Kiddie Academy of Alpharetta

1.0 Preschool 3200 North Point Pkwy Alpharetta Unclaimed

Kiddie Academy of Alpharetta is a preschool offering child care and early education curriculum located at 3200 North Point Pkwy in Alpharetta, GA. Contact this provider to inquire about prices and availability.

Licensing & Safety

The licensing status of Kiddie Academy of Alpharetta is unknown. If you can verify this preschool is currently licensed, please submit that information here.

Parent Reviews

My son attended Kiddie Academy for nearly two years, in that time he had three different teachers in the 3 year old class and four different teachers in the 4 year old class. The school is poor at communicating as I was not informed of changes in teachers which makes it hard as the children do not get closure. My son went from having three incident reports in nearly two years (for minor injur... More

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