Special Needs Children

Every child is unique and exceptional in their own way — and some need exceptional care and nurturing to thrive.

Ask questions and share support with parents raising children who have special needs, including autism, developmental delays, physical limitations and more.

Birthday Party Ideas

Hi so I have a set of twins turning 4 in January. My son is autistic but my daughter isn’t. This is the first year I want to throw them a party but I don’t want to be so concerned about not overwhelming my son that my daughter doesn’t have fun. Any suggestions?

From formula to milk

My son is about to be a year old in a couple weeks and I’m freaking out about the transition from formula to cows milk. I’ve already tried introducing him to some dairy products like cheese,yogurt and other foods that might have dairy in it. He hasn’t had a problem until recently I gave him American cheese, he pooped 5 times in one day causing him a diaper rash. Is he possibly allergic to cows ... More

  • Marilyn
    Oct 06

    I would make my boys baby cereal with regular cows milk before introducing just straight cows milk.

Does anyone have a dog but has a toddler with minimal allergies

  • Jenn
    Sep 04

    Yup. I also have allergies. Lots of grooming, vacuuming and swiftering. And allergy pills of your choice on hand. Also, washing hands after playing w/the dog and not touching/rubbing their eyes.

  • Vonda
    Sep 06

    Yes. We just vacuum, dust, and lots of grooming. Have two Aussies so brushing is a must. Washing hands is also a good idea after playing with the dogs.

Would CBD oil help my son?

I have a 10 1/2 year old son with Down Syndrome and atypical autism. What is the proper dosage of CBD oil? I have given it to him before. It calmed him down and he slept calmly through the night. The morning dosage caused drowsiness. I have also tried NEUROPROTEK. It was expensive and made him more focused, but nothing more. I would like to speak with a parent who has a child as my own, who ha... More

Prepping for fetal surgery and long term care

I found out August 6th my 3rd son is due December 20th but my recent ultrasound that day I was told that there were abnormalities of the heart,cleft feet,and Spinal Bifida and I'm now 6 months pregnant. Therefore I had a procedure performed where a sample of my amniotic fluid was taken for testing.......I am waiting for the test results in the next 7 days so schedules can be made for Pas... More

  • E
    Aug 15

    The birth to 3 program that is prior to early intervention or school age support should be able to start right away. The hospital/ clinic social worker could help you get in touch. You also can do the self referral. Each state calls their programs something slightly different. The local public schools should also be able to give you their information. It’s free. Typically with birth to three th... More

  • Anne
    Sep 19

    My son has a congenital heart defect, we currently have therapists that come to the house, some insurances can provide nursing services as well, typically the children’s hospital or wherever your child is being treated will give you information about services that are available. My son is 6 months old and has had two open heart surgeries so far. I chose to stay at home with him but I feel like ... More

Occupational Therapy

Has anyone put their child in occupational therapy for sensory disorder? What types of things do they teach there?

  • E
    Aug 15

    Often it’s things to help the child better understand the sensory information from their environment. Most therapist work with the family to help improve the child’s everyday function in the home/ community. The types of interventions will differ on what the child’s needs are. It is almost always play based and works on integration of the sensory system to increase performance of everyday tasks... More

  • Momof1
    Aug 16

    Thank you!!

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Jul 20

What to do when you know your son has SPD and texture aversions (food related).

I know my son has food aversions and doesn’t like certain textures in relation to food. We are pretty confident that he has some SPD issues but his pediatrician and early intervention doesn’t seem to be worried. He is 15 months and won’t eat much or consistent solids. He will eat anything purées style but won’t eat much more solid. We barely got to the point where he will sometimes eat a chip o... More

  • Teresa
    Jul 31

    Check out Your Kids Table website https://yourkidstable.com. Fantastic information on from an OT on eating and sensory issues. Fantastic information! I used this website for meal ideas and snacks when we went through a rough patch with eating.

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 09

    Trust your gut, mama. If your insurance requires it, ask for a referral to an OT, otherwise make the appointment yourself!!! Early intervention is sooo important!!!

Advice for parents who have a child with speech delay?

My daughter is 28 months (2 years old) and can only say a handful of words and can’t put together sentences either. We recently had an appointment with her pediatrician and have mentioned or concerns of her being non verbal as well as her lack of interaction with other children. The next steps will be a hearing test, autism assessment as well as getting her in the head start program (if they fe... More

  • Aria
    Aug 26

    My son has autism and cant really speak; can only say Mama but only when upset and mostly babbles. I dont think yours have autism since she is able to say a few words.She is probably just a little delayed. Get her to copy you more, if she knows how to copy in movements or activities, she should be able to copy in speaking as well. Start with easy words and find something she is interested in an... More

Getting doctors to take seriously my concerns of 3 yo daughter having ASD, ADHD, OCD, something.

I don't want to bore everyone with my daughter's life story but she has been very different from my two older kids since the day she was born. Even the pregnancy was much different/harder. I also have struggled with chronic pain and had horrible PPD for a couple years after her birth. And her father is a workaholic and this was his first child so It. Was. A. Struggle! Anyway, my daughte... More

  • Rita
    Jul 05

    My oldest son was the exact same way when he was 3 years old. Now he is 26. I thought at first he was just being a toddler going through the terrible 2's until he started breaking dishes cause his shoes were not in the right place. I took him to the doctor and insisted that tests be done to find the problem. I had a 2 year old daughter with downsyndrome and had to protect her as well. Evalu... More

  • Vanessa
    Jul 08

    Oh I know she's not trying to run the house but others who are outside looking in do lol. Their opinions and concerns are what get to me. I know my daughter is bright and amazing and has her own little ways of processing information and I try everything I can think of to try and figure that out with her. I just need to find a doctor who will get on the same page and stop telling me that the... More

Anonymous posted in Special Needs Children Jun 27

Child care for special needs child

Hi, I am looking for child care for a child with Spina Bifida but I have no idea where to begin my search

  • Kelly
    Jul 12

    Hi I know this was posted a while back but thought I would still reach out if you are still in need of assistance with this. I’m not sure where you are located but here in VA you could receive some services to assist with this including having someone even watch your child in your own home. Have you looked into anything like that?

Childcare struggles

I have a new job and am going to be working outside the home now which brings the struggle of finding daycare. My stepson is 5, autistic and not potty trained. I am having issues finding a childcare facility that can take him because he is in diapers at 5. What alternatives or solutions has anyone else found for this issue? We have tried potty training and it stresses him out because he doesn&#... More

  • Lisa
    Jun 27

    You can find therapist that could work with your schedule. Just look for ABA in your area. I’m sure that can help

  • Aria
    Aug 23

    Aba centers can accommodate till 6pm. Aba stands for applied behavioral analysts. Form what I hear, your child can attend preschool, and get a school bus to drive him/her to their aba center. Contact yoru school district about the bus.

Potty training

My son likes to flush the toilet and that is it. He only sat on the toilet once. He didn’t pull his pants down. He just sat and went in the diaper. I was told I should put regular underwear on and he will get the idea. I should also give him a treat when he does use the bathroom. It’s been really hard more so because he is autistic. Any tips?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 12

    He’s not going to magically know how to pull his pants down and go. He’s gone in a diaper his whole life. I recommend a weekend at home (like literally not leaving) in underwear where you have him sit on the toilet every 30 min and when he goes lots of praise (or one m&m) and talking about how he peed on the pot

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 13

    When I train I do nothing or just underwear, and I help them with running over to the potty and show them how to pull it down, and I usually spend 3-7 days at home all day so we can catch every opportunity and have lots of repetition.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Jun 05

Birthday cake

My soon-to-be 5 yr old is allergic to colors on the icing cream. His Birthday is just round the corner. I would like him to choose his cake but I want to make sure I give him options that would suit his health. Looking for recommendations for alternate Birthday cakes. TIA.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 06

    That's a great idea. Do you know any Bakery that does it?

  • Lynn
    Jun 06

    I’m sure you can make a special request

Autism sleeping tricks

My stepson is about to be 5 and is autistic. Usually he sleeps good but lately he has been getting up super early and is wide awake. He was up before daylight today and we got woken up by him running around the house. I've tried laying him back down but he doesn't ever go back to sleep. He already gets melatonin at night. What tricks have you guys found that help autistic kids sleep bet... More

  • Angie
    May 26

    Wide awake by 7 is great! Thats 10 solid hours for a five year old with autism. Many parents would love that much sleep for their kid even if typical. 👍

  • Amanda
    Oct 09

    My sons weighted blanket did not increase the time he slept but it calmed his sleep. Less tossing and turning he got a more restful sleep. On Etsy there is a young man with Autism who makes weighted blankets at an affordable price.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma May 14

Tummy rash, food related?

Started my baby on foods (BLW) about a month ago at just over 6 months. Since we started, he’s had a rash on his stomach that comes and goes, can’t really find a pattern or specific food that is the cause. He doesn’t seem to itch or be bothered and the pediatrician said it was just sensitive skin. I put aquaphor on it daily. I’m worried this is just the beginning of some sort of allergy (like I... More

  • Sofy
    May 15

    When my son had something like that it was related to weather, my first thought was food to be the cause but I realized it got worse when we were outside on a very hot (Texas summer) day. I used aveeno bath and cream and it was gone the next morning

  • CheerioMama
    May 23

    Looks a lot like Eczema. Aquafore consistently should get rid of it

options for why my son has a runny and itchy nose

Hi all, my son is going to turn 1 in a week and for the past 2 months he has had a runny and itchy nose. We just moved, and i guess thats the only new thing in his life. We have a cat at home but we have her since he was born. Not a cold and not every day Any thoughts? Thanks

Peanut Butter

My daughter is 18 months old. When can I start giving her peanut and jelly sandwiches?

  • Kieli
    May 03

    As long as she didn’t have any kind of reaction to it, go ahead and try it out!

  • Anonymous
    May 03

    I did it from a year on. Why are you worried?

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma May 02

Toddler with eczema. Any tips?

Can he play in the grass or water and live a normal life? Im worried since he already have had recurrent staph infections including mrsa. Anybody else with eczema kids and whag do you do in summer to prevemt flare ups? Thnk you in advance!

V posted in Big Kids Apr 26

7yo STILL drinks formula milk??

Hi all, I’m a SDC (special day class) teacher and i have a 2nd grader in my class who brought a baby bottle to school... when I was putting some paperwork in his backpack for his parents to sign I found the bottle. However, when I picked it up and looked at it you can instantly tell that it was formula milk. ** He is the only child in the family** Is this something I should discuss with pa... More

  • Laura
    Apr 26

    What do you mean you can instantly tell? Was it a bottle with the formula label on it? Is there a school nurse you could talk to?

  • Alexis
    Apr 27

    I think I'd be more concerned about the fact that it was in a bottle than whether or not it was formula. If it was toddler formula, theres not necessarily anything wrong with that since it does have good nutritional value (unless that's the only thing the child was getting...). But a 7 yo still using a bottle is not developmentally appropriate and can cause dental issues.

So I’m wondering what y’all think these bumps are.

My daughter has drool rash and I might have gone a bit overboard with the Aquaphor. I’m thinking they are just clogged pores.

  • Sara
    Apr 21

    It doesn’t look too bad in the pic! I would just wash with soap and water then leave exposed to air and see if it improves.

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