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Today, my preschooler said the word Zip and pointed to his mouth. I’ve never used that word to him. Because we never talk like that, I asked him where he heard it from and he said “at school mom, teacher said zip it .” I asked him again again if he heard it from his cousins or somewhere else but no he kept saying that the teacher told him to zip. Honestly I don’t like that. I don’t think they s... More

  • Anonymous

    Ivana. It’s not about it being a high stress job, it’s about varying the ways you ask them to be quiet. Hearing “be quiet, be quiet, shhh, be quiet” quickly loses all meaning in the classroom. Hopefully adults who are in the workplace no longer need as many reminders, just like adults don’t “go potty” but preschoolers do. It’s not right to compare the two.

  • G Nat

    “Zip it” teaches the kids nothing. It’s a directive and it has a means to an end, but it lacks substance. Instead, teachers should be giving visual cues to get the class to be quiet and listen (which teaches young children how to read the room and use non verbal cues to modify their behavior) or indirect cues like, “it’s very hard to hear directions when it’s so loud in this room” (which allows... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Dec 04

Seeking advice to avoid babies get sick at Daycare

Hi everyone: My twins are about to start daycare and I am looking advice to help them to build their inmune system. I have tried 2 times already but they ended up getting sick after 2 days in day care now they have 1 year and I believe they have better defenses. Thanks in advance,

  • T

    Elderberry syrup Lots of hand washing

  • Lindsay

    They build immunity by getting sick occasionally. It stinks and I try to avoid it too but it’ll be good for the twins when they get to kindergarten and isn’t sick every other day. But we do the vitamins and load up on fruits and veggies to keep my son healthy. He has a great defense so far but he still gets sick.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Dec 04

Male daycare teacher?

Hi everyone. I’m just looking for advice. My toddler is about to transition to a new room at her daycare and the main/head teacher in her room is male. She is 16 months old and can’t really talk yet. I’m not sure why but I feel uncomfortable about this. I realize it is sexist, but I do not like the idea of a male I don’t know changing my daughters diaper. I went to introduce myself to him and h... More

  • Brad
    Dec 05

    So glad to hear they were understanding and didn't prod at you for reasons. I'm sure you're not the only parent they've spoken with about changing rooms for one reason or another. I'm happy to hear you're more at ease!

  • Anonymous

    You are not alone. I would feel uncomfortable as well. Trust your instincts. And talk to the director.

Daycare Provider Gift Ideas?

What's something that would be a great present? I was thinking maybe a new toy or something but, that seems more for the kids and not so much the daycare provider...

  • Anonymous

    As a previous provider, I know this is a labor of love. In other words, the pay is nowhere equal to the effort and importance of the job. I always appreciated gift cards! Anything from Starbuck’s and Jamba Juice to Target :)

  • Glückskinder
    3h ago

    I find it really sweet of you to consider your provider. There are some really cute handmade gift ideas on Pinterest. Maybe a relax package with some tea, soap and chocolate?

Any advice on a holiday gift for our full time nanny?

  • Anne
    Nov 30

    I always gave a Christmas bonus of one week's salary.

  • Chara
    Dec 01

    Money and a Pampering gift certificate

Holiday bonus/tip for daycare provider

What’s the standard for gifting the woman who watches my son one day a week? She operates a daycare. There is also another woman who co-runs it. I was thinking $25 to each plus a gift card for another $25 each... I’m new at this so any insight is appreciated.

  • Sammie

    I am my son's daycare teacher. I want to get my coworker something though, but I'm not sure I can afford anything this year. 😔 She does so much to help me out and she loves my son as well as the other children. I want to repay her for all she does and I don't know how.

  • Sarah

    The best gift is a coffee gift card or local spa gift card

Gift teachers daycare?

Our little one started in her new class beginning of November and this is our first time in daycare. What is the most common gift for the end of the year? Thanks!!

  • Lesley
    Nov 30

    You can give them a $10-$25 gift card and a hand written note 😊

  • Iris
    Dec 04

    I do Target gift cards .. $40-$50

Kieli posted in Child Care Nov 27


What did you do when you had an important doctor appointment and had nobody to help you watch your toddler? I have a doctor appointment on Thursday and my husband isn’t sure if he’ll be off on time to watch our 17 month old. This appointment is important and I’ve been waiting 2 weeks to be seen. I hate to bring her with me because I know it will be impossible even if she’s in a stroller and nob... More

  • Kirstine
    Nov 30

    I’m with Monda here. You gotta do what you gotta do and normally the doctors are very understanding. My pediatrician even always making sure that I’m doing great since she knows that i’m doing it all by myself.

  • Kieli
    Nov 30

    Thanks everyone! My husband got off early and was able to go with me, but the nurse had said she has toys and a door that shuts. Lol so that made me feel better for the future if he can’t make it!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Nov 25

Scared to death

Im terrified to put my daughter in daycare. And i think i need advice or words of encouragement. I have no idea what the best route is

  • David
    Dec 04

    I’ll be honest with you I hate the idea of having my kids in daycare but I don’t have a lot of choice as is the case with most of us. That said, the girls love it. They make friends and have a ball. The key to me is to research, talk, ask, listen, and observe. Find the one that works for you and give it time to work. Just make sure to communicate with the employees.

  • Glückskinder
    3h ago

    I can understand that you are worried and it is a big step, not just for your child but also for you. Us as Daycare providers we have to take part of workshops, fulfill license requirements and do background checks to make sure the kids are in a safe environment. I would recommend to always do research on Daycares you are considering. You can also call licensing to ask if there were any issue... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Nov 15

10m refusing bottle

Hi everyone! My 10m old daughter has been refusing to drink breast milk from the bottle with our nanny during the day all this week. This happened out of the blue starting Monday. She nurses with me fine just no bottle. We tried using a sippy cup but still no luck! Im hoping this is a phase but she needs to go back to drinking milk! She has been eating solids and there are normal pee/poop ... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 16

    Yes same nanny! Ok at least now i know its normal. I will just have to make sure she eats food throughout the day.

  • Stephanie
    Nov 16

    It could be a nursing strike change of routine or anything really can make them do that also as a child gets older she could be refusing milk and wanting more solids. Kind of a form of weaning it's not uncommon for them to do this

Cathy posted in Child Care Nov 14

Finding the right preschool

How did you know you found the right school for your child? My son is turning two next month and we are considering placing him in a half day program two days a week. The downfall - is that I have an education degree, have been a teacher AND was a Director of a preschool before I stayed at home. I feel as though while I know a lot of questions to ask, I also know the “behind-the-scenes” and... More

  • Melissa
    Nov 18

    also if a place isn’t clean when you go in you know it’s not good then and your child will be constantly sick. if the teachers greet you and your child by name that’s also a really good sign

  • Glückskinder
    3h ago

    I would say you having this background is a big plus. You know what you are looking for, what you expect and what to consider. You have the knowledge about how a Preschool/Daycare should look like, how educated the teachers should be, what's beneficial for the children. It might take some time for you to find the right place that you trust but I would say, listen to your guts! You know what... More

Daycare Teachers Christmas Gifts

I am a FTM with a LO in daycare and I was thinking to give the daycare teachers gifts for Christmas. I am just not sure how much is appropriate and what would be a good idea. I was thinking to bake cookies for all of the staff to share and get gifts for the teachers that look after him daily. TYIA for any advice/tips.

  • Andrea
    Nov 13

    Thank you! I appreciate the tips! This is very helpful!

  • Heidi
    Nov 13

    I’m glad I could help!

Anonymous posted in Babies Nov 13

Nanny share

I am looking for a nanny for my baby. One of the applicants would like to bring her son who is a similar age along. I had not thought of this possibility before. I love the idea of my baby having a friend to play with but a little concerned that she wouldn’t get as much attention as the nanny’s baby. Anyone been through this or have thoughts?

  • Shäŷ
    Nov 13

    In my opinion I would have passed on that applicant. I am paying good money for somebody to pay close attention to my child and that attention needs to be 100 percent on my child. It’s a job , do you bring your kids to your job ..... uh no. You want your little one to have play dates , then have your nanny take them to the parks or baby gymnastics

  • Anonymous
    Nov 14

    This is all so helpful thank you!!

I am currently trying to potty train my 2 year old little girl.....

She seems to do better about telling me she needs to potty when I put actual underwear on her but I don't know how to do this with her going to daycare during the week. They help with potty training some but probably not like they should. Do I send her in the underwear & hope she tells them or what???

  • Lana
    Nov 09

    Tell the daycare to offer her going to the bathroom every 30 min

  • Glückskinder
    3h ago

    It is important to communicate that you started potty training with her. Ask about their process. Send more than on pair of extra clothes. Try it with underwear if that's how it works at home. I usually work with children with a benefit system. I am sending the children regularly to the bathroom, I am asking them if they have to go potty (to let them get a feeling for it). And if they di... More

Ivana posted in Child Care Nov 08

Holiday gifts for caregivers

What are good gift ideas for caregivers around the holidays? And how much do you spend? My daughter is transitioning classrooms at her school and I’d like to get her current teacher a little something. But what? And what amount is appropriate? Amazon gift card?? There are actually two teachers but the second we’ve only known about a do I get a joint gift or do I really need to get t... More

  • Iris
    Dec 04

    Florrie - I usually give the teachers gift cards to Target. I don't give a gift to the Director/admin staff during the holidays. They have a staff appreciation week, and I give them chocolate at that time.

  • Florrie
    Dec 04

    Thank you Iris!

Leaving baby

Need an adult night out big time. My husbands 30th birthday is coming up and we’d like to get out! My six month old is breast fed, and is started on solids. She will take formula, but she will NOT take a bottle or sippy. The only way I get her to drink it is out of a cup, like for a grown up.... she is seriously a PITA. My sister is willing to watch her though. I know she’ll be ok even if it’s... More

  • Britteny
    Nov 06

    Funny thing is she’s my third lol

  • Lindsay
    Nov 07

    Lol, well I think you get to start all over leaving each baby for the first time! 😘

Daas posted in Child Care Nov 06

Best way to drop off at daycare

I take my 15 month to daycare in the morning‘s and find that it’s extremely difficult for me to leave without her crying and clawing at my clothes and reaching out for me, not wanting me to leave her. What are your thoughts or advice on how to leave? I stay a few extra minutes to try and play a little bit but doesn’t help. Best to distract her with something and sneak out when she’s okay? Or ha... More

  • Claire
    Nov 09

    I definitely think drop off and walk away, giving a firm but loving goodbye, works the best

  • Heidi
    Nov 13

    Either distract her with food or have a teacher occupy her while you leave but don’t sneak out. Just say I love you. I’ll see you later. Have a great day and hand her to her teacher and walk out. Ripping the band aid is harder on us but easier on them. Sticking around usually makes it worse for them. Teachers can usually have a smile back on their face within a min or two. I’m sure they wouldn’... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Nov 05

Toddler Transition To Childcare

Any tips on how to successfully transition a toddler to childcare? Also looking for suggestions for pre-schools that offer a Young 2's program.

  • Bailey
    Nov 05

    If you can find a center that offers every other day or two day a week programs you can gradually ease them into going full time. If you don’t have time for that process then do your research and find a center you truly trust and believe will be a good fit so that you feel comfortable to drop and go. It will be hard at first but the child and you will get use to it. The hardest part is leaving,... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 05

    Thanks, Bailey!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Oct 30

Part-time mom: learning to delegate

I’ve been a full-time mother, caring for my 2 year old and 11 month old, but am now trying to make my way into some part-time or/ and freelance work. However, I barely get any time to prepare for this scenario- polish up my CV, contact old peers, look for some refresher training etc, because of my current full-time ‘job’. We employed a ‘nanny- housekeeper’- though cleaner-babysitter is a more... More

  • Laura
    Oct 30

    Seems like there are multiple fronts where you can start chipping away at being the sole person responsible. Can your husband make the baby's food? At 11 months I'd think they're eating what you're eating. Does it all have to be from scratch? Also an 11 month old waking up that much seems like a lot. Have you considered sleep training? And are you considering weaning off of brea... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 02

    Thanks Laura. My husband is a lovely father who is playful and protective in equal measures, but he does not see himself as contributing to any household duties. He made steaks and steamed veg for us last Sunday, which was a delight, but a first this year! I’m not sure how to not cook from scratch. I’m freezing more food for baby. We didn’t find a nanny we liked, after months of searching with ... More

Edit posted in Child Care Oct 26

Leaving baby with a sitter!

I got offered a good job with good income but I’m feeling more nervous and feeling a lot of anxiety leaving my baby with a sitter! Any mommies feel the same and if so how did you overcome the fear?! Please help don’t know what to do!

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Oct 26

    Interview potential babysitters thoroughly. See if their values and outlooks similarly align with yours. Do they have experience with babies the same age as yours? Check their references and make sure you get a background check on them. Be up front about what you expect from them and any rules you have about caring for your baby (ie. TV time, food) and also rules for them (ie. Cell phone use/ph... More

  • Paige
    Oct 26


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