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Every child is unique and exceptional in their own way — and some need exceptional care and nurturing to thrive.

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So I’m wondering what y’all think these bumps are.

My daughter has drool rash and I might have gone a bit overboard with the Aquaphor. I’m thinking they are just clogged pores.

  • Sara
    2h ago

    It doesn’t look too bad in the pic! I would just wash with soap and water then leave exposed to air and see if it improves.

Does anyone have special needs kids

  • Heather
    Apr 05

    I do! My amazing 12 year old son, Gavin, was born with developmental delays (fine & gross motor)/speech delays. He has intellectual disabilities, ADHD, a mild form of autism and an anxiety disorder. His developmental age averages to the equivalent of a 6 yr old, although some skills like self care and self control are more like that of age 2 or 3. It is believed that his disabilities we... More

  • Kaitlyn
    Apr 13

    Yes! But she’s super small at the moment (9 wks 5 adjusted). Baby G has two rare conditions called Fibular Hemimelia and Congenital Short Femur. Basically her bones never developed properly so her thigh is 2 cm short and part of her shinbone is too short to connect to her ankle. We’re thinking if not corrected it’ll be an 8 inch different when she hits puberty. Right now she’s so small to wal... More

Brianna posted in Behavior Mar 25

Waking up angry...

Looking for some helpful tips on how I can help my son sleep better. He is two years old and has always woke up every 45-60 minutes during the night. Most of the time he wakes up screaming, punching, crying, and kicking. I have tried black out curtains, sound machines, night lights, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, music, changing the temperature, heavy blankets, no blankets, no nap during the day, ... More

  • Alena
    Mar 28

    Agree with Andrea, I would rule out seizures first. My ASD kid sleeps 9-10 hours without a single peep, he is 7 now, he slept fairly well when he was 9yo too. Also try melatonin and letting him sleep with you

  • Tiffany

    I know the feeling. This is 10 years of the same with my daughter and we’ve tried everything . Finally getting a sleep study done. GET ONE DONE. Rule out everything. Anxiety is big with kids on the spectrum as well. My child when she was younger had a lot of anxiety. Sounds too. I have a very quiet room.

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Mar 24

ADHD/ADD or just paranoia

So I have a 3 year old who is turning 4 next month. She's been in daycare since she was 2. Her dad has ADHD and I have ADD. I have noticed that when we sit down to do "homework", she still doesn't seem to know her letters struggles to remember the last letter she said. Should I get her checked.

  • Morgan
    Mar 26

    Thats good that u made an appointment with the pediatrician

  • Anonymous
    Mar 26

    Thank you Morgan

Speech and Developmental Delay at 20 months

Hi! My son was just diagnosed with a speech and developmental delay. He is 20 months and only says a few words. He also has a little bit of a developmental delay because he can’t feed himself with a spoon yet, drink from a straw, or drink from an open cup. Does anyone have any experience with this type of delay? How long does it take to catch up? Did they seem to be at the same level as the oth... More

  • Joanna
    Mar 24

    Pediatricians should be giving screenings like the Denver or Ages and Stages Questionnaire. And that's where it seems as simple as, does he have 6 words. When you meet with the speech therapist, physical therapist and/or occupational therapist, they will give an exam and recommend treatment. They look for a lot more than 6 words. Tongue movement, sound formation, pointing, nonverbal communi... More

  • Karla
    Mar 28

    Every child develops differently. You might see a catch up by age 3, if you don’t see any improvements talk to his doctor about getting help. My son had a language and speech delay, and is doing better.

Elissa posted in Big Kids Mar 20

How to help autistic gender exploring tween?

So 8 months ago my 10 year old high functioning Aspergers kid, female by birth, confessed to me that they hate being a girl, dread puberty and want medical intervention to prevent it, and identify as neither male nor female. I am having a hard time understanding them, respecting their non binary wish to be called they and child. They cut their hair boy short, dress like a boy and have expressed... More

  • Maxine
    Apr 14

    I’d be asking where this came from. It’s a trajectory that’s hard to come back from. I have a friend that said he thought he could be gay when he was a kid because of the way another man treated him. He said that he thought maybe the guy saw something “gay” in him that made him doubt his sexuality. I believe the first step is to try and find out if this is the result of something specific. Al... More

Potential ADHD in 3.8 yr old girl

So I’m worried after my preschooler’s parent teacher conference. They said she resists fine motor and greatly struggles with writing her name. They said she often needs redirection in class, has physical boundary issues with met classmates, putting a foot on a kid gently in circle time and tuning out completely when not interested. Then in roof play she follows along initially with play but whe... More

4 year old autistic son and the potty!

I have a 4 year old autistic son and we've tried potty training before and he just played in the toilet! So we had to shut it down and lock all bathrooms for a while! Now I'm trying to start again and he has zero interest in sitting on the potty or his training toilet. He just gets up and runs away. He is also non-verbal so it's even more difficult with him! Anyone with suggestions?... More

  • Khmommiex3
    Mar 16

    Thank you all for the great suggestions! I’m going to try them all. Especially like the one about turning them around and letting them draw or color! Great ideas, going to start today! These are much appreciated!

  • Alena
    Mar 28

    My kid’s favorite thing is his iPad. So we just moved into the bathroom for a while and said he could have only when he was sitting on the toilet, and if he had the job done he could take iPad outside. It was a tremendous help.

Peanut butter

I have not introduced peanut butter to my 14 month old because he’s allergic to eggs and dairy and has really bad dry skin/eczema and I’ve been so worried about trying it. I on the other hand feel horrible because his pediatrician keeps telling me at every appointment to do it. Has anyone else introduced it late and no allergy or am I setting him up for a peanut allergy? Side note, he is breast... More

  • Lara
    Mar 12

    I did the same thing as Julie when my son was 9mos. It definitely put my mind at ease to know I was right there at the pediatrician’s office in case he had a reaction.

  • April
    Mar 14

    I have a baby who started food allergies at 5 months from formula in his rice cereal, I hear your concern. He is anaphylactic to tree nuts, eggs, dairy and has over 5 other sensitives too other food. You can try a spot test where you put the peanut butter on the baby’s skin and cover it and if he gets bumps or angry skin you your know he could have problems. My baby 23 months now if he touches ... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 07

ADHD pre-teen

Well, this is my first post to Winnie. Not sure what to expect but here it goes. I have a 12-yr old daughter who will be entering 7th grade next year. I am utterly terrified. She is bright, funny, sassy and well...she’s all kinds of wonderful but unfortunately she has lots of challenges too. She is severely ADHD and hyperactive beyond belief. This has impacted her grades for years and she rarel... More

  • Diane
    Mar 08

    Trust your gut. From what you posted, I agree that your daughter would benefit from medication and possibly counseling. I don't know about medications specifically and I am not a medical professional but she is old enough to communicate how the meds are affecting her so that should help in finding the correct dosage and type. Find a doctor that has expertise in this field and get her help a... More

  • Keri
    Apr 10

    I kinda giggled at this post because your not alone! My daughter is the same way in some aspects and my mother would say “look in the mirror”!! 😓😓 my daughter has grown up with adults most of her life and only kid time is at school. The kids don’t get her personality and her sense of humor. She is to smart for her own good and talks to others as she was an adult. It’s so frustrating sometimes b... More

Cows milk allergy and sleeplessness?

I found a study that was done in the UK that linked a cows milk allergy to unexplained sleeplessness in babies. I am trying it with my 17 month old to see if it helps because she currently wakes up anywhere from 5-13 times a night. Has anyone had success with this? Any tips on other foods or drinks to use for substitute or to stay away from? Thank you!

  • Angelica
    Feb 25

    My pediatrician said almond milk and soy milk were fine if you want to avoid dairy but that you would need to give your child a vitamin. If you think your child has a dairy allergy, I would talk to your pediatrician. It seems she is waking up a lot for that age. I would also mention how often she is waking up to your pediatrician. Are you going to get her every time she seems to wake up or ma... More

  • Kelly
    Feb 25

    Agree with the above. Doctors can test for food allergies. I wouldn’t eliminate milk w/o some additional testing or a consult with the pediatrician. That is a lot of wake ups for a child that age. Has she always had this issue or is it new? Has anything changed in her sleep environment (new room/new bed/ or has she experienced a significant life change (sibling/school/etc), that could be the ro... More

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Feb 20

Big rash?

I call his doc and explain best I could on this rash. They think it’s his eczema. So they said if it spreads come in if not it’s that. Give him 1.5 Benadryl and rub Vaseline all over him..... idk this seem so much. Has anybody eczema gotten this bad. He’s only 17 months...... it’s also on his chest area.

  • Amy
    Feb 22

    Both my 1 year LO and husband have eczema. I’ve switched to having him use baby versions of lotion since the skin deep rating on ewg.org is 1 or 2. We use aveeno baby for him. For LO, we use cetaphil with calendula throughout the day and Earth mama with lavender at night. We bath her every other day and also use wool dryer balls when drying her clothes. My husband’s eczema flairs up in cold wea... More

  • Amy
    Feb 22

    Our pediatrician also prescribed us triamcinolone acetonide ointment 0.1% which works for our LO.

Nail biting

Y’all I need help. My 3 year old son chews his nails to nothing and then continues to chew the tops of his fingers. His finger tips look like he drug them on pavement, they’re raw and sometimes bleed! He moved to this after chewing his wrists to the point of being bruised. He does have a sensory processing disorder and the dr has said that may be his coping mechanism but he is hurting himself a... More

  • Dani
    Feb 18

    And no he doesn’t have one, but I’ll definitely look into getting him one :)

  • Andrea
    Feb 20

    I found they have necklaces for kids who have this sensory need!!! Different ones/shapes depending on what he chews. Go online and find teething necklaces for kids.

When can you give your kid peanut butter?

  • Sarah
    Feb 17

    Babies should not consume any foods, until at least 6 months (their guts are literally not ready to handle foods until 6 mos), after that they can eat whatever you eat. Check out Baby Led Weaning, the best thing ever!!

  • Jenn
    Feb 21

    ASAP. I waited until her 9mo visit and did it an hour before the appt in case of a reaction. Pediatrician said any reaction will happen within 2 hours of eating.

2 year old allergic to dairy

My almost 2 year old has a milk protein allergy. We have been giving him a hypoallergenic formula since I stopped breastfeeding when he turned 1. We want to switch him to another milk. We tried hemp milk but he wouldn’t drink it. He can’t do any nut milk since he’s allergic to nuts. He’s also slightly allergic to peas so i don’t want to do Ripple. What do you think the healthiest Milk alternati... More

  • B
    Feb 11

    Oops. Sorry. My allergist gives us advice on what do give. Can you do soy? Or...why do a milk substitute at all?

  • Amanda
    Feb 13

    My son has a soy intolerance and a tree nut allergy and my husband has a milk protein allergy. We use oat milk a lot in our house. Both hubby and tot prefer Oatly original brand to silk. I mostly use it to make dishes like stroganoff and Alfredo that typically have a dairy factor or when they want cereal. I'm not sure it's 100% best alternative but it works for my family.

Brynne posted in Behavior Jan 31

I have an 8 year old daughter. Who doesn’t listen well.

My daughter who is 8 has A.D.D. She is not listening to me when I need her to do something. (Like clean her room, or she can’t sleep in her sisters bed etc...) she sometimes also has outbursts when she doesn’t get her way and tends to do what she wants while being upset. I would like to have some tips and tricks for listening. Also if you have tips and tricks to calm her down. Would be greatly ... More

  • Looloo
    Feb 08

    Well from what I read it’s normal for children to not listen during that age. I went through it too. Now that my daughter is 10 she is a lot better at completing tasks. You have to first make sure they know how to do the task. Do it with them . And then also need to discipline. If they don’t want to do the chore take away their favorite thing and don’t feel bad and next time she will know you a... More

  • Elizabeth
    Feb 10

    What I do with my step son is make eye contact with him and say it slowly and calmly. As well as getting him in the kitchen with me and giving him easy praise tasks and when his hands are moving and youre calmly telling him what to do, and slipping in questions about his day, are much simpler than anything else I’ve tried.


My son has been having hives for 4 days now. I can’t seem to figure out why he’s getting them. Has never had an allergic reaction before. They come and go in different areas of the body. I feel like I just look at him and he gets them. He’s being really sensitive, any tips to help treat them?? He is taking Benadryl.

  • Stacey
    Feb 01

    Does he have eczema? The cold, dry air really effects my daughter’s skin and she’ll get random hives that are very itchy, especially at night. The itchiness usually starts first then the hives come. Zyrtec is what we give her (dr recommended) and it usually gives relief within 20 minutes.

  • Jessica
    Feb 01

    Thank you everyone I will look into Zyrtec .... yesterday he was really bad , I just don’t understand what is causing it and why they don’t go away

Toddler has ezcema on her cheeks, anybody else? How do u treat it?

She also gets mrsa recurrent infections in summer especially but cold weather seems to make ezcema worse too. How do you deal with that? Dr didnt seem concerned about the ezcema part but i now can see it is all related. We do bleach baths twice a week and take probiotics. Her infections have stopped since then but ezcema flare ups on her cheeks are ln the rise now.

  • Courtney
    Jan 30

    My 15 month old has eczema and we were using a cream we got prescribed. It was doing the trick until the cold reeeeally set in in New England. Doc suggested Vaseline so we’ll see 🤷🏼‍♀️ good luck!

  • Alexza
    Jan 31

    My daughter who is now 5 years old has severe eczema every since she was a baby. The daughter would prescribe an ointment whenever she has a “flare up”. But once it goes away, or its winter here in the north we put Vaseline and lotion. I use Vermont Original Bag Balm and Cerave Baby Moisturizing lotion. Her dermatologist recommend Cerave baby and as for the Vaseline I did some research and s... More

Early steps

Hi! My son just got referred to early steps for a speech evaluation. He is 18 months now. I am just wondering what is involved with this program? Does anyone have any recommendations for a late talker before I get to my first apt in April?

  • Momof1
    Jan 30

    Gabriela, how did your apt go?

  • Gabriela
    Feb 01

    Well they said he was fine in everything else except for the talking/communication part and they are gonna sent someone to our house to teach him and help him develop his vocabulary more

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Jan 25

I need reassurance and you tell me what you think??

So my in laws have been watching my LO for a couple of days and they seem to think my son has autism/some type of eating disorder. He doesn’t like eating solids, and he’s really picky with what he eats but he does love sweets 🤦‍♀️ because of his dad. (We still encourage him at home to eat solids/healthy food etc.) he loves those pouches that are like purée foods (apple sauce pouches) etc. so he... More

  • Julie
    Feb 19

    Unless your in laws are your child’s pediatrician, they simply have no idea what they’re talking about. If you take your child to their regular dr visits and discuss concerns with them, their pediatrician should be able to evaluate and quickly diagnose or refer you. Just discuss with your pediatrician and tell the in laws to shut up or not expect any alone time with your child anymore. BTW wha... More

  • Lynn
    Feb 19

    You can also consult with a a neuropsychological clinic. They specialize in evaluating IQ, autism, spectrum, add, learning disabilities. There should be some in your area. I emailed several clinics and started conversations about my concerns about my kid, requested quotes (it’s not cheap), and they did a comprehensive IQ evaluation with her. We called it special game day. Also, if your pediatri... More

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