Whether your child is just starting to walk or deep into the terrible twos, parents of toddlers can all agree that parenting just got a lot more interesting — and fun.

Discuss and share advice on all things toddler like potty training, language development, and dealing with all kinds of new behaviors.

Anonymous posted in Diapering Thursday

deals on diapers?

I’m a soon to be mom and figured I should be stocking up on diapers. I’ve read about these really savvy moms that clips coupons, search for sales and end up getting great prices on them. I lack such saviness so I’m trying to see where I could go to save money. I used pampers at first and the target brand when my first born was older. Pampers can get pricey but target, at the time, wasn’t cuttin... More

  • Jackie
    4h ago

    We buy from BJs (wholesale) when they have $4off coupons.. we have family that also has memberships for there so they give us their coupons too and we buy 2-3 boxes at a time.

  • Aye
    4h ago

    Sam’s club for us, works great and we get the wipes from them too.

Lindsay posted in Sleep Thursday

Suggestions for juggling the morning nap

Does anyone have suggestions for getting the morning nap in for my 9 month old? I am currently juggling a 2 year old, a 9 month old (who hates all sleep) and have to take the kids to childcare for work for a few hours each day. Feeling like if I could provide some consistency with naps that we might have a better sleeper. What have you done?

Contigo water bottle recall

My kids exclusively use this water bottle and I just saw 5.7 million have been recalled! Favorite kids water bottle alternatives that are also not plastic?

Sleep regression

I need advice about my 18 month old’s sleep regression and using the Ferber Method. We’ve used it for his sleep training in the past, and it’s become very difficult. Has anyone dealt with a toddler that cries for hours before going to sleep? HELP

  • Anonymous

    When ever I think my son is in a regression, really, I have to step back and look at his schedule. Is his nap too long? Nap too short? Push bedtime back to ensure he’s tired enough? Did he burn enough energy (ie playing outside)? If I see all of these things add up fine then I definitely consider pain- especially with crying/screaming and laying down. Usually an ear infection or even teething... More

Anonymous posted in Family Life Wednesday

Room share toddler & infant?

Our almost 6 week old baby has just started sleeping large chunks (roughly 5-7 hrs from start of final evening feed to “middle-of-the-night feed). We only have enough room to have our 21 month old and baby share. Is this a good enough stretch or should we wait a bit longer? Baby currently sleeps in a pack n play in our room, but we have a mini crib already set up with the toddler bed (it’s j... More

  • Kieli

    I would wait. My second daughter was doing the same thing for a while, sleeping almost all night! Then went through a horrible sleep regression and woke up every hour for at least a month straight. I did move her into her sisters room about a month ago, and she is doing great again. Waking 1-2 times a night

  • Rebecca

    Try it for a night or two. We had a similar situation. A lot of nights the toddler slept through the baby waking. We also used white noise all the time. Helps reduce waking up. I put the baby down first. Read stories to the older in our room. Then put toddler down only tucking her in in tree dark. If they have to get use to sleeping in the same room I would start earlier. So it becomes normal.

Suggestions for celebrating black history month?

February is black history month and I've been slacking. My older daughter has been learning about some famous African Americans in preschool but I want to do more at home too. Ideas for books or activities that are good for a 4.5 and almost 2 year old?

I’m having trouble potty training My 4 yard old son

I put him on the toilet every hour he will go but then after four hours he will not go anymore and he will not poop on the toilet And he will not sit on the toilet for five minutes only sit on they for a second and then wants off I don’t know what to do What should I do

  • Donelle

    I’m having that problem right now with my 3 year old but I didn’t start out with the hour I started with every tens minutes. The only really mine is so off track is cause not everyone does it how I do it.

  • Julie

    I had my 2 year old son not wear anything just a T-shirt showed him to pee and poop in this Potty chair At first he didn’t get it, he peed on himself and he didn’t like it and I guess he figured it out to like sit down and he got it. I gave him an M&Ms whenever he peed or pooped to give him a treat/ reward and he got the hang of it. But every child is different and it takes time.

What's your typical lunch menu? Would love to hear some ideas :)

  • Sara

    Usually a sandwich for the main course (sunbutter and jelly because my daughter’s preschool is nut-free or turkey), fruit or applesauce packet, and sometimes a veggie like sliced carrot. When we are at home we do a lot of chicken nuggets or pasta (mac n cheese, tortellini, plain pasta with butter) + cooked veggie for lunch. Or other times whatever we had for dinner the night before 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Leslie C.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Thursday

    Pinterest has tons of ideas for toddlers, if that's what your looking for... Pepperoni slices, cheese slices, cut up cooked chicken, cooked broccoli, carrot sticks, cut up fruit, mixed veggies, yogurt, spiral wraps, cheese quesadillas,....the list goes on & on!

Flu fatigue

My toddler, 3 has the flu, found out on Monday so he’s been sick since Saturday afternoon. His fever has gone and seems fine but he is so tired all the time. He has been sleeping so much and lying around. Does anyone with having experienced this know when my little man will have his energy back? I hate he’s not himself!

  • Kieli
    Feb 13

    This last October my daughter got a real bad stomach bug. She didn’t fully get back to herself for almost a month. Took her to the dr after a week and a half and they told me they couldn’t do much for her. But you should definitely take him in if you think you need to, you know your son better than anybody else! It is the worst feeling when your LO is suffering and you can’t take that suffering... More

  • Miranda

    I am so glad my 4 year old isn't the only one. It seemed as if he had gotten better because the fever broke but sure enough the school called me to get him because he was laying around and a bit lethargic. This started last over a week ago Friday and he is just regaining strength and energy back. The Dr. said it was either the flu or stomach flu. Fever, congestion and vomiting at diffe... More

Trouble pooping

My 1 y/o son is having trouble pooping and when he does we have to push it out for him. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

  • Jacqui

    My kid had the same problem. It ended up being powder formula. I switched to liquid and things changed immediately. In the meantime you can buy over-the-counter suppositories that work great and provide immediate relief

  • Dayna
    check_circleChild Care Provider Wednesday

    Try lavender on his tummy right at the bottom of it rub it in and wait about 20 min use a good brand from the vitamin store or Doterra has a nice roll on you can buy on amazon DO NOT USE something that is meant for a diffuser like from Walmart that is not meant to put on your skin.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Feb 10

2 year old not listening to mom

I’m about to rip my hair straight out my head!!! My 27 month old listens to everyone but me. He will let anyone but me change his diaper and dress him. I get a tantrum and literally have to hold him down to get anything done. At first I thought Maybe I was hurting him but I’ve watched my husband do both and it’s no different than I do. He cuddles with me and likes me(lol) so I’m wondering if it... More

  • Anonymous

    Thanks anonymous mom for the informative response. It helps a lot.

  • Tumurkhuyag

    Good advice

Christy posted in Sleep Feb 09

Bedtime Routines

I always had a bedtime routine from the time my daughter was 7 months old and up until she was 2 years old. The routine stopped because she refused to be read or sung to like we usually had done. The previous nighttime routine was this: Dinner (6pm), bath (7pm), brush teeth/hair (7:30pm), read a book and sing (7:35 - 8pm), bedtime/sleep (8pm). After she turned 2, she decided she didn't wan... More

  • PK
    Feb 10

    We have the iBaby monitor. It’s one that connects with WiFi and you use an app through your phone to access the features. I know there’s safety concerns with WiFi monitors but this one was gifted to us so 🤷🏻‍♀️ and it’s been working well

  • PK
    Feb 10

    And that sleep schedule sounds very close to ours.

Potty training nightmare

My one year has no problem sitting on the toilet and going potty, my almost 2 year old however refuses to sit on it and screams/kicks/cries/and makes her leg stiff straight. I don’t know what to do, she doesn’t like diapers much anymore and comes asks for a change when she done pooping/peeing. Any recommendations?

  • Destin
    Feb 10

    Your one year old is potty trained? Wow!!

  • Yuyuita
    Feb 11

    My daughter was the same she refused to sit on the potty, she cried and didn’t even try to sit on it, until I gave her a tiny chocolate every time she would pee in the potty, it’s been a month since then and she is being doing great, in the first weeks she few accidents, now she only wears a diaper when we go out, she even wakes up at night to tell me she need to use the potty i was afraid to d... More

My two year old just figured out how to open doors and now won't stay in her room at night/for naps.

My toddler has always been an excellent (though light) sleeper. No problem self-soothing, etc... However she recently learned how to open doors and has been coming out of her room multiple times when she is supposed to be sleeping. We have an ok-to-wake clock and she does seem to understand the concept but either stays awake staring at it waiting for it to change or totally disregards it. We al... More

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 10

    A baby gate or one of those door handle safety covers that make it hard for them to open should be okay. It’s so hard when they start opening doors, what’s next!? Lol. Also, I’m sure you’ve already done so but make sure all your doors that go outside have a lock that’s too high to reach on them....when my daughter learned to open our doors to the outside I was so scared! We got safety locks... More

  • Leslie C.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 12

    My Granddaughter was doing the same thing, so what worked for my daughter was that she turned the door knob around with the lock on the outside, and locked it from the outside. That way my granddaughter could not get out! It worked!

Mrs. HHH posted in Clothes Feb 07

Best slip on shoe for toddlers/preschoolers?

Is there something you like similar to Crocs or Natives for kids shoes? My son hates putting on shoes with Velcro He prefers to slip his foot into something. Prefer no heel or low heel. Not flip flop

  • T
    Feb 09

    Get a pair of Hickies no tie shoe laces and any shoe can potentially become a slip on shoe. They come in all different colors and that way you’re not stuck having to rely on a pair or two of shoes.

  • Anonymous

    We ve gotten the Target brand version of Crocs and they were cheaper and great! We also have some New Balance sneakers that just have elastic in the front instead of shoelaces. Both my kids love them, they seem comfortable and easy for a toddler get on and off themselves.

Deciding on the right type of childcare for your family

How were you able to decide which type of childcare was right for you? There seem to be so many choices, from private nannies to nanny shares to in-home daycares to daycare centers to co-working spaces that have childcare. What factors did your family take into consideration when deciding on the type of childcare to choose?

  • Laura
    Feb 07

    Logistics of travel was my main criteria. We only considered daycares near my work or near our home. Also logistics and guarantee of a spot. With the big institutional daycares near my work, as long as you signed up a year in advance, you'd get a spot. Nanny shares tend to come together last minute, require more legwork to find another family and a nanny you like, and all that sounded stre... More

  • William Hopson
    Feb 08

    I think For some families, the most convenient option is having the caregiver come to your own home. In some cases, caregivers may even live in the family home. The advantages to this approach include the potential for your child to receive more individual attention, limited exposure to seasonal ailments such as colds and the flu, and your child’s comfort level with a familiar place.this has al... More

MRI for 17 month old

My son’s head at 16 months is measuring 51 cm so they request that we do an MRI to make sure everything‘s OK. What’s your thoughts. Thanks

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 07

    Hi Timothy! I think in general it’s good to heed medical advice and run a test like this. They most likely want to make sure everything is developing correctly. It’s so scary to think of all the things that could go or be wrong so I won’t even patronize you by saying not to worry...I’ll just say to do your best to wait on the results and see what the doctors think. Of course if you feel stro... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Feb 07

Family expectations from daycare

I work/study from home and needed some time during the week to focus on my work. So we found a 2 day a week home-based daycare situation with a 1:2 to 1:3 ratio that we pay $16/hr. Baby (9 months old) is a challenge to feed and doesn't nap on a schedule, but if you put finger food on the tray, he will eat the food by himself but it will take time and if you just let him play he will end up... More

  • Liz W.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 13

    At Over the Rainbow we ask all families of 6 week-12 months for their child's schedule and have them fill out a feeding plan.

My 3 yr girl is just not getting trained even after trying for a year

Ive been potty traing her since 2 yrs of age. She wasnt always telling us but there were signs. I took the diapers off completely. She does great at night. Wakes up all dry.Daytime has always been challenging. I ask her if she wants to go and she just says no.But then goes in pull-up unless i take her to potty in time.her pullups are always wet in daytime.she was telling me when needed to go po... More

  • Erum
    Feb 14

    Thank you everyone for the advice. Taking away pullups isn't an issue. Lately she's just scared of the potty seat and doesn't want to go on it. Not even in the house. It's more about getting over her fear of the toilet seat. I don't know how to help her with that. Ive bought and tried pottetts and travel seats and she knows exactly when she needs to go she has even figured o... More

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the good advices

Cleaning toddlers nose

My LO is 19mo and HATES/won’t let me suction the boogers from her nose. We used to use the bulb but never really worked so I bought the nosefrida and it works great when I can actually hold her down long/hard enough to get her not to move. This just isn’t working!! Any ideas/tricks to help me get the boogers out?

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 06

    For us, the only way to get the boogers out is to do it while she’s taking her bath. The steam and splashing water loosens up the boogers and then I use a warm, wet washcloth to clear them away. Those boogie wipe things work well too...surprisingly well, as long as the boogers aren’t completely hard and dry🤢. It’s never too early to start teaching kids how to blow their noses, too. My 2.5 y... More

  • Jackie
    Feb 07

    Thanks for all the suggestions.. she loves seeing the boogers after 😂 I will continue to explain why I’m doing it. Maybe I will try and teach her how to blow her nose. Whenever we blow ours we have to give her a tissue. She will put it up to her nose and sometimes try and blow or just wipe her nose.

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