Whether your child is just starting to walk or deep into the terrible twos, parents of toddlers can all agree that parenting just got a lot more interesting — and fun.

Discuss and share advice on all things toddler like potty training, language development, and dealing with all kinds of new behaviors.

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development 34m ago

Is regression common for a 18 month old?

My son responded by saying 'papa' while I taught him Johnny Johnny Rhyme; when he was around 17 month old. He did on that day alone and he did respond after few weeks but only once. He now listens and claps at the end of rhyme but doesn't say 'papa'. He is now 19 months old. He understands only a few directions or commands. We are worried about his communication development.... More

How to dress my daughter to day care (cold days)?

Hi everyone, sorry if this is a stupid question for many of you ☺️. We have recently moved to the US coming from Brazil and I am struggling to better dress my two and half year old daughter properly to day care. Lowest temperatures in Brazil are like 50F... little diferente from here. Kkkkkk It’s 31F, I know that kids go play outside, but heat is already on. Put some tights, pants, socks... Is... More

  • Julie
    1h ago

    We have the same problem, I dress her with the assumption that she will spend most of her day inside (especially on colder days) and send in layers for them to add a sweatshirt under her coat for when she goes outside.

  • Kaitlyn
    27m ago

    Dress in layers! They may be hot if they’re inside and running around, but could be freezing outside.

Wondering for future reference.

What milestones are best to be accomplished before the potty traoning adventure begins? I know my son is only 6 months but hes very curious and active, and he has been very intuitive whenever he catches someone heading to the bathroom, and he's interested in the toilet whenever he is in the bathroom, I think he sees us sitting on it when he is in the tub and wants to know what kind of chai... More

  • Anonymous
    1h ago

    Personally, I needed my kids to be walking and communicating (can hold conversation with us). My oldest could do these at 18months but we didn’t potty train until 2; he showed “interest” in potty younger like your LO, but I think he was just curious Lol. All in all, you just have to know your kid. Some are ready at 18 months and others not until after 2 (though I was NOT gonna have a non potty ... More

Anonymous posted in Potty Training 7h ago

4yr old needs to fully potty train...

A- I have been having a hard time getting my son to fully potty train and wear undies. Our issues are: 1. Pooping in the toilet or potty 2. Wearing undies 3. Going to the restroom in public He refuses to wear underwear even after i let him choose The Incredibles underwear. My husband has also showed him that he wear underwear too and he should wear some too because he is a big boy. For the m... More

How to Weening 2 1/2 yr old off the bottle during the night and naps?

  • Kaitlyn
    3h ago

    The only thing is, he has a tremendous melt down if it’s not milk,. I have even tried cutting it in half and he throws it down

  • Debora
    1h ago

    I had a hard time doing that, as well. My daughter was used to falling asleep after taking a bottle of formula. And then took 1 or 2 in the middle of the night. Awful! Her pediatrician advised me to change the routine and suspend the initial bottle of formula (she told me that my daughter was creating an image that she could only sleep after having the formula). It was like a miracle! First day... More

dinner ideas tips for 15 month old who throws everything!

so he eats well in morning but its sweet stuff like oatmeal and French toast. but at dinner after getting him from day care my son not interested in eating. hes hungry but will throw food and its driving me bananas. any tips on helping him eat better before bed? if doesnt eat well he wakes for milk at night. advice please

  • Yanis
    24m ago

    Have you heard of something called love it, like it, learning it? Maybe that can help? How old is your son? My daughter is 17 months and gets bored of the same thing, and refuses to eat if she’s bored of the dish I made.

  • Kristen
    21m ago

    I will look into that. he is 15 months and yes it seems at times he is bored but will eat same thing for days in a row no problem then just stop! its crazy

My 17 month old chews up her food and spits it out. Does anyone have any idea why or what to do?

I know she doesn’t mind the taste because she’ll put the food in her mouth, if she doesn’t like something she won’t eat it at all.

  • Emily

    My daughter would do this with every bite! Drove me nuts so every time She did it I’d take the plate away. And put her in the corner and tell her food is for eating. Then sit her back down and this was trend for a little while. She got it though I think it was like the fifth meal she started swallowing her food! It was such a relief it never feels okay when your kid won’t eat. I also found that... More

Terrible Ones?

Lately, my 13 month old has been fighting me on everything and just gets upset about so many things. I feel like I don’t know what she wants/needs and I can’t seem to keep her happy or entertained. . .my patience is wearing thin. Any advice?

  • Yanis

    My daughter acts similarly whenever a new tooth is coming out.

  • PK

    The diaper change thing I heard people say that it’s because they’re not in control. My son is 21 months and still does that on occasion. I have a lot of random stuff where I change his diaper (small bottles of lotion, my hair clip, a spinning light up toy, plastic wrappers, some of his small toys) to appease him while I take care of his diaper. Most times it helps him calm down and stay still.... More

I need NON DIARY breakfast meals for a 2 years old toddler! She has a milk allergy! Please help!

  • Sam

    Kite Hill makes yogurt tubes for one the go! It’s almond milk base

  • Erin

    Avocado and bacon

My Daughter Wants More Friends

So my daughter told me she wants more friends but I don't know how to go about this? She's 2 as well so not many of my mom friends have kids her age. What do I do? Plus all I do is work so its hard to get out sometimes.

  • Birdie

    Of course she doesn’t fully understand now but they understand a lot more than you realize.

  • Katherine
    25m ago

    My son is way more social than me. So, if I take him to an event geared for toddlers, he seems happy.

Izabela posted in Sleep Wednesday

At my ends HELP!!!

Alright so I have posted on here before about my 13 month old sons and his sleeping. Well it’s worse now for a week. He takes a nap at 12:30-3pm. And does not go to sleep till 9-9:15. And wakes up at 2:30am and will not go back to sleep. I find this insane because he won’t sleep till 12-12:30pm for his nap. Is there a solution to this or do I have a child that hates sleep? Anything we can do? ... More

  • Izabela

    @April so don’t let him sleep longer then 2pm?? But He sometimes like from loud noise gets woken up and he is horrible I mean like cranky and I know that will be hardy

  • April
    3h ago

    I have to get my lo up after 2 hours or he won’t be asleep until 10 and won’t stay asleep. I’d try feeding him heavier food at night first though. Something that takes a long time to digest so that his system has something to focus on in the middle of the night.

Cookbook recommendations?

I’m gonna cut down my 14 months old baby girls milk bottles to twice a day. She doesn’t really eat much solid foods, I want her to start eating but before I do it I want to be prepared and be consistent on giving her solid foods and I want to make sure that it taste good. I don’t have time to google her every meal. Any recommendations mommies? Thanks in advance! 😉

  • Cary

    Start with veggies!!!

  • Aylin

    I have the “big book of organic baby food”. I also have the baby bullet which came with some recipes inside

Hey. I'm new here. I am looking for advise on ways to help my baby stop breast feeding. Any help?

14 month old baby boy is still breast feeding but also eating everything we eat. He loves to snack!! Very healthy and happy.

  • Brittany

    With my first one it was easy I just weened him completely off day feeding and he was fine than after two weeks stopped night feedings and he was fine with it. My second was younger and had a harder time I tried slowly weening but just seemed like he was eating more instead so I had to cold turkey him it was hard but after a few weeks he got there. You’ll definitely have some sleepless nights w... More

  • Brittany

    Oh I should mention I did switch them to milk and offered bottles my youngest didn’t want anything to do with it so it was hard but eventually he realized I wasn’t going to feed him the breast.

Tips on getting an almost 1.5 year old to eat veggies?? I have to hide them in a starchy food!

  • Ivy

    I always go the smoothie or juiced route. I try not to worry about my boys not eating cooked veggies, cause one just won't eat them on his plate, and the other will only eat them when they're cooked very soft. At that point, the nutrients are mostly gone. So I either juice the veggies with fruit, or make smoothies. Sometimes I do both, I use the juice to blend together frozen fruit and ... More

  • Alexandra

    Avocado spread on toast with breakfast. Spinach ravioli and squash or sweet potato yam ravioli. Sides like broccoli with melted cheese.


Anyone have any advice on bottles for breastfed babies ?

Micaela posted in Sleep Tuesday

Hi everyone! What tips can you give on getting 22 month old to sleep all night in her own bed??

  • Aneesh

    Buy him a bed which has designs of his favorite characters, lots of those are available in amazon and target.

  • Avis

    Man I still struggle with this one😫 At one point I got my 2 yr old to sleep in her bed establishing a constant routine Bath, story(sometimes 2) song and I would sit in the middle of the floor no talking until she went to sleep until she was secure enough to sleep on her own. Then I would say goodnight and tell her I would check in on her. It was hard and took a few weeks but it worked 🤗 Hope t... More

Yarlin posted in Behavior Tuesday

Separation anxiety 2 year old

My 2 year old boy won’t let me go anywhere without him I could walk 2 feet away from him and he starts crying and just wants to be with me. Even if he stays with grandma or daddy. He wasn’t like this before until after he turn 2. Is this a stage ? How can i handle it? I mean I’m okay with it i know he’ll outgrow it but i just want to know if there’s ways to handle it since I’m going back to wor... More

  • Abigail

    Do you leave without saying goodbye or sneak out? I made that mistake with my first since it felt easier to get out to do things. Bad idea. I started to then telling him i will be back because im going to the Dr or grocery store and dad or gradma were going to be there and play with him. I felt that worked also doing short trips like taking the trash out and telling him ill be right back so he ... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Tuesday

Baby Led Weaning

Our little just turned 7 months. We've toyed around with baby led weaning some, but she is just now getting to where she is actually eating what's on her tray. Before she was just kind of mushing it up and exploring with it. What kind of food are some good starting points? We started with brocolli and bananas already but want to branch out some now.

  • Anonymous

    Be careful with peanuts or anything like that. Although, some say if you expose them early they are less likely to develop an allergy, but if you expose them too early and they already have the allergy, CPR is way harder to preform on an infant than a toddler. Obviously you as a parent knows what’s best for your children. Just something to think about!

  • Lisa

    They now say you should introduce allergic foods before 6 months. So I made sure my daughter had peanut butter, peaches and such before she was 6 months old.

Anyone tried cleaning kids earwax by dissolving with few drops of hydrogen peroxide?

I'm trying to clean this big wad of earwax is my daughters ear and Googled online natural ways to clean ear, and most of online searches says to add few drops of hydrogen peroxide to dissolve. Anyone tried that? Or how do you clean baby/toddlers ear wax?

  • Ivy

    I have used it in my son's ears. His earwax clogs up his ears terribly, to the point where a doctor cannot look inside at the ear drum. I make a warm rinse with peroxid, olive oil, and water. Use a syringe, and spray into his ears, angling the water stream at the wall of the canal and not directly down the hole. I get out giant wads of hard ear wax every time. Earwax is generally healthy, b... More

  • Tomasa

    The pediatrician prescribed Debrox for my son

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