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Anyone else with 3 kids under 4.5 and have no family around ? What do you do for help ??

What do you do for help around the house and kids?? Multiple tries to trust strangers in my house failed!! Would love to get some HONEST and EXPERIENCED comments Thank you

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    I am in that situation! But honestly, I haven’t found a solution. I don’t get help ( my husband is rock star though), except on rare visits. I have become pretty innovative on accomplishing chores and errands. And my husband and I do date nights at home on Saturday nights after the kids go to bed. I wish I had a better answer.

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    Oh, I want to follow it up with I think I’ve got a system in place that gets the chores done. Each day of the week has certain tasks assigned to it, and every day gets things like meals and kitchen cleaning and dishwasher. I also utilize my kids to help with putting stuff away or cleaning windows or vacuuming, and I definitely utilize the tv when all heck breaks loose. I make sure to bring spe... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Thursday

Mark on child's arm from school

What would you do if your very verbal 2.5yo came home with a red mark all around their wrist? I asked "what happened why is your arm red?" and my daughter said the teacher pulled her. I asked why did she pull you? She said because it was naptime. I asked her if she was in her bed at naptime she said no i was not in my bed. I asked what did you say when the teacher pulled you. She said... More

  • Anne

    If you think there is possible danger to other children in the daycare, then the safest course of action is to contact local law enforcement as well as file a license complaint. When you file a license complaint, the agency will send someone to make an unannounced visit within some amount of time — in California it is 10 days. They'll make sure the daycare is in compliance and talk to the ... More

  • Morgan

    I would file a complaint and pull her out of the school

Tj posted in Behavior Apr 17

Going to daycare meltdowns?

My two year old manages his tantrums fairly well, but recently he’s been struggling to accept he has to go to daycare. He’s been going since 7 months so it’s nothing new and he used to enjoy leaving in the morning. But he was sick a few weeks ago and got to stay home with me, and since then he’s been difficult with his morning routine. I should also mention we have a 3 month old who is stays ho... More

  • Anonymous

    Aw. I wish I could offer advice but we will be in a similar situation. My daughter will be 2.5 when we have our second and have considered putting her in daycare at least part time, but I imagine it will be difficult specially when the new baby gets to stay home; but my daughter who literally never ever cried or through tantrums seems to be on a roll lately. Anything that doesn’t go her way set... More

  • Anonymous


Erin posted in Behavior Apr 11

Did you notice a difference in your child's behavior after they started daycare?

I know my son very well. I kept him home for his first year but now that he's 12 months both my husband and I have exhausted our leave and we have had to put him in daycare. To me he's my baby but technically he's a toddler so the daycare placed him in the toddlers room. The first week we put him in for half days only and each day that he came home he seemed hyper at first then ... More

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Thursday, May 2, 2019 12:00 pm PT Cost: $0.00 Register: Whether you’re a new parent going back to work or you have a toddler or preschooler ready for some socialization and early education, chances are at some point you will need to look for daycare or preschool for your child. It can be challenging to uncover all your options and figure out which one will ... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Apr 06

Daycare experience

My son is 18 mo and is going to start part time daycare. He’ll have lunch and a nap while he’s there. I am really worried about him napping, he’s the type that I put in his crib and he rolls around for a little while before falling asleep in his dark room with white noise...... at day care it’s lights on, probably some commotion and freedom of only having to lay on a mat AND their nap is an hou... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 06

    And it took me so long to get him to sleep well!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 09

    Look into buying a Tot Cot. It is made specifically for nap time at daycares. It includes a mat with attached blanket, so there would only be one direction he can roll. It also has a pillow and a "secret pocket" for a special stuffed animal.

Joy posted in Child Care Apr 03

School pickup for preschoolers

Hi fellow moms, my daughter will be attending preschool this fall but pick-up is certainly going to be a challenge with school letting out at 3 pm. Do you have any suggestions as to what you would do for after school pickup? We have a nanny but she doesn't drive currently. Any input is much appreciated :)

  • Laura
    Apr 04

    Other options are arrange a carpool with another family, get your nanny set with with a bike with kid seat if the route is safe, or pick a different school that is walkable (proximity and transportation logistics were our main consideration in picking a daycare)

  • Anne
    Apr 04

    Would something like Zum work for you? There are a few other services like this too. I'm not sure how much it costs but the main idea is they employ drivers who are also child care professionals, so they can pick up kids and watch them for a few hours after work. I'd also check if the school has aftercare or partners with an aftercare program of any kind. If they do... More

Looking to hire a live in Nanny...

Hey everyone, my husband and I are looking to hire a permanent live in Nanny, but don’t really know where to start for the hiring process. Any suggestions would be amazingly helpful!!!!! Thank you in advance!

Hope posted in Child Care Mar 28

Preschool vs. Daycare

Hi, My fiancé and I are trying to decide whether we send our 3 year old to a daycare that has a preschool curriculum or an actual preschool. The problem with a preschool is we don’t know my schedule come fall but my fiancé has to work the whole day so I would have to be the one bringing him the part days where daycare is the whole day. Also, we have a 2 year old which won’t be ready for presch... More

Mimi posted in Behavior Mar 27

2.5 year old adjusting to daycare/preschool

My parents used to take care of my 2.5 year old son while my husband and I were at work. He started going to preschool/daycare a month ago and he’s doing okay now. The issue is that even though he doesn’t fight it (like he does before bath time and bedtime) he whines and cries all morning while everyone is getting ready in anticipation of getting dropped off.  He wakes up okay, then the whining... More

  • Julie
    Mar 28

    Awww, poor baby! And poor mama and dada!! So my first question is if you believe he’s having a good day. Does your center offer an ap where they update throughout the day with pics or secure cameras where you can peek in and see for yourself?? I’m only asking because some phenomenal daycares are just not the right fit for a child. One of my daughters classmates started at a different cente... More

  • Mimi
    Mar 28

    It’s kind of an older, mid-size, family owned facility so unfortunately, they don’t have cameras or update with daily pictures, but they do have an open door (with code) policy and you can pretty much drop in or call for updates at any time. On those occasions where my husband or I have shown up early or at unusual times to pick him up, he’s having fun/laughing with other kids. Then as soon as ... More

Chris posted in Child Care Mar 24

Best options for childcare for 6 year old-first summer break after kindergarten.

Hey all, just want to see what people have done. I am a divorcee with partial amicable relationship with their mom. I am looking for option for the first summer coming up for child care that doesn't cost too much. We have our 6 year old boy in camps for a few weeks but can't do this all summer and nanny is expensive. Thoughts?

  • Anne
    Mar 25

    Some daycares provide summer care at reasonable weekly rates. I’d definitely look into that as a more affordable option.

Heidi posted in Child Care Mar 21

Twin 3 year olds transitioning from staying at home to preschool/daycare

Please share all of your tips for transitioning from staying at home with mama (or caregivers they know) to full day care outside of the home. Tips for mama and kids welcomed. I believe one twin will transition smoothly and one will have a REALLY rough time.

  • Chelsea
    Mar 22

    That's normally how it goes. If they have classrooms, I recommend letting them stay together the first year. Come second year you would want them to be separated. They will learn independency from one another. My twins are 6 and headed to 1st grade, 3rd year in different classes.

  • Heidi
    Mar 23

    Thanks Chelsea! Do you have any tips for the initial transition?

Ashley posted in Behavior Mar 20

Trouble at childcare

My almost two year old comes to work with me at a childcare in a gym and recently he has started hurting other kids (pushing, hitting, kicking etc.) He’s always been such a sweet little boy and so kind to others but recently that’s changed. I’ve tried being stern with him and I’ve always tried talking to him nicely and telling him that behavior isn’t acceptable. When we get home I talk to him a... More

  • Mandy
    Mar 21

    I agree with annag. you could also just talk to him about why he’s doing these things. if he knows the right way to treat his friends, maybe he sees these other kids as not his friends. it’s important that he understands he can’t be aggressive to his playmates but it’s also important to understand why he is getting angry in the first place. you might be able to address those issues to make him ... More

  • Anna
    Mar 21

    Oh my goodness, this is so normal, and totally frustrating. I SO get it. My daughter started doing the same around this age, and she’s almost three now and still has issues with scratching, hair pulling, and hitting (as do other kids in her class). Part of it is mimicry; they see another kid do it (and get attention for it) so they try it out. For my kid, it’s impulse control, anger, frustratio... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 20

Do I need to let my babysitter know that we have cameras installed to watch her?

Interviewing our babysitter candidates today. Do I need to let them know there will be a camera watching them? What if they ask me if we have a camera set up? Do I need to disclose that we do? They’re not going to be hidden anyway but we won’t have them set up until the day of when we first need them.

  • Brittany
    Mar 21

    As a former nanny, I specifically brought cameras up. I stated I didn’t mind being recorded, but that I felt I had the basic human right to know. I spent the majority of my waking hours in that home. I breastfed my daughter who came to work with me, and while I fed in public I was much more free about it in private. I often took the kids out walking, to the park, and to the pool. I changed cl... More

2 year old tantrum

What do you do when you pick your child up from daycare and the first thing they say is”I don’t want mommy!” Then proceed to say that and throw a tantrum as if I was abusing the kid. How do I handle a situation like this with everyone judging me and no reason for my kid to act this way?

  • Russell
    Mar 20

    There are no terrible twos all are doing is mimicking behavior and trying out new behaviors. It’s up to us parents to model calm cool and collected behaviors and to allow them they’re learning space. If there’s a problem at the daycare that may be adding to these behaviors that are not usual

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 18

Faith-based preschool question

Has anyone sent their children to a christian faith-based preschool but was agnostic, atheist, or simply of a non-christian denomination/religion? What was your experience?

  • Tiana
    Mar 18

    My brothers went to a Lutheran preschool school and as they got older, began to verbalize the way they’d felt pressured to bring the rest of the family to church. They couldn’t verbalize their discomfort at the time they were 3-5 but felt awkward. Nothing serious, just a very discernible difference in values at home and school.

  • Joanna
    Mar 18

    I took my sons to a Catholic, a Methodist and a Presbyterian preschool. None were overly religious. All had some themed toys like a Noah's Ark and manger scene. There's Grace before snack but it was a thankful phrase, not to Jesus or the Lord. They discuss holidays in an age appropriate way. We are mixed faith and found that very few of the parents actually are members of the church. Th... More

How to prepare both myself and my 2 year old for day care?

I’m getting a promotion at work, now working full time plus extra hour sometimes. How do I prepare my 2 year old for day care. How did you mommas/daddas handled the roller coaster of emotions when preparing your little one for day care? I’m so scared with everything I see on the internet involving the traumatic daycare stories but I know it beat for my baby, to learn social interaction and lear... More

  • Julie
    Mar 14

    Also, your child will have a rough adjustment period but it will end quickly and before you know it they’ll be so excited to be going to school:). In the end, us moms and dads are the ones crying the most tears over separating from our Little’s!!!

  • Marlen
    Mar 14

    Thank you everyone for your responses. Definitely taking one step at a time. I know my little one will enjoy school and being around other children his age. I’m as excited as nervous but I know daycare is always a good thing never a bad. ♥️

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 08

Babysitting when baby is asleep

How much less do you pay a sitter for babysitting while baby is asleep? Also... do you let the sitter know that you have cameras in the house?

  • Lindsey
    Mar 10

    I don’t think the rate should be any different. The child could wake up at any minute. When I used to babysit as a teen I always got paid the same rate. I wouldn’t expect to get paid any less because the child fell asleep.

  • Holly
    Apr 01

    Is the sitter allowed to run out and catch a movie while the child is sleeping? Nope, pay for her time.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 08

In-home daycare payment?

We are putting our three month old in an in-home daycare facility, which is very close to our home (and she’ll be the only child at the moment!) The caretaker has asked for cash weekly. Does anyone have experience with in-home daycare payments? Should we be asking for receipts so that we can use our FSA dollars? Because she is running her own business, we don’t have to be concerned about how sh... More

  • B
    Mar 08

    Also know you’ll need her business tax ID number for taxes and FSA. So...hopefully she’s reporting the income

  • Anonymous
    Mar 09

    Thank you both! This is helpful. She’s given us her tax id and is more than happy to write us receipts when I asked! Really appreciate the help!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 08

My 19 mo daughter sometimes comes home from her daycare with diaper rash.

It's painful for her when I'm changing her, and I feel terrible. I struggle to get her clean because she is crying and trying get away. She doesn't act like this when she doesn't have diaper rash, so I know it's the rash that is causing her resist the changing. I have mentioned this to the day care provider in the past, but I'm wondering if it's realistic to expect t... More

  • Jennifer
    Mar 11

    We have our son in a top rated daycare and still have problems with this. I had to talk to the director about it and now they seem to be doing better. It seemed to be a problem because in the afternoon they would have a floater teachers and they didn’t know my son.

  • Stacey
    Mar 14

    My daughter got rashes pretty regularly too and day care was very good about changing on a schedule (they had a white board they wrote all the kids feeding and changing times down on). But one thing I had to remind them of a couple of times was to let her dry out before applying diaper cream. If she’s still wet from the wipe that moisture gets locked in which can cause a rash.

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