 26

    My 10 year old is non verbal and has had a few therapies over the years. Speech and OT. I think a lot of this answer depends on your school district. With private therapy you are looking at missing school possibly. We did speech therapy private for awhile but he ended up missing a lot of school and the two therapist private and at school weren’t working well together so we dropped the private m... More

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Nov 22


My son breathing weird at night when he’s asleep. I can’t help but to think he may have asthma.

  • Elle
    Nov 23

    Depending on what it sounds like. Suggest giving the pediatrician's nurse line a call and describing the breathing problems. They will tell you if they think you should bring the baby in. Regardless, the pediatrician will likely suggest using the humidifier in his room (make sure the insides of the humidifier are sterilized first) for a few nights straight and see if that helps. It might ... More

  • Sammi
    Dec 03

    My daughter did that we went to a sleep clinic and she got diagnosed with sleep apnea

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 20

Traveling with autistic son

We will be traveling for thanksgiving with our 4 year autistic child. It will be his first time on an airplane. Do you have any tips or advice? Any cool apps for the iPad or cool games that he would like? Anything is helpful. Thanks in advance!

  • Joanna
    Nov 20

    My 4 yo on the spectrum is a pretty good traveller. He was scared of the airplane bathroom and it was a 5 hour flight so he had to use it twice. And we were in an old 757 where the flight attendant button is on the armrest and he thought it was cool to keep pushing the button. Otherwise, he ate all the snacks we packed, napped (which he normally doesn't), and used the iPad. My advice would ... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 20

    Thank you so much for your responses!! 💗

Val posted in Flying Nov 16


We will taking a plan trip for Christmas this year any one have any advice? I have a 7 year old with special needs. A 4 year old that screams and a 6 month old. Our flight is very late at night.

  • Willow
    Nov 29

    Leave them at home! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 J/K J/K I only have one, so I do t know (and I’m late to this post anyway), I just wanted to make you laugh! (I hope I succeeded!) Have a great day & Happy Holidays!!

  • LisaP
    Nov 30

    When I flew solo with my almost-2 year old, I wipe-bathed him, brushed teeth, read a book, and changed him into pajamas so that he understood that it was bed time. And then changed him into day-time clothes in the morning- also an extra activity to keep him occupied. I agree with the other posters that the long-haul red-eye was the easiest part of the trip. The connections were a little toughe... More


For all my mother with children with special needs do not let the first opinion determine your child behavior. I have been told my son is autistic at 3 (July 2018) but he went for another evaluation at his school and they see more of a ADHA, mood disorder and behavioral disability. I believe by the age of 6 we'll get a better understanding of what are child condition are. Right now my son ... More

  • Joanna
    Nov 16

    I think all second born kids will feel a little left out. Once we settled into our school schedule, OT and ABA sessions, I found time to spend with my 16 month old. I don't want to overwhelm you but look into ABA therapy. We didn't start ABA until 6 months after diagnosis...I was overwhelmed too with the diagnosis, new school and new baby. But now someone comes to our home 8 hours a w... More

  • Ivania
    Nov 20

    Autism and ADHD have A LOT of symptoms in common. Is not rare for autistic to have both diagnosis. You will see better in two years. Your son is taking the same therapies than my son, and my son is autistic. Also, autism is NOT the same in every individual. Every single autistic is different and that is why school think he can just have adhd.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Nov 16

Baby allergic?

FTM so sorry if this is a dumb question. For the first time this morning I noticed what looks like a very mild rash across our baby’s back. She also had a few spots on her tummy that looked like TINY bug bites (hives)? I checked all her sheeting, since we have two large dogs, but found nothing. She’s been eating organic oatmeal for 2 months plus small bites of our dinner every couple nights.... More

  • Lulu
    Nov 16

    I will be honest, I really don't think it has anything to do with your diet or babe's, but you can never be too cautious

  • Stephanie
    Nov 16

    If you have animals that could be flea bites to my niece was extremely allergic to fleas and bites and one bite would make her break out in a little rash :(

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Nov 14

Has anyone every seen this before ?

Every time I get my daughter back from the babysitter she hasn’t these marks on her, whenever I have her skin is totally fine! It isn’t until she started at the babysitter this appeared, I took her to the doctor and just gave me some cream. I’m just super curious on what it is causing this .

  • Lulu
    Nov 15

    @Kerry I did not know that! Thanks for the info. What worries me is OP says the skin clears up when babe it's with her. Makes me think something fishy is going down. I think I'm alone in my suspicion though.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 15

    I kept her home with me today, no marks! So I’m going with it’s something at the babysitter house and she would no longer be going there

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 13

Possible ADHD & Kicked Out of Preschool #3

Hi everyone - seeking advice and resources to help us navigate a complex but unfortunately common situation. Apologies for the long post, we just received this information today, and I'm still trying to figure out next steps, so if you have a kid with ADHD and have had issues with support (lack thereof), please keep reading and offer any advice you may have! Our son is 4.5. He started tra... More

  • Geraldine
    Nov 14

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I could have written this post almost verbatim 2 years ago. It reminded me of the exact place my husband and I were in. The advice I can offer is to get your son evaluated - and not just by the school district. I can only explain from my personal experience but I was informed that the school district evaluation is ONLY for the school. They are only... More

  • Kei'Yonna
    Nov 15

    I agree with Ashley second opinion matters

Peanut allergy!?

So we just got the results back and my one year old is in category 2 out of 6 for peanut allergy. So moderate. Our pediatrician told us to get an Epi pen just in case. Just wondering if any other parents found out their baby was allergic to peanut butter but then grew out of it? I’m so nervous about someone not knowing and feeding it to him and not know what to do. Thanks!

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Nov 12

Drowsiness = allergy?

I let my 6 month old try scrambled egg today (just a few very small pieces) and he’s currently in the middle of a very long nap. Like going on hour 3. He took a 2 hour nap this morning. He usually has only one long nap a day. I’m feeling guilty for getting things done, but also am nervous that this could be a sign that something is wrong?

  • Joy
    Nov 12

    He's probably full and it made him sleepy. I always sleep better on a full belly.

  • Heidi
    Nov 12

    Allergies are usually rash, swelling, itchiness, trouble breathe (worst case scenario). Sensitivities could also be spitting up/throwing up, looooooooooose BMs, tummy ache. My bet is that he really liked having something warm and filling in his belly and took an extra long nap just cuz.

Hi im trying to get some answers about some results

So my 6 yr olds neurologist did an mri and blood work because hes been pretty delayed for awhile in school work and cant hold a pencil or scissors right well the mri shows he has an insult in his frontal lobe which she said is eith from a mini stroke when he was in my stimach or a scissor disorder and the blood work shows he is missing 50 kb of his 14th chromosome and she said the is linked to... More

  • Kay
    Nov 14

    You should get a second opinion. It could be something else entirely. My son has autism. His first doctor told me that he would never talk , he would never learn anything,and he would always be dependent on my husband and I. That’s when he was around 1/2 - two years old. He’s six now and everything that his first doctor said was completely wrong. I know it’s not the same as your situation but i... More

  • Kay
    Nov 14

    Also check into SPD and autism. My son still has trouble with his hands. He takes occupational therapy and speech therapy also

Constant face rubbing

My three month old constantly rubs her face when she’s sleeping/napping. She sleeps through the night. It doesn’t actually wake her up but it is making her eczema so much worse. Anyone go through this or have a suggestion? I was thinking of buying either a magic sleep suit or a zippadee zip to help. I’m afraid it will be a waste of money because she’ll still be able to reach her face.

  • Aine
    Nov 11

    Thanks! All of this helps a lot. I also just bought a grow with me wombi sleep sack. I’m going to see if she doesn’t mind sleeping with her arms constricted for a while until we get the skin more under control. 🤞🏻

  • Amber
    Nov 11

    Good luck :)

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