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Every child is unique and exceptional in their own way — and some need exceptional care and nurturing to thrive.

Ask questions and share support with parents raising children who have special needs, including autism, developmental delays, physical limitations and more.

I need NON DIARY breakfast meals for a 2 years old toddler! She has a milk allergy! Please help!

  • Erin

    Avocado and bacon

  • Mallory
    1h ago

    My son is allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts so it really limits a lot. Usually I go for bananas, oranges or any type of fruit and a piece of toast with sunbutter and cheese (for some reason he can have string cheese and it doesn’t bother him). We also give him ripple milk which is a plant based milk with pea protein.

Health insurance

Whats a good health insurance for children with trisomy21. My son is currently not on SSI and needs health insurance within 2 months.

  • JJ

    Medicaid, or similar programs. It’s income dependent. Call your state health office.

Congenital Hip Dysplasia

Our pediatrician is concerned our 6 month old might have congenital hip dysplasia. We’re going to have another check up in a month and then might have an ultrasound or X-ray depending on what she finds. Has anyone had any experience with this condition? What is the treatment like? I know it might involve surgery...

  • JJ

    I had hip dysphasia as a baby, luckily my kids never had the issue. I never had surgery but up until I was about two I was in an immobile brace to get everything to where it was supposed to be. The brace wasn’t a 24/7 thing either. Lots of physical and occupational therapy. This was also 30+ years ago so things may have changed as to how they approach it now. You would never know I had any is... More


My 2 year old son all of a sudden has eczema on his left leg and butt. What are the best treatments?

  • Jelissa

    He only gets it on his cheeks

  • Beckiie

    Vani cream you can get it at target it’s the absolute best thing my pediatrician recommended. You can find it in the adult cream and lotion section.

Ant bites

My kid jumped into a ant pile any rem-ides to help heal and does anyone know how long the bites will stay?

  • Ashley

    Bites can stay a few weeks! My girl gets them often because the ants in Texas are everywhere. I keep a benadryl stick with my it is soothing and you just dab it on the bite(:

Cradle cap on a 3 year old?

Is this common? I always thought it was for infants....

  • Caitlin

    My pedi told me to use coconut oil and a comb. Or even vegetable oil

  • Crystal

    I’ve seen it in toddlers too. To get rid of it, Use jojoba oil, buy it at Trader Joe’s. Apply to scalp, put a beanie on baby/toddler. After 30 mins to an hour, take off beanie, wash scalp/hair with gentle baby shampoo, rinse them off, use soft nylon brush and brush out flakes they will come off easily, do not scrub just gently brush. If there is any flakes still remaining or stuck wait 2 days a... More

my daughter

I am having another issue with my daughter. She is five and has asthma. She recently got a cold and i took her to the emergency room because her asthma tends to make things a little worse this was about a week ago but suddenly last night and still to this morning she hasnt stopped coughing. ive tried humidifer, honey, honey cooked with a bit of onion (family suggestion), a cough suppresant, he... More

  • Stephanie

    thank you lulu and yes same here Ashlie my daughter doesnt stop coughing a week and a half has past just her cough started to be more aggressive barky and non stop. Ive tried almost everything and it doesnt calm down

  • Anonymous

    I'm asthmatic. Some cough medication can worsen asthma symptoms so be careful with that.

Symptoms of autism

Extremely bad eater, shakes arms legs and mouth when excited. Moody, can only wear elastic in pants, certain shirts sometimes talks baby talk, cannot be hugged some type of sensory disorder. Boy age 6.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Go get him tested so you can get support for YOURSELF and resources for him! ❤️

  • Katie

    My daughter is 5 and she had her evaluation by a neurologist(she was amazing!) last week and confirmed my daughter does have mild to moderate autism. Now we can get the services to help her and our family:) If you want the neurologist information let me know :)

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Oct 09

A+D diaper rash cream reaction

My husband grabbed the A+D diaper rash cream yesterday at the store instead of our usual. I shrugged and just used it and when I went to change the next diaper after using it, my daughters privates were covered in little sores and swollen!!!! We called her pediatrician of course and took her in. She's fine with a topical ointment to heal, but has anyone else ever had this happen with this s... More

  • Bb
    Oct 09

    Best ive ever used

  • Anonymous
    Oct 10

    We use it just fine but like anything everyone can have different reactions to it. My daughter can only use pampers products for wipes and diapers anything else causes a horrible rash. Now that you know you can avoid it!!

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Oct 08

12 year old with hives

Over the past few days my 12 year old son have developed hives that seem to come and go. First time I noticed something wrong he came home from his grandparents with a swollen top lip when I asked if he hit his lip he said no. A few days later got a call from the school saying he had hives all over his body and face was swollen. We went into the walk in but they didn’t seem to think he needed a... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 09

    We went to a walk in so I’m guessing they just wanted to get us in and out now that it’s returning more than once I’m hoping they will refer him to one

  • Ehcapa
    Oct 09

    Not sure if this will help you. When I was 12-13 I started getting hives almost daily. They continued for about 3 years. The doctors never could figure it out and just gave me a script of Benadryl that I’d take as needed. Never was life threatening just a pain. Doctors finally just called them stress related.

Does the chiropractor help delays

I was reading that a celebrity opened up about her son having speech delays so j was wondering if this is true. My son has trisomy21 and want all the help i can get. I love my baby boy

  • Jessica
    Oct 07

    Looks like you’re already on the ball 💕

  • Jennifer
    Oct 08

    My 10 year old is non verbal I’ve heard things from go to chiropractor to he might be tongue tied take him to get checked out. As much as I would love to have a conversation with my son I wish people would stop trying to fix him and just accept him. I still don’t really understand how speech and chiropractor go hand in hand

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Oct 06

Premature development

I have a 14month old who was born at 35weeks and development is delayed a month a a half. She is almost 15 months and either blatantly ignores me or does not understand commands like spit it out, give it to me, come here, or even responding to her name being called. If there’s something she wants or it benefits her then she’ll respond greatly which makes me think she understands, but other than... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 06

    Ask for a hearing test!

  • Anonymous
    Oct 06

    I will look into it, thank you guys!

How to get my son to enjoy food

My son is 20 months and have trisomy21. He only eats purees but sometimes he wont eat at all. What are some ways to get him to eat food. Maybe some tasty recipes. Anything will help

  • Jessica
    Oct 04

    I just copy those recipes from the fun store brand to change it up a bit. (Adding spices, colors, etc)

  • Stephanie
    Oct 07

    Since he’s sensitive to texture how about starting slow with cereal like things: cooked quinoa (high in protein) mixed with peanut butter and banana. Scrambled eggs with tasty cheese? Smoothie with kale, frozen strawberries, yogurt, almond milk. Baked potato with sour cream and cheddar cheese. Does it help if you’re eating the same thing? I know my guy always wants what I’m eating even if it’... More

Sensorineural hearing loss

has anyone had a child that was diagnosed at birth with hearing loss? If so how did you handle it and was your child given hearing aids or anything else to help them hear better. My baby is almost 4 months old and was diagnosed with mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss. He failed the newborn screening 2 times then went to see a specialist and failed the more comprehensive hearing test at... More

  • Heather
    Oct 01

    I’m an audiologist, and I absolutely agree with Jenn. Kids usually do very well with early intervention. Keep talking to him and reading to him. Play music and listening games. Sometimes hearing aids can be a little scary at first with all the new sounds. He will adjust quickly, though, and your audiologist will work with you guys to get the right fit. :) Also ask your audiologist and speech la... More

  • Nancy
    Oct 01

    Thank you I am already in contact with the early learning program that helps children who are hard of hearing or deaf

Swim classes

We are really big on water safety and recently started our 22 month old in swim classes. There’s a lot of singing and nursery rhymes which don’t benefit my kiddo as she’s deaf. She hates going to class. She will arch her back like a gymnast and kick anyone in a 2 foot radius. We used to be able to get about 15-20 minutes through class before she threw a fit but today it was the moment she saw ... More

  • Kellie
    Sep 29

    Does your pool happen to have a splash pad or zero entry? Do you think she just may want to be more independent? We have a one like the one in the photo I’ve attached. It took a few times for him to get used to it but he loves just being able to do his own thing now! I still take it off for a bit every swim because I want him to learn how. I don’t want him to get so comfortable in it that he fo... More

  • Hailey
    Oct 04

    The forum in westland has a great swim class for kids 12 months and up :)

Swimming with ASD

Any parents with kids on the spectrum experience cognitive and/or behavioral benefits after enrolling in swimming classes? Please share observations!

Bumps on head

My baby is 3 weeks old and has all these little bumps on her head. The back of her head is a little red too ( I’m thinking from being warm while she’s sleeping ) has anyone had this happen with their LO before ?

  • Jess
    Oct 03

    My LO had this too, they are so sensitive. I started laying her down only on surfaces that were washed by her baby detergent and that also helped. They grow out of the sensitivity

  • Lonny
    Oct 11

    I used Aveeno baby products, they worked really great with clearing up my daughter's skin. She got the "baby acne" all over her and it helped tremendously.

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Sep 26

8 yr old on lexapro

My son's psychiatrist recommended we start him on lexapro. He is diagnosed with ADHD, but is very irritable and has a lot of trouble with emotional regulation. Anyone have any experience, positive or negative, with a young child on lexapro?

Anyone have a LO with keratosis pilaris??

My 20 month old had keratosis pilaris rubra, aka chicken skin. It’s severe red bumps on her thighs, arms, cheeks and buttocks. It doesn’t bother her too much but it keeps getting worse and more red. I’ve gone the the allergist to verify it is not a food allergy and the dermatologist just for them to recommend the same creams I’ve already tried. (cerave SA, hydrocortisone cream and KP duty) Do... More

  • Caitlin
    Sep 25

    My son has it, he doesn’t have much dairy (some cheese), so I think his is gluten sensitivity. It doesn’t seem to bother him, but I need to change his diet. Chiropractor said that would help

  • Kelly
    Oct 01

    Thanks for the input ladies! I may have to try elimination diet for a short period of time. I just tried sovereign silver gel based on a recommendation from a friend it it brought down the redness significantly!

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