The years before kindergarten your preschooler will grow leaps and bounds, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Parents share resources and advice about raising 3 to 5 year olds, including potty training, early education, behavioral struggles and more.

Anonymous posted in Potty Training 1h ago

I almost gone mad

Please Help!!!!! My 2.5-year-old girl is still resisting going to the toilet- unless I take her by myself-. She will go on for hours without going to the toilet until she gives in and pees herself. I have been trying to train her since she was 19 months old, and it is frustrating to me that I am in constant alert around the clock to take her to potty because she never tells that she wants to go... More

  • B
    1h ago

    Until her body is ready to tell her when she needs to go, it’s literally impossible. People who train at 19 months are just training themselves to recognize the signs and take kid to the potty. 2.5 is around the age, but if you and she are stressed about it it’ll take longer. I’d either take a break or accept that she isn’t ready to go fully on her own.

  • Marisa
    41m ago

    My daughter will be 3 in February. We tried potty training her a few months ago. She did ok and even pooped on the potty once. It didn’t last long though. She started refusing to even let us pull her pants down. She’d throw a fit. It wasn’t worth the battle. She’s not ready. There are times that she’ll pee on the potty before her bath, but if she says no we leave it alone. Her cousins potty tra... More

Any tips on beginning potty training?!

  • T

    My big tip is to not force the issue until your child shows an interest and have what you need before hand. I didn’t do EC (elimination communication), so this tip is not related to EC. Kids are different at various ages. My oldest potty trained just before 2 and in retrospect, she was begging to around 18-19 months. My youngest was 18 months and was trying around 15 months. My friends daughter... More

  • Julie

    My daughter is 16 months old and is just starting to kind of notice when she’s peeing and pooping. She hates diaper changes but still hasn’t made the connection really. We have her potty chair all set up and she knows it’s hers (she likes to sit her dolls on the potty and clap for them, lol!). Every night before bath time I let her sit on it and sometimes the timing is right and she pees and I ... More


I just wanted to share that I’ve been working with my 3 year old going on the potty for what seems like forever and this week it seemed to just click and she’s been using the potty- we still have some work to do. But if you are working with your kids and you feel at a loss, just hang in there they will get it!

My 3 year old is going through the crying while pooping. I know he’s not constipated. Any suggestion

  • Lisa

    My son will be 4 in April. He still has days he makes a big drama production out of pooping, especially if in public. It is getting better but I think it is a very long phase... hang in there. I had many a public stall where we walked out to a whole room of women waiting to go in and I would embarrassingly say he has to poop... wow talk about red faced, as he sounded like I was killing him w... More

  • Candace

    Awww man I’m sorry u had to go threw that hun. But yes my son is overly dramatic. We haven’t done public bathrooms just yet and I think my child is going to be that child where he only poops at home, me and my husband were like that when we were kids. But I hope this faze die soon

Potty training a boy

My son is one and been thinking of starting to potty train him but im not sure if it’s to soon and where to even start I’m a single mom and his dad is not in his life

  • Angel

    I started potty training when my girls started walking. It’s going well but I’ve heard boys are different. If he is resistant every time you bring it up don’t push it can cause anxiety and stress around the situation.

  • Valerie

    It’s complete baloney that there are gender differences when it comes to potty training. My 22 month old has been trained for 3 months. Also. The whole having an adult teach them how to pee standing up is super creepy to me. There’s no visual tutorial needed. Just stand him up ( if that’s what you want) or just sit him in the toilet and tuck his penis down. He can learn to pee standing later. ... More

2 year old terrified of pooping! Please help!!:(

My daughter has been suffering from constipation issues for about 6 months now. When she finally has a bowel movement it’s hard and it hurts her to come out. She then started to hold her poop in, even when she really has to go! We are now to the point that she has held it in so long it has backed up into her colon and poop leaks into her pull up constantly which has created a terrible butt rash... More

  • Christina

    Have you tried an enema those basically force clean the poop out. But try to see if you can find one meant for kids.

  • Stephanie

    We have tried enemas/suppositories and I believe she is more terrified of them than any other remedy. Plus after the 5th or 6th time of use they seemed to not be helping anymore. We actually had to give her an adult laxative pill which finally flushed her out. It was that bad.

Help please

What r some things u do with ur special needs kids when they r still nappers and how do u get them on a routine my daughter is 3 and I can’t seem to get her to do anything haha I’m a stay at home mom and have all the time in the world but feel like I’m getting no where anyone else feel that way

  • Rachel

    We arnt sure as of what yet we think Autism I have the pec system but I am not on a routine my self so it makes it hard

  • Jennifer

    Yes get yourself on one the incorporate the kids into that! Always best to be organized yourself best of luck

Potty Training a 2 year old

He used to be interested in trying, now when I sit him on the potty he just cries and screams. I've tried rewarding him, sitting with him, singing potty songs, reading potty books He doesn't ha e a problem going in his pullup 🤔 anyone have any tips? I didn't have such a hard time with my oldest.

  • Lindsay

    I’ve hear of putting dry erase markers and an eraser on the back of the potty and facing baby backward (toward the turned up lid and let them draw with the dry erase on the lid while they’re on the pot!

  • Lisa

    Have Dad show him how to stand and pee. My son was ok at potty when sitting, but after a couple of months lost some interest until daddy showed him how to stand and pee. From then on, very few accidents... oh yah and get rid of pull ups other than for nights if he needs them then, but my son after 4 months of potty training refused to wear them even to bed... so we started getting him up at n... More

Aida posted in Behavior Monday

First Lies

My son will be almost four this month. He is generally a great kid, very thoughtful and sweet, but in the last couple of days I’ve caught him lying to me. First it was a corner bumper we have on kitchen counter, he had tried to bite it off, when I asked him about it he said a bad guy did it. I asked if he did it and just stuck to his story. When Dad asked he told him the truth. Then he spilled ... More

  • Danel

    Its normal for kids at that age to lie. As Melinda said, they don’t have the emotional maturity for those things. I have a preschooler who bed wet and told me it rained on his bed!!! 🤦‍♂️ What I usually do is remind him that we make mistakes and I’d rather he tell me the mistake(s) and Him and I can correct it. It also helps to follow through with it if he lies about a mistake. Example; when h... More

  • Reena

    My daughter tells the occasional lie as well. I agree it's important to reassure the child it's okay to make mistakes and we're here to support them.

Triny posted in Sleep Monday

My 3yo keeps waking up in the middle of the nite, sometimes 2-3 times. Any advice? Im tired :(

  • Triny

    So i tried the blanket thing last night, and it worked!! Yey!... my husband said he heard crying in the morning but she never got up so she was probably dreaming something... i still didnt sleep well because i was expecting her to walk in our at any moment but she didnt, gonna try again tonight, hopefully we both sleep better 😊 thanks again to all of u!!

  • Danel

    Fact: weight blanket or vest are use for anxiety and autism. It helps their Nervous System to calm and calibrate its call “Deep Touch Therapy” hugging also help. It your case he is afraid of sleeping by himself which triggers him to wake up in the middle of the night. Also Deep Touch Therapy works with children who throws tantrums or emotional meltdown, just careful on hugging them it can caus... More

Potty training my 2 year old 😕

So my 2 year old son is refusing to potty train:( any tips on how to get him to start? I’ve already been putting him on training pants but he just doesn’t care lol any tips? How long did it take your kids? Also any tips on how to use public restroom with a toddler who’s potty training?? I’m very scared of him getting a germ or virus from that.

  • Kait

    I second Nana. I tried with my son a month after he turned 2 and he just didn’t get it. I waited a month and tried again and he did amazing. We did “Oh Crap” method and he was potty trained in one weekend. We started first with a potty, and then when he wanted to use the toilet we moved to a smaller inner seat on the toilet. He just turned 3 and is completely trained night and day and will now ... More

  • Jessica

    I slowly introduced the potty to my 2 1/2 yr old. I had him help me flush, and then sitting him on the potty every day for a few minutes so he could get comfortable.. I bought a travel insert for when we are using a public restroom.

Natalie posted in Sleep Monday

Help with sleep

My 4 year old almost 5 goes to bed really late. Like 1 or 2 Am she’s with me Sunday night through Thursday night.. & then she’s at her dads the weekend, im not sure what time she goes to bed over there but can somebody give me advice on how to get her to go to sleep earlier?☹️

  • Frankie

    I have the same problem with my 8 year old. They stay up till 2 or 3 am at her dads on the weekends then she doesn’t get enough sleep at my house. We would up having to give her melatonin so she could go to sleep earlier.

  • Laura

    I got my son a weighted blanket and now he is asleep in under 5 minutes instead of being up for hours. Good luck.

Getting my daughter to poop in potty

My daughter is 2 years old. She tells us when she has to pee in the potty but I am still having difficulties getting her to poop in the potty. I’m tired of washing stinky underwear everyday or every few days. Any advice on how to accomplish this. We have our times when we can catch her before she poops but it’s not consistent.

  • Anonymous Mom

    My son will soon be four and he will pee on the potty but he had been diagnosed with “toddler diarrhea” that he has had since 1. Yes I know that’s what I told the specialist but they seem to believe it will pass with time. I refuse to put underwear on him bc his diarrhea is really bad and he absolutely will not even TRY to go near a potty when he has to poop not to mention his tummy hurts and h... More

  • Jessica

    Following! Same thing is happening with my 2 1/2 yr old son. He has pee down and has been accident free for a couple months but poop isn’t happening except in his pull-ups that goes on for naps and nighttime!!

My 4yr old son wont eat anything not processed! Help.

My youngest son used to eat really well. The last year and a half he has refused to eat anything that isnt processed foods. I have tried every thing. Tricking, bribing, spanking, grounding, taking things away, letting him go hungry, maki g it a game... Nothing is working. I am so tired. I cant afford to keep buying the pediasure shakes to fill in thebhokes in his diet to keep him from being mal... More

  • Christina
    Dec 08

    Also get him involved in cooking. My daughter would “sneak” broccoli when washing it. Or grab a piece of carrot when I finished cutting. We also have the rule of take a bite of something not eaten to get more of something desired.

  • Connie

    Some ideas: Only give healthy choices Have him pick out a plate/ bowl set he likes. Hiding veggies in food is always an option (Pinterest) Don’t buy processed food Peanut butter sandwiches I have 4 big kids and all went through very picky and even refusing to eat! And they all are big kids now! I have 2 small ones still so I still feel your pain haha! If he’s not losing weight and isn’t unde... More

Any advice on potty training a girl?

  • Makaela

    I have a boy and he uses the bathroom just the same as a girl would. When your training about boy they’re too young to aim. So they sit

  • Chris

    I let my 2.5 year old pick out panties she liked. She wanted to wear them so I let her (with a skirt/dress). Besides frequent reminders and putting her on toilet, if she ended up peeing in her underwear she would notice her leg is wet. If I used a pull up she would just pee In it but she didn’t want to ruin her panties nor get wet... so that was her motivation to use the toilet

Potty training

My son turns 3 tomorrow and we’re still working on the potty training. Been doing the 30 minutes going to the potty thing, but he still won’t tell me that he had to go. Any suggestions?

  • Samuel
    Dec 07

    My son was about 2 1/2 y/o and he was almost potty trained. He spent the summer with grandparents and all the hard work was gone... He came back with diapers and so. It take a lot of patients and effort from parents. My advise. -take diapers or pull ups away -have them go potty as often as possible -have them go potty right after waking up, eating, getting or coming back from a place. -make it... More

  • Vanessa

    My son finally was motivated to learn when he couldn’t go to his 3-5 class at church till he was trained. Maybe an incentive will help

Potty training hell lol we’ve tried reward system.. screen time only while on potty, songs

We’ve tried stickers, candy, chocolate .. we’ve left her on the potty for 30 minutes at a time .. we’ve done the every 15 min trip. She just won’t do it. She understands but she refuses to pee or poop in it. I don’t know what else to do.

  • T
    Dec 07

    Wait until she shows readiness.

  • Stefanie
    Dec 07

    My daughter was the same way until she had a friend over that used the toilet. I obviously didn’t let her see him sit on the toilet but once he was on his mom said look he’s using the potty why don’t you try. She never used diapers again. Same thing now with her abcs her friend knows them and now she’s really trying hard to get a hang of it. (I hope she isn’t this influenced by others when she’... More

Elissa posted in Behavior Dec 06


My 5 year old has the most difficult time focusing on any task. He has just started this so it’s not something we’ve been dealing with and I don’t believe he has ADD. He just will not focus. Today, he kept reaching for stuff while doing homework. I moved it so he looked at me and spitefully reached for something else. And this happened a few more times until I made him sit on his hands (we were... More

  • Rebecca
    Dec 07

    Set a egg timer he can hear when you ask him to do something. We put one in my son's room and when it's time to put pjs on or clean his room we set timer and tell him he has until it goes off to complete his task. The ticking helps to remind him to stay on task.

  • Anne
    Dec 07

    Try just 15 minutes of exercise (jumping jacks, dancing, etc) before sitting down to do homework. Then after the exercise give a small cup of juice to sip while he works. The exercise helps with the fidgeting and the juice delivers some quick sugar to the brain to help with focus. 👍🏼

Alda posted in Child Care Dec 06


Today, my preschooler said the word Zip and pointed to his mouth. I’ve never used that word to him. Because we never talk like that, I asked him where he heard it from and he said “at school mom, teacher said zip it .” I asked him again again if he heard it from his cousins or somewhere else but no he kept saying that the teacher told him to zip. Honestly I don’t like that. I don’t think they s... More

  • G Nat

    “Zip it” teaches the kids nothing. It’s a directive and it has a means to an end, but it lacks substance. Instead, teachers should be giving visual cues to get the class to be quiet and listen (which teaches young children how to read the room and use non verbal cues to modify their behavior) or indirect cues like, “it’s very hard to hear directions when it’s so loud in this room” (which allows... More

  • Anonymous
    3h ago

    There are so many other things I’d find more inappropriate! Shut up, STFU but zip it really doesn’t fall on that list. Sometimes kids do need to be to told to shut up and this is a nice way of doing it

Potty training

Trying to get my 4 year old step son and 3 (4 in February) biological daughter to go potty at night (like wake up and potty instead of having accidents in bed) Any advice?!?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05

    Honestly, some kids bodies aren’t ready to signal them from a deep sleep until they are older. Your best bet is to cut down liquids in the evening and make sure they pee before bed

  • Yopolos
    Dec 05

    Definitely cutting down liquids will help. And potty before bed. Also kid potty in the room. The control at night based on the kid develops sometime between 3-5 based on what I read.

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