Whether your child is just starting to walk or deep into the terrible twos, parents of toddlers can all agree that parenting just got a lot more interesting — and fun.

Discuss and share advice on all things toddler like potty training, language development, and dealing with all kinds of new behaviors.

Alexis posted in Toddlers Friday

My son is more irritable than normal...

My son is 25 months old. In the last week he has become extremely irritable and cranky. Everything makes him mad and hes hard to please with anything. He has his moments occasionally but is normally a good kid overall and is happy and playful. He has also been waking up overnight crying and is hard to comfort. We've had to just ride it out and it's really frustrating bc he gets himself... More

  • T

    Oh yes. Night terrors are horrible for us. They don’t remember. My oldest had them so often right after she turned 2. They were worse when she was overtired. 2.5 was really bad and she stopped taking naps then too. My youngest is almost 2.5 now and she’s beginning to have them. The only thing I found to get through them ASAP is to not interact at all. There’s nothing you can do to help and talk... More

  • Angie

    Sounds like teething and typical of this age. The twos Were tough! Hang in there and hope for the best by giving him Motrin nightly and wet washcloth to chew on during day.,

ramon posted in Toddlers Friday

Sleep routine - My daughter hates going to sleep

I have a 3 year old who absolutely hates going to sleep at night. Every night is a struggle to get her to go to sleep. I’m pretty sure that if it was up to her, she’d stay up until midnight every night. Her nap time is 8 o clock, which I think is reasonable, and only takes one nap during the day around noon, for about 1.5 hours. We’ve tried no sugary snacks after 5, lavender oils, night time ... More

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s time to end nap time. Maybe try for a quiet movie hour instead. I’m the same exact way and always have been, day sleep just really jacks up my night sleep. Or- shut her door at night and put up a monitor. Let her quietly read and play until she’s ready for bed.

  • Activemommy

    Have you tried making nap time shorter?

When can you give your kid peanut butter?

  • Elle

    Whenever you want. Sooner = better

  • Sarah
    4h ago

    Babies should not consume any foods, until at least 6 months (their guts are literally not ready to handle foods until 6 mos), after that they can eat whatever you eat. Check out Baby Led Weaning, the best thing ever!!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Friday


My LO has been eating baby food for the last month or so and is starting to eat more now (2-3oz per meal) I usually give it to her in between her bottle feedings. So she’ll has a bottle at 7, baby food at 9 and a bottle at 11. She’ll have baby food 2-3 times a day. And this has been working for us very well. However, I am wondering if I should start giving her the baby food directly after the ... More

  • Angelica

    I think the feeding schedule you have now is good. How old is she? Formula or breast milk is how the baby gets all of their nutrients through the first year. Baby food is secondary. I would give my son baby food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to get him in the habit of mealtimes.

  • Anonymous

    She’s almost 8 months. She gets formula. Sometimes we skip the baby food if she sleeps longer than expected. I like to keep her bottles as close to the schedule (7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm) we have since it works well for bedtime.

Simon posted in Behavior Friday

My son needs to scratch my neck to fall asleep

Hey, my 16 mo son is so used to touching / scratching / squeezing the skin of my neck when falling asleep that it's really hard to break the habit. He wakes up when I try to keep his hand away. Any similar experiences?

  • molly

    Have u tried holding his hand in yours ( like u r waltzing) and that may calm him off to sleep...

  • Nurse

    My son was a breastfed baby and needed stimulation during feedings to the point he would punch my boob and sometimes himself with his little baby hands. He transitioned to pinching me or anyone else in his grasp. I would redirect his hand to his own body. He is now 4 and he pinches his neck when he is tired.

Anonymous posted in Dental Health Thursday

Toothpaste help

Anyone have recommendations on toothpaste for beginner? Fluoride or not? I've also heard of xylitol as well and dont know what to get. Help! He doesn't know to spit out when brushing yet.

  • Jennifer

    We use the berry flavor Elmo crest training toothpaste.

  • Taylor

    what im gonna do is, now she just chews on her toothbrush with a dot of flouride free toothpaste before bed.. and when i notice she's actually brushing at the sink after showing her every day how to, then switch to regular toothpaste if you wish to use flouride or not that's your decision of course 🐣

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Thursday

What can my son eat at 5 Months?

I know the cans say they are for 8 months and up but my son really seems interested in the food his dad and I are eating. Would it be okay to give him stuff like the pictures I posted?

  • Beatrice

    Biscuits I would wait a bit longer they are hard my son couldn’t bite it at that age the lil crunchies are good just break them

  • Taylor

    they have to say that as it is a choking hazard. theyre just covering their butts but u can feed whatever you feel comfortable feeding ur bb


Hey moms, do y’all still give ur toddler baths while having a cold?

  • Candace

    I gave him his bath and he feels a lot better because now he’s tearing up my loving room with toys lol

  • Katie

    Great news, glad he is feeling better!

Help! My 3 year old potty training

I have a 3 year old who is amazing at peeing in the toilet and goes almost every single time but she will not go poop in the toilet! We have "praised" her and disciplined her and everything! We don't know what else to do!! Anyone else have these problems?

  • Copeley
    8m ago

    I did the same thing rewarded her...yelled at her as bad as I felt...I did it all. One day she just started doing it. Thank you Jesus!!

  • Whitney
    4m ago

    Well lucky you lol I hope that happens to us soon

V posted in Behavior Wednesday

2yo boy energy/behavior

Hi all, Lately I’ve realized that my 2yo son has gotten super active. I’m talking about ramming his body into mine constantly, jumping on and off everything, destroying snacks/toys, and even running in circles and growling and wiggling all limbs. Also, his behavior hasn’t been the best. He’s been really defiant, refusing to eat or drink, and a lot of tantrums. I just wanted to know if thi... More

  • Ivy

    Oh I sure hope not! I will tell you, age 3 has been my favorite by far! I really starting seeing the person he is becoming and his sweeter traits began to really develop the past year. His little brother is much more rambunctious and emotional, so I expect more work with him... I definitely relate to you, but hang in there! It can be rough, but be consistent with your expectations of him and f... More

  • V

    @Ivy thank you for the encouragement!! Will do my best 😁

Talking Food

My son is 8 months old he will be 9 months on the 27... he has two bottom teeth and one incoming top tooth He HATES baby food and wants real people food. What are some options for food? Friends say to give him Cheerios but he’s just not old enough to me to have them yet. I do give him stuff that we eat like little pieces of ground beef mashed potatoes bananas. But what are some ideas of things... More

  • Hannah

    Thank you all for your suggestions I was not getting any notifications and after posting this I looked at other people post and noticed that not many had any replies so just figured the app wasn’t popular enough but you guys pulled through so glad I checked back. Thank you again💜💜

  • Taylor

    fruits! any and all fruits and veggies chopped into tiny pieces steamed soft but not super soft my baby loved anything with no skin so anything you can peel and steam is perfect unless they dont like veggies idk what soft meats there are but if you give them a lil tiny piece of whatever ill think he would love it ✨ u can never go wrong with mashed potatoes!

Alex posted in Behavior Wednesday

I have a 1.5 year old who screeches - how can I stop this?

I know it’s a toddler thing to get upset about everything, but when my son doesn’t get his way, can’t do something (like open a marker) or doesn’t like something, he will screech/scream. I’m trying to teach him not to, but he doesn’t talk yet so it’s challenging. Any ideas on steps to take to help combat this? Thank you!

  • Alex

    Oh good idea! He does some of them already (like hungry/eat, more) but I should learn some others. Thanks!

  • Kendall

    Of course! Yes help, more and please can really help when frustrated 😁

Stuffy/runny nose/cough no fever

My 15mo daughter has been having a runny nose/cough for a few days now but no fever. She is teething (molars) not sure if that has anything to do with it but any tips on how to clear the mucus from her nose? I’ve done saline drops and the suction bulb also I run a humidifier in her room but doesn’t seem to help much. 😕

  • Cathy

    Adjust her mattress in her crib so it’s elevated. Will help with post nasal drip. We usually put a stack of books under ours. You can also give honey too. Sounds like you’re doing everything right. My doctor said most kids will have a cold twice a month lasting 10-14 days each. My rule of thumb is I go to the doctor around day 7/8 and especially if they’re getting up at night from coughing. Usu... More

  • María

    Thanks ladies! I will definitely try the great tips. ♥️♥️♥️

Baby talk

How old was your little one when they started talking? My 15 month old talks a lot but it’s just cute baby babble.

  • Lily

    My almost 18 month old just started wanting to talk. She is adding new words every day! I wouldn't worry too much until about 2. Just talk to her a lot and read and she will when she is ready

  • Nicole

    Every kiddo is different, so try not to compare yours to others. 😊 My son went to his 18mo doc appointment and was told he’d need to come back in two months for an evaluation because he wasn’t saying so much as mommy or daddy. It freaked us out. But two months later, he was hammering away. And it seems every day he’s learning a new word (he is 26 months now). So, don’t freak out. He/She will st... More

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Tuesday

When did your child start distinguishing between the Thomas trains?

Some 2 year olds are able to name them individually (Thomas, Percy, Edward, etc). To some 3 year olds, they’re all “Thomas”. When did your kid start naming them individually?

  • A

    About 2.5 my son became Thomas obsessed and can name most of them. He’s always called Gordon, Eric though, we re not really sure where that cane from. 😂

  • Jamie

    My 2yo loves PAW Patrol and started by calling them all Rocky Doggie. He's 26 months and has added 2 more names. I guess that's kind of the same thing!

Noemi posted in Sleep Tuesday

My almost two year old doesn’t sleep on her own unless I rock her to sleep. What can I do?

  • Christa

    I have a 1 yr old who is a ball of energy all the time and will fight his sleep to the end. What we started doing was giving him chamomile tea, and it starts to calm him down, then a warm bath and a story, and then we put him to bed. Usually just having something to calm them down helps a ton! I also occasionally use sleepy time tea- which he actually really likes ( the one with vanilla from Ce... More

  • Taylor

    my daughter was the same way now i just lay her in bed with us get close to her hold her hand (in the dark btw no tvs on because apparently that is what keeps them awake) and about 30/45mins after she falls asleep I take her to her bed n tuck her in all comfy then shes good for the rest of the night. i wish i didnt have to do it that way but its ok for now as long as you NEVER forget to put the... More

Not eating 9 almost 10 month old.

Hey mommas!! I am super stressed as my little one is not eating the same as he used to.. he used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and now barely eats anything except his cereal snacks & some of our food. He is breast fed but I feel like (I bet any mom feels) that he Is not getting enough. ALSO! What do I do with the purées I’ve bought that he won’t eat?? ive tried many times and he still ... More

  • Julie

    I would say it’s teething or a purée strike!! My daughter eats way less when teething but right around this age she also refused ALL puréed foods and only wanted regular food!!!

  • Aleksa B.

    Lol it’s gotta be both of those and I’m so glad that it’s not something uncommon! Thank you!

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Tuesday

SAHM of 3 under 3, introvert, needs a break

I’m a SAHM with 5 month old twins and an almost 3 year old. I’m an introvert and need time alone to rejuvenate. I haven’t had time alone for so long yet I feel so alone in life. I used to have a career I worked really hard for, including 2 graduate degrees, and had an office where I worked on paperwork alone much of the day. I remember I used to feel lonely but now I miss that so much. I don’t ... More

  • T

    2 under 2. They are 4 and 2.3 years now and I’m also a SAHM. There’s a couple of things you can do that might help. Join a gym that has childcare, so you can workout, shower, sleep in your car. lol Indoor playspaces where the kid/s can play and you can have tons of coffee and something to eat. Kid oriented cafes that have play area with childcare. Hire someone to watch the kids while y... More

  • Anonymous

    Could you hire a sitter to take the kids somewhere out of the house so you could just blah around the house alone? Or have the sitter stay home and you go to a movie? I used to check my toddler into church kids bible club just so I could sit in a pew and not even listen to the pastor! I just wanted to be alone and zone out lol I’m not even pious... Sending strength and support your way... this ... More

2yo can't handle organized activities

When I take my son to story time, gymnastics, or any organized activity he has no interest. He just wants to run around (emphasis on the run) and do his own thing while all the other toddlers seem to be having a great time participating. Since he's only 26 months, do you think I should just stick to playgrounds and free play and wait until he's a little older to do organized stuff? This... More

  • Jamie

    Thanks for all the replies. At least I know my son isn't the only one. It does seem like it is part of his personality.

  • Taylor

    organized activities are not expected to be accomplished till the age of 7 or 8 years old. this is their time to be free to be whatever they feel 💞 lil ones are the best


At what age should I introduce fine ground meats? My son is going to be 7 months.

  • Raji

    Oh to answer ur post we waited until after 9 months to introduce meats. So now she eats chicken for now when her dad eats it.

  • Taylor

    I intelroduced chicken at like 10m then groumd meats at a year but it has to be pretty small portions because its tougher and it took her a while to actually like it and eat it (she loves bbq chicken tho!) lol

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