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Sanaz posted in Child Care Monday

Preparing for daycare

Hi everyone. I am sending my 11 month old baby to daycare. I was wondering what kind of bags and containers you use to send all these items to daycare? Also what kind of food do you prepare and send with your baby? Thanks

  • B

    Ask your daycare. I didn’t send food after 1 year, because they provide. Before that I had small tubberwares. Buy name labels (I got mine from dinkleboo) and put them on anything you send.

Getting 20 month old used to me leaving him

My son recently stared day care and this is the first time he’s being watched by people he doesn’t know. When I leave he cries for me. How do I get him more comfortable?

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jun 14

What would you do

Our nanny recently disclosed to us that she won’t be able to care for our children past a certain date because she is seeking help from a mental health treatment center out-of-state. This hit me like a ton of bricks. She had mentioned she had previously been on medication for insomnia but nothing of this nature. I asked her if it would affect her abilities with watching them until then and s... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 14

    Would you feel comfortable setting time aside to have a conversation about it? I would think since she told you as much as she did there is some level of trust there. It may also ease your mind to know what she was seeking treatment for.

  • Andrea

    This person is in your home, taking care of your children. It’s your business, especially since she’s now changed her mind about treatment.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jun 13

Nanny Doubts

Is it just me or do others with a full time nanny wish their nanny was more take-charge and didn’t need so much direction/guidance on a daily basis? Other gripes: she tells me every little thing she is going to do (I tell her she doesn’t need to tell me, just do it), she sometimes forgets some of her basic chores (I have to remind her at times), she often lacks common sense and doesn’t know how... More

  • Jenny
    Jun 14

    I wonder if it’s the fact that you are there. She wants to please you and keep you happy, rather than second guess she just asks your preference. If she asks for your opinion or advice, could you ask her back instead “what would you do” “what do you think [my son] would prefer”. This could build her confidence. It seems she helps out with so much that she might lose track of the routine items -... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 14

    Ashley, I have but probably not enough as I honestly could. Thank you for the suggestion!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jun 13

Need some advice!

I'm a stay at home mom with a 2 yr old. My brother-in-law is going through a divorce and also has a 2 yr old. He asked if I would watch my nephew every other week during the day while he's at work. I agreed but told him I could only do it until he got full time childcare figured out because my husband and I are starting the process of adoption . So now it's been over 3 months that I... More

  • Anne
    Jun 13

    Yikes this is a bad situation. He's getting free child care, why would he change anything? I would probably have a serious talk about this and say if you're going to keep watching his child he's going to have to compensate you in some way. No working parent gets free childcare, we all have to fit it into our budget somehow. That said, he's the father and if he decides to have ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 13

    Great advice, thank you!

Raine posted in Child Care Jun 13

Daycare Gifting

Hi there parents! So my husband and I are moving out of state and as a result be leaving our daycare where our daughter has been since she was 5 months old. She’s 2 in August. I’d like to do something nice for them but I don’t know where to begin! Any recommendations? Would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Juli

    I worked as a daycare/preschool teacher and honestly the best gifts were always edible lol or a card/drawing by the kiddo. Coffee cards and small wine bottles are good for one or two teachers (though I don’t drink so the gesture was nice but I gave mine away) but if it’s the whole staff you want to thank then planning to cater a lunch as mentioned above would be soo appreciated by all! I would ... More

  • Raine

    Thank you all for the suggestions. I ordered lunch for everyone today and it worked out so well.

Nursing at Daycare

I am new to daycare. Today my schedule was funky and timing was such that baby needed to nurse at drop-off. His care provider said I couldn't nurse in the room and took me to a separate office space. Anyone know of state policy that would enable or prohibit breastfeeding in a daycare room. This felt bizzare as it seemed natural to breastfeed a baby at daycare.

  • Teresa
    Jun 13

    There should be something regarding this issue in your child care policy and procedure manual or check with the state licensing agency. If your unable to find anything with those resources, I would suggest bring it up to the classroom teacher or director about your concerns. I assume that you provide expressed milk in bottles during the day and this is first time you needed to feed the baby b... More

  • Julie

    Hi Amy, I think you should discuss with the director. Having bad feelings about your daycare and the place you leave your child every day is a terrible thing. Ask them why they let parents bottle feed in the room and not nurse. Maybe they have what they think is legitimate reason for it, who knows.

Turah posted in Child Care Jun 07

Daycare whoas — needed to vent and advice

I have a 6mo and she has been going to daycare for 3 months now. I’m starting to notice little areas where I feel they are being a little neglectful when it comes to her but at the same time I don’t want to feel like I’m jumping the gun. I’ve noticed an increase of kids but not an increase of staff and today when I called around 12:30 (I call literally every day to see how she’s doing) and th... More

  • Jennifer
    Jun 08

    This is the Care Card my daycare gives me each day. This one in particular I picked my kids up at 3 so her last feeding was 1pm. They track how many wet / dirty diapers, when and how much she eats, if they give solids, and comments for if they need more clothes or formula. It has really helped me relax while they’re there. I also have a 2 year old there, but he can’t speak for himself or tell ... More

  • B
    Jun 08

    Like Jennifer said, any daycare I’ve ever seen tracks food and diapers and should tell you. If yours doesn’t, ask. And tell them the minimum bottles a day. My babe is tiny and hated bottles, but still drank a minimum of 10oz a day (and they said other kids had wayyyy more).

JH posted in Child Care Jun 07

Daycare too quick to send child home?

Our 21 month old has been in day care for about 6 months now, and he has probably been sent home "sick" from day care about 10 or more times during that period. He's new to day care, and everyone was ravaged by this winter's cold/flu season, so it's not surprising he's picked up a few bugs here and there - pinkeye, HFM, strep among them. But 10+ feels like a lot, and ... More

  • Erin
    Jun 11

    My son had a consistent runny nose his ENTIRE LIFE from the start of daycare at 3 months, until I switched him to a new sitter 2 months ago. He was getting sick FROM the daycare and they were sending him home ALL THE TIME. It became too much and not worth the benefit. He’s now with a new sitter, he’s barely ever sick, sleeps well, and is more energetic. I say, think about switching. As much as ... More

  • Shae
    Jun 11

    My son was in daycare for a month his whole class had runny noses everyday,he also contracted hfm

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jun 06

Anyone use Poppins Payroll?

I'm looking to set up payroll for our nanny and am curious if anyone has experience with Poppins Payroll. Was it easy to set up and use? It seems very similar to Homepay but half the cost so I'm wondering if there are major differences I should be on the look out for. Thanks!

  • Nicole
    Jun 07

    Never heard of it but just checked it out and it looks awesome! We use Sure payroll but this looks more niche focused! I wish I would have known about this

  • Kaci

    Hey there! I use it to pay our Nanny. The other family in our Nanny share uses it as well. We all love it because it's super easy. It's cheaper than the alternative and hasn't let us down.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jun 05

Daycare vs preschool

Hi everyone! I am a little confused and not sure what to do. My little one is 14 months and we might have a space in daycare in September (we’ve been on the waitlist for over 1 year...). I am currently SAHM and love it! My question is: would you take that spot (in this daycare that I toured and loved but I also don’t feel ready to leave her) or wait so she just goes to preschool at 2? Tha... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 06

    Also preschool that I am looking at would be full time as we cannot afford a babysitter or nanny until my husband comes back from work

  • Ashley
    Jun 06

    It's really up to your personal preference. Being home with babies is a wonderful experience. But my kids have also learned and grown so much from being in daycare and I'm not sure they would have grown as much just from being with me. I think it's best to examine your schedule, budget, if you'll be able to get into a school/daycare you want if you pass this one up, and what you... More

Day care or nanny?

Thoughts on pros / cons of these options?

  • Rosa
    Jun 05

    My kids go to daycare and I truly love it. They get to make friends and socialize with other kids. The daycare provider is friendly and nice. She always keeps me posted on how the day went for my kids.

  • Jenny
    Jun 05

    We shared a nanny for the first 3 years with my daughter. It was great but as they got close to 3, as a group we agreed that daycare and preschool was the next step. We went straight to daycare with my son, as there was a 4 year age gap between kids and we needed to be in one spot for both. Pros to nanny: when the kids are sick, nanny still works; don’t need to pack up stuff and haul baby daily... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jun 01

Has anyone used before and if so, how was your experience overall? Any suggestions or recommendations on the best way to find a long term reliable babysitter? We work evenings and need someone from 2:30-11:30 on the nights we work. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks :)

  • B
    Jun 02

    I used it for an out of town wedding. It was fine. I narrowed down to two people and called them (you could meet). I also ran background checks. The woman was perfectly nice. My daughter was too young to talk, but seemed happy and fine.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 02

    Thanks for replying!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jun 01

Potty training at daycare

Hi everyone! We just moved to the US, so my little girl has been through a lot and the adaption isn’t easy. At daycare they are saying that she’s at the age to do potty training and she must do it. She screams a lot just to sit on the potty and for me that’s a huge sign that she is not prepared! They still want to try and do it, so now she doesn’t want to go to daycare anymore and she cries a... More

  • Courtney
    Jun 04

    I worked in a 2 year old classroom for 8 years and they should be introduced to the potty at 2 but it is not age appropriate for children to be potty trained by the age of 2. Did you know the average boy is physically ready to be potty trained at age 3.5. Now I know most are before that age but that's because the adults around them are. We are always asking our children to use the potty and... More

  • Christie
    Jun 05

    Hello! I'm a lead toddler teacher. I personally start potty training my students as soon as they transition to my class (18mo). If they are uneasy about it, I have them sit on the potty with their diaper on or I'll count out loud to 10 and take them off as I praise and congratulate them. Usually by the end of the day they are willing to sit with their diaper off and we count to 10 a... More

Mary posted in Child Care May 29

My little one is about to start toddler program at a daycare nearby. And I’m already worrying....

I know it is part of growing up and him becoming more independent. But I’m afraid something bad will happen to him. What if he gets hurt? Or another kid hits him? Anyone have these feelings? Being so afraid for their kids and just wanna keep them home forever?

  • Isaac
    May 30

    I think every parent has those feelings, Mary. It's normal, and in our DNA to be protective as people who have chosen to be caring parents. I also agree with Jonathan's perspective that we can't protect our children forever. At some point, whether it's 2 years old or 20 years old, we are going to have to let them make their own way. I believe that the sooner my son (2.5y/o) fee... More

  • Paulette
    May 30

    My boys 4 and about to start preschool were in same boat, been looking at watches to keep track of him as well as an app called classdojo to hopefully keep in touch w his teacher..we just wana keep them our babys forever but they need to swim on their own without floaties eventually.

Shae posted in Child Care May 29

Shy only child

Hi, my 2 yr old is an only child and we don't have family in the state, how can I get him to open up? He was in daycare for a month but contracted HMF disease. He was out for 2 wks and when he went back it was like starting all over again with the separation anxiety. I need all suggestions

  • Shae
    May 29

    I didn't think about that,thanks jonathan

  • MaryAnn
    Jun 06

    I would keep on trying to help him make friends. It takes time not everyone gets along with everyone. Find a nice park or playground you like and maybe meet up with a mom or 2 that you like too and then you can make play dates from there. Try to find some kids close by and they can be a great support to your child. The only way to make a friend is to be one.

Anonymous posted in Child Care May 29

Does anyone else dread summer break that works full time? This is the first year of us having two school age kids that need care over summer. Looking at prices and hours of operation is stressing me out. What do you guys do with your kiddos during summer break? Suck up the cost? Our kids are 12&6 and I thought about having the oldest babysit a few days a week to reduce the cost of summer... More

  • Ann
    May 29

    There is the cost - but also the guilt. I feel horrible for over programming my kids summer and not letting them have any down time. We have a pretty reasonable town rec program and my husband and I try and balance the drop off and pick up times by flexing our schedules where we need to. We also try and enlist family to help out too. My mom will take them a few days here and there to fill in... More

  • Barbara
    Jun 15

    Don t take advantage just because family members can help fair ,be mindful their time is valuable too...and don t take advantage andvnot offer to pay a fair amount...what would you do and how much would you pay withot them..?

What are your thoughts on a teen babysitter?

So, what are your thoughts on having a young babysitter? I am looking for a babysitter, and a family friend recommend their neighbor. I contacted her and she asked me if we could set up an interview. During the interview I learned that she is American Red Cross certified in babysitting and pediatric CPR/first aid/AED. She seems very responsible and held herself well. She also seemed to take thi... More

  • Diane
    May 28

    The age of your children and the number of children may be a consideration- if you are leaving an infant or very active child. So while a recommendation is wonderful, the neighbor may have had a different set of circumstances from yours when this child babysat. I like many of the responses in a previous and similar post- especially giving a trial run when you are home and trusting your gut. Bei... More

What is daycare like for a 4 month old baby?

This may sound like a dumb question...but what does a 4 month baby do at daycare? Obviously they’re fed and they nap, but do they actually get one-on-one play with the daycare staff? Or do they just leave all the babies on the floor (my baby can barely roll over) and only really attend to them if they’re crying? Also, if your baby doesn’t have a set schedule of feeding and napping, would the s... More

  • Beckie
    May 31

    I used to work in daycares. They are all different. The best advice I can give is to be hyper vigilant, question everything, and switch if you even suspect anything amiss. New York State has no real solid early childhood education requirements - you'll have to find a day Care that focuses on learning, such as a Montessori day care - begin with ones that call themselves "schools" r... More

  • Diamond
    Jun 07

    Hello, I have an in-home Daycare, I make sure every child gets the proper amount of attention.. As a 4 month old I try to give a lot of tummy time but I also like to play with baby during tummy time.. It helps them move better.

Nanny vs. Daycare

We are currently expecting our surprise baby and need feedback on either staying with a daycare or going with a nanny for when I go back to work. Daycare would be about $400/wk. I have had bad experiences with sitters in the past, though. Conflicted at the moment.

  • Anonymous
    May 21

    If you decide to do nanny, I take nannies through. 3-step process before hiring (even if it’s a reference). 1) I send a very detailed description of what I’m looking for and see if that would be of interest to them (or I post a detailed description on an a sitter job site), then I do a phone interview using a few questions I found online, then I do an in-person interview followed by a trial pla... More

  • Geraldine
    May 22

    We are leaning towards a nanny also but are wondering if we’d need to install cameras throughout our home. Any input?

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