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Whats the best way or app to find a nanny or sitter? I need a babysitter 5 days a week for 4 hours.

I'm working 3rd shift and cant get any sleep. When I get off work in the morning it's draining me. I'm desperate for a little help just so I can sleep.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Monday

How much to pay grandma to watch grandson 4 days a week?

  • Anonymous

    36 hours a week. She sleeps over twice a week.

  • Emily

    Hmm I pay my parents 250 a week for 42 hours but that’s what we found together is best and I can afford

Gabby posted in Child Care Monday

New babysitter- first day

So I’m back at work since having baby #2. She is 4 months old. I’m back full time now for the first time in 2 years...yikes!!! I was taking my first born to my husbands aunt for baby sitting so there was never any fear or worry about who I’m leaving my child with. Unfortunately she had to let us go and we now have a new babysitter. We have family that takes their children to her but she’s not f... More

  • Bethany

    I feel ya! My son was babysat by my bestest friend at 6 weeks old until he was 7 months old, I then became a SAHM. I get anxiety thinking about someone I don't know watching my son. It's hard to earn someone's trust and find someone who cares for you child(ren) as you do. Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Friday


I'm torn between two daycares. I dont have the fathers support but I need to start working again in a few weeks. Both are walkable one is a little further and uphill but less expensive. They are both pricey the cheaper one provides diapers but may be a harder commute to work.

  • Gretchen

    I started by son in daycare 2 1/2 months ago. I contemplated taking him to a daycare farther away, but glad i didn't. Some mornings dont run smoothly and trying to get myself ready, my son ready and get on the road can be stressful at times. Pick the one that will make things easier for you. Whether that's providing all the meals and snacks, closer to home, etc. Good luck!

  • Ruby

    Ask how they discipline , if they have scheduled timed off for vacay, what happens if they are sick? , if they provide meals, drop off and pick up hours, hope those questions help! Good luck

Anonymous posted in Child Care Oct 10


I was lucky enough to be able to stay home until my baby turned one. now I have to go back to work and I am looking for daycares. The dad is giving me a really hard time and constantly trying to be cheap or talk me out of daycare and its really stressing me out. It's bad enough I have to leave baby in a daycare. Anyone else deal with this.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 11

    Tell the dad he’s welcome to stay home for the next year

  • Kaitlyn
    Oct 11

    Daycare is expensive bottom line. Look for in-home daycare (that are certified) and it will save you some money. You can also see if there are any nanny shares in your area

Starbucks offers subsidized child care for employees

Nice move

  • Sara
    Oct 09

    Headline is pretty misleading. It's not really full-time childcare they are providing. It's just 10 days of backup daycare if your regular childcare falls through. And only for 10 days. "The new benefit will provide 10 subsidized backup daycare days for parents for instances when regular care falls through."

  • B
    Oct 09

    Still better than what my job gives...but yes, terrible headline


Hey everyone my toddler starts daycare on Tuesday. What should she wear & bring!! What else do I do not to be a mess while I’m at work. Also I don’t get to be the one to pick her up the first day and when I get home she gonna be asleep. Anyway not to be a mess😭😭😭

  • Kristina

    My daycare was 165 a week $660 a month plus $725 in rent on top of roughly $200 of food a month just for him for school

  • Kristina

    The pre-made meals at Walmart or so much easier than having to pre-prep before you go to work and then after going to work having to take your child to school after getting everything ready I work overnights at a gas station I feel your pain

Anonymous posted in Child Care Oct 05

Benefits of Daycare!

Obviously, there are special circumstances where daycare might not be possible or well-fitted to a child's disorder, etc, but for most, day care provides direct and lasting long-term benefits to kids' overall social, mental, and emotional well-being, according to this study.

Family friend babysitter or in home daycare

So, for the past two years I've had my daughter at a family friend's home with her granddaughter who is the same age. Sometimes it goes great, most of the time I feel like it could be better. She is fed well and has a place to nap, but she gets in trouble a lot and often gets reprimanded for saying "no" to putting her hair up or just saying the word in general. She is 2 and is... More

  • Julie
    Oct 06

    Also, my center doesn’t reprimand at this age!! They say that it’s totally ineffective when children are this young to reprimand. They simply redirect and move on.

  • Kaitlyn
    Oct 08

    Omg...really this sounds terrible. Please please find something better. A daycare, another in-home daycare...something. Look for reviews and parent recommendations! Hugs for your babe 💕

Anne posted in Child Care Oct 03

Interesting study shows long-term benefits to daycare

As a working mom who is no stranger to childcare guilt, this is comforting research!

  • Ali
    Oct 03

    I wish I was a sahm often but agree my kids’ daycare experience has been positive for them in many ways. It has pushed them out of their comfort zone to help them grow socially. It has also taught manners I have never been successful at instilling in them! Lastly, they have been blessed with a babysitter who truly cares for them and wants the best for them. You can never have enough peo... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Oct 03

So my son is 2 years old (Aug 29) and he says words but most words are not as "clear"

He just started Daycare. This will be his second week. The first 4 days he didn't cry at all. Everyday after that he has been crying. This is his first time in daycare and really being around other kids period. I dont know if he is crying because he is not used to it ( even tho the first 4 days he didnt cry) or if he is crying because of the teacher(s). HELP! Because as i stated he doesn... More

  • Julie
    Oct 03

    But there are lots of different aps that the center can cousin works at a kindercare and they use tadpoles, and a friend goes to another center and they use one called HiMama which given that we are living in 2018 and not 1988 should probably actually be called HiParent 😂 lol.

  • Pamela
    Oct 05

    Ask his teachers what he’s like during the day. My daughter cried every time we left her at preschool and church nursery but they all said after we left she cried for a few minutes and then was fine.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Oct 03

Family sitter

How much would y’all pay your parent to baby sit ?

  • Savanah
    Oct 09

    For full time care I would say It depends on your own financial means and if there is a price she prefers. I know some that spend nothing for full time care and others who pay as much as $450 a week.

  • Anonymous

    I pay my mom $1,000 a month (4 days a week) and she sleeps on my house 2 days a week and we cover all food etc when she’s here. I feel like this is an amazing deal for a grandma but my mom acts like she’s getting the short end of the stick.

I’m a FTM due in 2 mos. I’m torn b/w in-home nanny, in-home daycare & facilities. I’d love recs!

  • Danielle
    Oct 03

    I think putting my daughter in daycare was the best decision I made. I love her but I love my work too so I knew staying home wasn’t for me. We considered a nanny but opted for a daycare for the socialization aspect. She’ll be one next month, has friends, gets to experience different environments and activities and gets to play with other baby’s all day. I was worried being at daycare would dis... More

Holli posted in Child Care Oct 02

Daycare- close to home or work?

I might be getting a part time job but am wondering if daycare is best close to work or home. I have been a stay at home mom the last year.

  • Julie
    Oct 02

    This was a big decision for us because we both work far from home in opposite directions (thirty to a million minutes away depending on traffic, lol). We ended up choosing a daycare that’s located AT my work and I have to say, it has been a great decision. Not so much for the visiting during the day...that stopped relatively quickly when I realized it was harder on both of us if I popped in a... More

  • Rachel
    Oct 02

    We did close to home. For us, the city doesn’t plow well and so less time in the car in winter was the better decision for us. Plus the better rated daycare was closer to home!

Heading back to work.

So my baby girl was born August 22, and my work is already asking me to come back in on October 10th. I feel as though this is too soon. She isn’t even two months old yet. When did everyone else go back to work and if you did go back this early where did you find daycare that would take an infant?? I’m just scared that she is just too little. Should I talk to my work and see if there is somethi... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 02

    Sure definitely ask for longer. If they say yes, you get longer and if they say no it sounds like you are open to leaving and looking for another job anyways when the time is right for you. One suggestion is to start searching for daycare now and putting your name on waiting lists. I'm sorry that this happened :(

  • Sarah
    Oct 05

    Did you fill out the paperwork for FMLA? That gives 12 weeks unpaid. With my first I took the 12 weeks, with my second, my current job offers 13 weeks. I couldn't imagine going back any sooner, but most daycares around here won't take them before 12 weeks anyway

Anonymous posted in Child Care Sep 29

When is it time to let the nanny go?

We have a nanny who is a sweet lady who has been working for us for almost 2 years. She’s a bargain, $15/hr for one kid and $18/hr to watch two. She only works for us 10 hours a week. When we hired her she agreed that she would do housework when our son was asleep, but in recent months she has been getting super lazy. She arrives around 8:30, and my son doesn’t go wake up till 10. She sits arou... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 02

    Ugh-- what an uncomfortable situation! Household employees are so tricky. If she were any other hourly employee, it'd so SO inappropriate to arrive to work an immediately take a paid breakfast break, or to sit and play on her phone on the clock! Traditionally, nannies are responsible for child care and child-related cleaning/laundry tasks. Did you outline for her the "housekeeping&q... More

  • Kara
    Oct 03

    She's your nanny, not your maid. Those are two separate jobs. Nannies look after child care, not the cleanlieness of your home. Especially not for just 15 an hour.

Mary posted in Child Care Sep 28

Please I need an Advice!!! What kind of questions should you ask for a daycare appointment??

  • MsPallavi
    Sep 28

    - schedule - whether food is provided -licensed? - experience - check for the environment - their safety drill -policies - days off - first aid /cpr - curriculum - are the activities developmental appropriate - mixed age groups - child/ teacher ratio

  • Valerie
    Sep 29

    Make sure they’re ok with unexpected visits from parents, Earthquake preparedness drills. Security Do they have webcams? Staff pay. If they pay under $20 per hour turn over will be high.

Vicki posted in Child Care Sep 27

Has anyone used

Or a similar service? What was your experience?

  • PK
    Sep 27

    My husband’s friend recommended to us. I joined just to check it out but I haven’t gotten their subscription or gotten a sitter through that yet. He said it’s super easy to use and he found a handful of great sitters. After signing up and providing the site my email address, they send me emails with discounts to their subscription.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Sep 27


My friend is a stay at home mom who's looking to do in home babysitting at an affordable price during the day. Shes having trouble finding kids to care for because everyone wants a private sitter in their own homes. What should she do?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    Could she bring her kid to their house, for a discounted rate? Basically a nanny share at their place with her child as the second kid.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    I mean, maybe but her son is 2 and gets in home speech therapy so some families don't like that

Starting daycare

My 11 month (almost 12 month) old son is starting daycare twice a week. He has been with family up until now. He loves being around kids but he won’t recognize anyone there! Any tips for the transition?

  • Amy
    Sep 26

    Be patient and stick to it. My sons cried a lot in the early days and it was so hard to not take the day off and pull them out of daycare. It's so important to solidify the routine though. 5 months later and they now both love school and have many friends and strong bonds with their teachers. Be sure to let the teacher console your child. It's ok to leave while they are crying, this i... More

  • Lauren
    Sep 26

    We started our son in a Mother’s Day out program at 12 months- has Been with family/nanny before that. Transition was a bit rough because he started exhibiting separation anxiety around that time. Best advice? Make goodbyes quick. Don’t linger, it’s only harder for the both of you. Have familiar toy or lovey they can have around them if needed. The upset period doesn’t last forever, keep that ... More

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