Special Needs Children

Every child is unique and exceptional in their own way — and some need exceptional care and nurturing to thrive.

Ask questions and share support with parents raising children who have special needs, including autism, developmental delays, physical limitations and more.

What is this on my baby's leg

My baby's leg has this can someone please help me we ask pediatrician she says its eczema and it goes away but I am worried

  • Jess
    1h ago

    It does look like eczema. Just moisturize the baby every time you change the diaper. Use a cream or ointment and stay away from pump bottles and fragrances.The baby will be fine.

Getting 2 year old to talk

I have a two year old who does not speak yet he doesn’t say mama or dada he literally just grunts and does baby talk. He listens fine so I know he doesn’t have a hearing problem. He doesn’t have a tongue tie either. The doctors say he could be autistic and I don’t care if he is I just want him to speak. So my question is does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to talk? Thank you in a... More

  • Jada

    Thank you so much for the advice his doctor set him up to get evaluated and to see a speech therapist and audiologist

  • Mandy

    My 2 yr 2 month old doesn’t either. I started him in Early Learning Head Start Home base 2 months ago. He’s done wonders since. The teacher is not concerned about this. However he did fail his vision and hearing test. Waiting to get him in for further testing just to be sure. Your son may talk when he’s ready. Wouldn’t be too concerned yet. It’s ok and Natural For some children to talk later th... More

Yay! No allergy!

My husband introduced peanut butter to our 10mo daughter and we’re happy to share that she didn’t have an allergic reaction! 🧡🥜

  • Jennifer

    Yayy! Congratulations to that! 😊

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Aug 10

Treatment for skin rash

My baby has this rash on cheeks since 2weeks. The skin feels rough. I don't apply anything to it. Wash his face after feeding. But this rash kinda of thing is not going away or no improvement at all. Should I show him to the doctor? Or any trick to resolve this problem.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Aug 02

Pampers Baby-Dry Rash?

I recently (by mistake) bought a box of newborn Pampers Baby-Dry diapers instead of the ones I usually use, Pampers Swaddlers. However I noticed a really bad rash all around baby’s groin and buttocks as well. He was crying in pain but immediately after I switched to Huggies and gave him Desitin Rash Cream it gave him relief and the rash went away quickly (a few days). Has anyone else had this p... More

  • Marsha
    Aug 03

    I use cloth diapers to avoid issues with sensitivities to ingredients/chemicals in diapers.

  • Kelley
    Aug 05

    It might be the wipes. My daughter is sensitive to anything but water wipes. Pampers "aqua pure" works well and is cheaper than water wipes brand.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Aug 02

Our child was diagnosed with FPIES.

It’s very rare. Wondering if there’s some one on here that child has the same condition. Ours is to oat. What foods have you feed your child. Everything we’ve been reading says you should slowly interface new foods to them. Just trying to get ideas.

  • Marie
    Aug 03

    I would guess there is a facebook group for FPIES and Breastfeed baby with FPIES. I had one while breastfeeding my diary intolerant daughter. It was good to know that I was not alone, to share support, advice and recipe.

  • Andrea
    Aug 04

    When my son was 5 months old we tried cereal in his bottle a couple times. After each time of doing it he would vomit everything in his stomach up, and we even spent a few days in the hospital trying to figure out what was going on. We thought he was having seizures because of how he would act after throwing up, but of course he was just acting that way (very wore out and zoned out) because thr... More

My 4 mth baby now constantly rubs her eyes while nursing now?

Any ideas why? It’s not just cause she’s tired or waking up.. she also does it sometimes throughout the day. Allergies? I asked my ped about it and she was just like oh weird🤷🏼‍♀️ but I have to constantly pin her arms down and wrestle her Hope she’ll grow out of it soon

  • Carly
    Jul 30

    She my have a clogged tear duct. Try a warm wash cloth, gentle rub from the inside corner of her eye, down u der her eye to the outside corner. When my son had a clogged tear duct he rubbed his eyes constantly, and this helped

  • Sue
    Jul 30

    Mine would do this too around the same age. I finally figured out that giving her a paci to hold onto keeps her hand occupied so she can relax on the breast.

To fellow parents of children with a speech delay, Public vs. Private ?

My Daughters pediatrician always talks about the great things they do for speech delays in public school. My 3 Year old has already been to private pre k and I plan on sending her there again, I just want a second opinion.

  • San
    Jul 30

    Well it depends on the child

  • Elizabeth
    Aug 02

    My son has a significant speech delay and public school has been beyond fantastic and doing everything possible to help him

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Jul 26

Non-Dairy Formula?

My baby is 9 months old and I need to start supplementing breast milk with baby formula (I plan on using both). My baby has difficulties with dairy, can anyone recommend a good non-dairy formula for us to try? Thanks!

  • Juliet
    Jul 27

    I highly recommend Baby’s Only! They have a lactose free formula that we used for our daughter called LactoRelief. It’s also organic, non-gmo and gluten-free, with DHA & ARA. Our pediatrician recommended it and I’m so happy he did because she is definitely thriving. :)

  • Anonymous
    Jul 29

    Thank you! I think I'm going to try that. :)


Is vaseline ok to put on eczema?

  • Sophia
    Jul 26

    Yes. Vaseline is perfect. It’s pretty much the Same as aquaphor

  • Cheli
    Jul 29

    We use Dream Cream and Oaty Creamy Dreamy from Lush Cosmetics and my son hardly ever has a flare up anymore. And no more dry patches from his Eczema

PECS book

I am looking for suggestions on a backpack that is big enough to carry my son’s PECS book when we leave the house. He is mostly non-verbal and relies on it to communicate his needs. We have a strap attached to it but it’s not realistic to expect a 3y/o to hold onto it while we are out. He does not like it on his shoulder or cross body style. He has a couple of backpacks from the SkipHop col... More

Sudden onset allergy

I am 3 months PP and suddenly started to develop an allergy. I notice it after I eat a meal. My symptoms will vary from slightly itchy skin to extreme hives on my face, neck and upper chest area. I think it may be an allergy to wheat or possibly gluten. Has anyone else experinced this? If so is there anything that seemed to help? Thanks


We recently found out that our 4 yr old shows several key markers for autism and needs to be tested. His older sister is 7 and constantly messes with him and makes him break down and cry. How do you explain it to an older sibling so that they understand?

  • Jordyn
    Aug 01

    If they are young enough you just need to explain that they're actions aren't exceptable. She can see That she is causing him to become upset and that's not okay, even if he gets upset easier. Explain that you have to work with people and that you have to communicate and work through things.

  • Vonne
    Aug 11

    Hi Scarlett, sorry you have to go through this tough situation. I’m a behavioral therapist for kids with autism. I’ve worked with families who has been stuck in this situation. You can always start off by telling the sister that because he’s younger than her it’s taking him some time to learn things. Maybe even suggest that she help him! Everyone learns at a different pace.


so we just found out from the pediatrician today that my 4 yr old stepson shows many signs of autism and has suggested further testing. He also said that we may want to look into a special needs school as opposed to mainsteam public school. Has anyone else used a special school vs a public school?

  • Margaret
    Jul 11

    Good luck. It can be really hard to get the help you need. I’m lucky living in California that we have a regional center to help families and individuals with developmental delays and other handicaps. Some states don’t see the value in them :(

  • Scarlett
    Jul 11

    I am from GA and we have great schools there but I moved to Alabama and this school system is just terrible

XXX Syndrome toddler behind on speech

Does anyone have a daughter with XXX Syndrome? Have you found that she’s behind in speech at all? I know they’re all different, I just feel like my daughter is so behind where my other kids were. She’ll be 2 in a few weeks, is very smart, communicates AMAZINGLY everything she wants to get across, but says maybe 15 words total—and not often. 😞 Do you think speech therapy is more necessary for X... More

  • Joana
    Jul 09

    Yes very truth the program Early Intervention is awesome!!! My son was 18 months and he only said 5 words. Now that my lil one is 2 1/2 he knows so much. He knows all his animals ,all his colors, all his body parts ,his ABC's in Spanish and English.

  • Andrea
    Jul 09

    I can’t speak for XXX in particular, but my son didn’t say a whole lot until after his 2nd birthday. About 2 months into 2, his vocabulary exploded! Some combination of age and being around slightly older kids, and he just blossomed seemingly overnight. I would say he maybe had 20 or 25 words before that. All that to say that it might just completely normal. But if you’re worried and you have t... More

Minimizing Heat Rash?

My 5 month old (who also has suffered from baby eczema) very easily gets heat rashes. Any tips to minimize it happening when out and about?

  • Mommom
    Jul 08

    I used loose clothing and make sure it’s dry when they sweat change them. And baby powder areas that the rash occurs most frequently

  • Evie
    Jul 09

    My 10 month-old is the same. Baby eczema behind knees and frequent heat rash. For the eczema, I use aquaphor or baby powder (talc-free powder!! I buy Johnson’s corn starch baby powder). I Bathe her every night, no lotion as it blocks her pores, sleeps with ceiling fan because we don’t have a/c, only sleeps in a onesie to keep her skin cool.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Jul 08

High functioning Autism / Aspergers in girls

Anyone have a daughter diagnosed with High functioning Autism? What did/does it look like for your daughter?

  • Taylor
    Jul 08


  • Gwenneth
    Jul 12

    I have 3 daughters (ages 6,4,3)who were all diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and we have our good and bad days but with reading, research, and different resources you should be able to understand more

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Jul 02

Just found out my 1yr old is allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. What foods can she eat?

  • Vee
    Jul 02

    I'm pretty sure that there is a vegan section in most stores out there. Almond milk is awesome (sweetened) Also, theres egg alternatives out there, more so in liquid form though, for scrambled and for cooking. Theres vegan options for a variety of foods, desserts and drinks. Costs a little extra, but makes it so theres more options out there...

  • Anonymous
    Jul 03

    My nephew has those same allergies plus tree nuts. It does seem over whelming at first but as you learn more of what your child can have it gets easier and there are probably lots of things you currently eat that are safe. While going for vegan stuff is great, things that are labeled as vegan are normally way more money than products that just happen to be egg, and dairy free, and vegan won'... More

Do any parents in here have a child with SPD? Looking to connect :)

  • Wintyr
    Jun 26

    Oh that's too funny my daughter's name is Charlotte

  • Willow
    Jun 26

    Haha - my family is from Charlotte 😂

6month old has chronic hives for past two days

Yesterday my 6 month old woke up with hives on her arm that went away and came back into her thighs and went away to come back on her hands back etc. I already was taking her for her wellness exam and shots. The only new food introduced was carrots and the day of the hives she did not have any. Two days prior she did. The doctor told me to give her Benadryl and hold off on carrots and reintrodu... More

  • Andrea
    Jun 20

    I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but just in case - have you recently started using a different kind of soap, lotion, shampoo, or laundry detergent for either you or the baby?

  • Dana
    Jun 20

    Andrea I have thought of that also considered what I ate. Didn’t switch anything or eat anything out of my norm. I’ve been reading that sometimes babies get hives went having a virus. Although she doesn’t show signs of a virus I do breastfeed and I know your milk changes to help them when they are sick. Maybe it’s the only sign of illness? She did have a fever tonight but she also got shots yes... More

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