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Anonymous posted in Babies Saturday

What are good signs to switch daycares

What are some good signs that it's time to switch to a different daycare for your child..?

  • Anonymous

    When you see a change in your child that’s your baby isn’t the same anymore idk if I word that correctly

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Ilana posted in Child Care Feb 04

Babysitter rate for 16-year-old

How much would pay a 16-year-old for babysitting a 10 month old? I don’t think this 16 year old has a ton of experience, she just has a younger sister who she babysits often.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 05

    $10. Below that is absurd.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 05

    Never below minimum wage. At least $10. In my area, most pay $15 or up

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 30

Nanny problems

My now 9-month old has scared off his second nanny, which is frustrating because I need time during the week to concentrate on my schoolwork (I am a PhD student and only use a nanny twice a week for 3 hrs). He has stranger anxiety, so he is not always the easiest to distract, but I wish I could find someone consistent for him. Am I just picking the wrong people? Does anyone have some advice?

  • Elle
    Jan 31

    Suggest daycare to nip the stranger anxiety in the bud now, vs when he enters kindergarten

  • Amy
    Jan 31

    I think 9 months is about the time separation anxiety tends to appear even in babies who were friendly and confident before, so you're at a rough stage - it should get better! Meanwhile, I don't know how you are picking/finding your care giver, but finding someone who has experience with babies should help them have the patience to let your little one get used to them! You might have to... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 27

Applying for Welfare Childcare

Hi so I’ll be working part time, I am eligible to meet the requirements for welfare to pay for childcare services for my son. But is there anything I should be aware of when I apply? Does it matter if it’s my in-laws? Or related to my son? She doesn’t live with me and the only person I know who can watch him and that I trust. I’m having my sons aunty watch him and I don’t have that much money t... More

Katie posted in Child Care Jan 26

Child care trouble

Our LO’s daycare is closing in March. He’s 14 months right now. It’s an in home and we LOVE it there. I am having the hardest time deciding what to do for child care. My hope was to find another in home or maybe a nanny share but I haven’t had any luck. (suggestions accepted) There are so many things to consider.....his current care is Montessori based b/c she’s certified but the big schools h... More

  • Diane
    Jan 27

    It must be hard to have your loving daycare close-this was a basic foundation to support your family life and now you are losing that. That can certainly throw off everything! But remember you did this before so you have the skills to figure this out again. Are you able to spend time visiting new places? I do not think there is one right answer. Rather there are multiple right answers and also ... More

Cyndi posted in Child Care Jan 25

Au pair

Wanted to get people's thoughts on an au pair, the pro's and the con's? Looking to get one for our 6month old and 4 year old. Keen to hear thoughts/recommendations

  • Valerie

    Totally worth it if you have 2 or more kids. You gain an extra family member for a year or two. You expand your horizons and make a difference in someone else’s life. Totally worth it. I used to teach English to ESL adults. The majority of my female students were au pairs. All educated. All young and energetic. They come from all over the world and most would be thrilled to see you if you ever... More

Have anyone every had a child kicked out of daycare due to medical issues?

  • Andrea
    Jan 25

    Do you mean that your child was / is sick and therefore sent home?

  • B
    Jan 25

    Going to need more context for this question

Steph posted in Child Care Jan 24

What are some options that you all do when your daycare has a scheduled 2 week vacation? Drop in?

  • Laura
    Jan 25

    Have grandparents visit, schedule a family trip, take turns taking off from work. You could also try coordinating with other daycare families to alternate watching each other's kids.

Adjusting to gym daycare

Attempting, once again, to start my son at our gym daycare. At 21 months I think more socialization and stimulation may be good for him. After two drop offs I just dread taking him back. It's heartbreaking how he cries at drop off and pick up. It's been a rough week. How long did it take your toddler to adjust to a similar setting? Any encouragement appreciated.

  • Dani
    Jan 26

    I hope he adjusts for you! When my son was 1 we tried daycare and he went on a hunger string for the whole 3 months he was there and we ended up pulling him out because he started dropping weight. He never played with any of the other kids or napped. Now he’s 3 and tells me he wants to go to school all the time 🙄 it is a phase and I hope your little one adjusts quickly!

  • Lindsay
    Jan 26

    Thanks, Dani. It's an hour (maybe 2) a day. Its been hard though. Definitely dealing with a sleep regression which doesn't help. Really hoping to see some progress this week. There are lots of kids there that enjoy it. I'd like that for Clark too but we'll see. I think starting and stopping is just making his anxiety about it worse. We'll just need to push through and see if he turns a corner.

I’m needing childcare one day a do you all find someone you trust? Please help!

  • Emily
    Jan 24

    If you go to church try there a lot of times they have a few moms that are trustworthy and volunteer to watch a group of kids through out the day. If not I normally talked with relatives and friend and try to find someone or somewhere that was recommended a lot. Then I go to that place and see if they have everything I want:good security, good discipline routine, clean, good schedule, etc.

  • Elle
    Jan 25

    Trusted neighbor, friend, or relative

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 23

Mixed age preschool class choice: 2-3 or 3-4 year old class?

Looking for some advice on mixed age pre schools. Our son has the option to be in a 2-3 year class or 3-4 year class, as his birthday is right in between. I'm sure there will be tradeoffs in either cluster but wondering if anyone has experience with this kind of decision? I know the conventional wisdom is to have your child be the eldest in the class for leadership development, but FWIW th... More

  • Cassandra
    Jan 24

    So my son was in the 2s last year. This year they decided to make it 2s and younger 3s so he stayed behind in the same class. They just gave us the chance to move him up to the older 3s and young 4s class. He’ll be one of the youngest but I think he should have been in that class all along. Some of the kids in his class are very babyish and he so much more verbal. I think you want them to be th... More

  • Jennifer
    Jan 24

    I'd picked the older crowd. My co-worker who had her daughter attend a preschool/daycare. It was a mixed age group, however her daughter happened to be the oldest one will all the others were like 18months and under. So my co-worker daughter had no kids to really play and talk to and end up having speech delay. The mom had to take her daughter to a special speech class so her daughter c... More

Anonymous posted in Babies Jan 18

Anxious and freaked out about childcare!

I’m a first time mom, both hubby and I work and when I returned to work my company was flexible and willing to work with my schedule. I would in the office half of the day then hubby would drop off baby with me and I would work from home rest of the day but now I have to be in the office full shift 3-4 times a week. We’re considering childcare, our baby is 7 months but I’m freaking out! I can’t... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 19

    Tough choice to make. But you do what’s best for you & your family. There’s no size fits all, every family is unique & you know yours best. Regardless of what you end up deciding, you’re giving what’s best for your child.

  • Mercedes
    Jan 20

    I ended up staying home because my entire paycheck was going to daycare. I ended up finding a job to do from home so it was a win win. If you’re worried about your child not socializing there are free things you can be apart of to encourage socialization. Storytime at the library, the park...etc. My daughter is developmentally at the same level as my friends kids who are the same age in daycare... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 16

I'm a nanny in need of advice

I've been a nanny for the same family for about a year. I do everything from take out trash, do laundry for the child and towels, do dishes, empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, sweep kitchen and under kitchen table. I take care of dirty diapers bin, refill diapers and pull-ups station, refill dogs and cats water and food bowl everyday, prepare meals, bring in packages from the porch. I also ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 16

    In Florida, Tampa area and no. I have an I-9

  • Sara
    Jan 18

    That comes to $15 an hour which sounds on the low end to me. The national average for nanny pay is $19/hour. Do you get reimbursed for gas, mileage, or anything else? I'd say you should bring this up with the family and ask for a raise.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 16

Sibling and different childcare

I have a 2 YO and stayed at home with her until now. I am about to start a new job and also thinking about a potential sibling in the next two years. This time I won’t be able to stay at home and will only have 3 months of leave. I feel like this is not fair and I feel bad about this potential situation. Any experience?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 19

    For us, daycare was too expensive (2.5k/month) and had super long waiting lists. My 4m old is in a nanny share now and it's the best arrangement I can imagine. The other family has a 1 year old and surprisingly they are playing together. We interviewed the nanny and found someone who is truly incredible! Basically, for half the cost of daycare, I hired 1 person to be with 2 kids (and only o... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 19

    Very interesting to hear from your experiences. I am definitely thinking about the nanny share. It might just be challenging to find another family and the good nanny

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 11

Transitioning from being a SAHM: toddlers at nursery

I’m nervous as my 2.3 year old will be staying at her daycare for 3 full days (9am- 6pm) as opposed to 5 mornings (9:30-12:30). Her sibling is due to join when he’s 1.3 years. She loves this daycare- started there 2 months ago- which is why I’m nervous about the change. Why the change? The change is simply because, after two years, I’m no longer able to hack being a SAHM. I really wanted to,... More

  • Elle
    Jan 11

    If I had the option to work for home, I would go insane. Without a challenging day at work, I'd feel unfulfilled and long for "more."

  • B
    Jan 11

    I’m home temporarily now while looking for work, and I hate it. I’m a better mom when I have something else in my life. And my daughter has grown leaps and bounds in daycare. They teach her so much more than I’d ever think to teach her.

Ras posted in Child Care Jan 10

Daycare Nightmare

Has anyone ran into the problem that daycare is calling you to pick up your lo because of 'illness'? My son is almost 4 months old and has been in daycare less than 2 months. I've been called to pick him up several times due to illnesses that he no longer has when he gets home. The first time they called, they said he had a temperature over 100. So I picked him up he didn't fee... More

  • Elle
    Jan 11

    If he's been in the daycare fewer than 2 months, they might still be getting used to what is normal for him. Reaffirm with the director the actual threshold for pickup. You can always tell the day care to call you back in an hour or two before you leave work to see if it's a real emergency / meets threshold for pickup. We had a few incidents like this within the first 2 months of dayc... More

  • B
    Jan 11

    My daycare did this at first too. I asked them to wait 20 min, and make sure she hadn’t just been crying, and take her temp a second time. When she’s agitated her temp rockets up briefly. Also know that kids get sick often at daycare, so while it should get better as they get to know him, I still pick her up annoyingly often for real things. But I guess either now or when she starts school

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 09

Teacher cutting 3 year old hair!!!

Last night after bath I put my 3 year old daughters hair up in pigtails, this morning i brushed and fixed them to look nice. Both times perfect straight part. So when she came home from preschool this afternoon I was livid to find her hair had been cut. This is not the first time her hair has been cut I always assumed it was one of my other kids doing it so we put all the scissors up to where o... More

  • Morgan
    Jan 14

    I would report her

  • Anonymous
    Jan 16

    @annoymous I really don’t know any of the parents in her class, one of the kids lives on the same street as us but I don’t know if he’d know anything. I also don’t feel comfortable bringing a complete stranger into this. Thankfully after I washed and brushed her hair more it became less noticeable unless you are looking or know it’s there it’s hidden under more hair. I’ve been keep a close eye ... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 07

Getting 4 Y/O ready to start Pre K

I wanted my son to attend daycare when he was younger so he can adjust to playing around kids but my family disagreed because they felt he wouldnt be taken care of properly & they also felt i couldnt afford it so i didnt. now he's going on 4 & my family feels he's having speech delay (& possibly autism) because I waited so long. Parents , any tips on what I can do to prepar... More

  • Elle
    Jan 07

    If you think your kid has a disorder or developmental delay, seek professional help as soon as possible. Your child depends on you to take the best care of him as possible. Your child also relies on you to make the best decisions in regards to his care and development, not to do whatever your family tells yoi to do. We have the internet at our fingertips! Parenting resources have never been T... More

  • Carolina
    Jan 08

    It’s so difficult to know what the right thing to do is, specially because we will never know, until afterwards. My almost 3yo also had speech delay, but is know up to what he should be, the problem now is his social/emotional skills. I have been reading a lot a lot about issues and stuff. One thing I can’t tell you! Autism would not be caused by the lack of school or interaction with other k... More

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