Best Preschools in Concord, CA

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Parkside Joyful Kids Academy

2898 Concord Blvd Concord, CA

Infant and toddler care with emphasis on KG readiness.

10 mo - 5 yr $724 - $1020 Full Time, Part Time, After Care

Concord KinderCare

1551 Bailey Rd Concord, CA

Preschool program for infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-age children. Curriculum focuses on...

1 mo - 12 yr Full Time

Pixie Play School

1797 Ayers Rd Concord, CA

Co-op preschool in Concord. Curriculum encourages children to learn through play and provides...

2 yr - 5 yr 11 mo $120 - $280 Part Time

New Hope Academy

2120 Olivera Ct Concord, CA Immediate Openings

Christian preschool in Concord. School also offers education for children through fifth grade....

2 yr - 11 yr After Care, Full Time, Part Time

Building Kidz (Concord)

5100 Clayton Rd Concord, CA

Preschool and kindergarten located in the Vineyard Shopping Center. The program aims to nurture the...

2 yr - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

Wood Rose Academy

4347 Cowell Rd Concord, CA

Nurturing Christian-faith preschool offering individualized curriculum. Each child is offered a...

18 mo - 5 yr $330 - $1145 Full Time, Part Time

Clayton Valley Parent Preschool

1645 West St Concord, CA

Play-based parent co-op preschool that provides a comforting and stimulating first educational...

2 yr 10 mo - 6 yr $115 - $145 Part Time

All About Children

3764 Clayton Rd Concord, CA

Preschool and kindergarten near Concord Community Park. Curriculum includes hands-on activities and...

2 yr - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

Ayers Elementary School

5120 Myrtle Dr Concord, CA

Daycare located inside the well-equipped Ayers Elementary. Indoor classrooms are organized and...

3 yr - 12 yr $184 - $960 Full Time, Part Time

St Michael's Episcopal Day Preschool

2925 Bonifacio St Concord, CA

Large preschool and pre-kindergarten program affiliated with St. Michael's Episcopal Church. Program...

2 yr - 12 yr $629 - $1000 Full Time, Part Time

A White Dove School

1850 2nd St Concord, CA

Established preschool in Concord. Children learn at individual pace in a nurturing environment.

2 yr 10 mo - 6 yr $400 - $760 Full Time, Part Time

Step By Step Montessori Preschool 2

4991 Clayton Rd Concord, CA

Montessori preschool for young children. Classrooms are designed to support inquiry-based learning....

18 mo - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

Concordia Montessori School

2353 5th Ave Concord, CA

Montessori based school. Children learn in a warm and welcoming environment.

2 yr - 12 yr Full Time, Part Time

Dianne Adair Day Care (El Monte)

1400 Dina Dr Concord, CA

Safe, nurturing childcare in Concord for toddlers through school age. Premises are located at local...

$180 - $1000 Full Time, Part Time

Myrtle Farm Montessori School

4976 Myrtle Dr Concord, CA

Farm-based Montessori preschool offering hands on learning experiences in a safe environment. This...

3 yr - 6 yr $750 - $1000 Part Time, Full Time

Building Blocks Children's Center

1015 Oak Grove Rd Concord, CA

Preschool facility featuring a safe, home like environment where kids can learn and explore through...

6 mo - 6 yr $360 - $980 Full Time, Part Time

Angels Montessori Pre-School

1566 Bailey Rd Concord, CA

Established Montessori preschool program where children are encouraged to become self paced,...

2 yr - 6 yr 11 mo Full Time, Part Time

Tabernacle School

4380 Concord Blvd Concord, CA

Established, Christian preschool in Concord. Curriculum cultivates play-based learning in a...

4 yr - 4 yr 11 mo $625 - $625 Part Time, Full Time

Beginnings & Beyond Montessori Christian Preschool

1965 Colfax St Concord, CA

Montessori preschool in Concord for toddlers and preschoolers. Students learn through exploration...

2 yr - 6 yr $460 - $1025

Natalia Siradze

Concord, CA

Bilingual home daycare and preschool for children 2 to 5 years old. Large outdoor play area and...

2 yr - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time